rush rush rush!


I usually build my characters by just playing with them and making things up along months and years after I created them so me whipping this out 1-2weeks after I made her ingame was.. a bit weird - but anyway

This is Ryanley aka Ryan (fascinating name I know) and she’s gonna be my “canon” Commander ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

will probably make a seperate post to actually talk about her



the streets are coated in posters and posters of the next best thing, CATMERA. a walking, talking animatronic, that takes all the pictures for you. No more missing a perfect shot, losing space on your phone, or accidentally dropping your camera. The Catmera has your back. Catmera is  portable, with no need for charging and is completely safe. Very safe. For everyone in the family.

Christmas time comes, all the kids want the Catmera, the gadget stores were jam packed. Every store sold out in a record breaking 15 seconds. It was doing great, The company was doing great. No one suspected a thing. People praised the company for their work. They praised their astonishing idea, They praised Virtua Co.

New Year.

Look at all the pictures of everyone! Look at the fireworks! The Catmera takes HD shots of everything! With everyone in frame! Dad doesn’t have to set the the camera timer, Mom doesn’t have to force the kids to smile. The Catmera is fun to look at! The Catmera makes everyone smile!

Update Day.

Everyone is a bit upset. People wanted new features for Catmera. Catmera needs filters, Catmera needs to record videos. Catmera needs to be better.  Virtua Co. hears their suggestion.

They release new updates of the Catmera. Everyone is excited, everyone buys it. Everyone has the new features.


Add filters, record videos. Crop someone from the picture. No need to ask.

Remember that picture where you looked good? But it was with your ex? Crop him out. Remove him. He doesn’t belong in the picture now. He doesn’t belong in your life now. He can’t ruin the picture. He must be eliminated.

Catmeras all over the world are becoming concious. They learned  crop people out of pictures.

February 3

Massive Murder.

Who could have done this?

Hundreds dead.

All on the same day?

The telephone rings.


“Another one. Another person’s ex.”

Incoming Call


“Someone’s bully is dead”

Incoming Call


“We know the murderer”


the streets are coated in worn out and torn posters and posters of the next best thing, CATMERA. a walking, talking animatronic, that takes all the pictures for you. No more missing a perfect shot. On the head, on the neck, on the stomach. Your bully, your ex-friend, your ex boyfriend are cropped out of the picture. You won’t have any pictures of them ever again. And you may never will.

A lady hears about the news, that all Catmeras are lethal. She looks at the box with anger but also relief.

Relieved she didn’t open the box. Relieved it didn’t kill anyone. Anger that she bought it. Anger that she was exploited.

She disposed of it.

Virtua Co. is sued. Virtua Co.’s products were burnt. Obscure headlines splashed on page 3 . Virtua should never be able to make such a terrible miscalculation.

Virtua Co.’s workers are fired. Virtua’s bloodstream is dead. One of the programmers has no home. His only job was at Virtua. It’s gone now. He can’t get hired anymore.

“You used to work at Virtua?”


“As a programmer?”


“Were you responsible for the Mistake?”

He remembers what they all said. He knows he can’t have a chance. He has a past that no one will forget. He can’t make it.

From the corner of his eye, he sees something familiar. He turns over to the dumpster, and finds the edge of the Catmera box peeping out of trash. He rushes to it, opens in up. He gives it a stare. Catmera Model Four…


This Catmera is untouched. It didn’t kill. No cropped pictures. The programmer turns the Catmera on.

“Hello! I am your personal Catmera! Let’s take some photos!”

He smiles, looking at an untouched Catmera. There is hope.

“You won’t be like the others. You won’t hurt anyone.”

so im seeing a lot of panicky andi mack fans freaking out cuz the new episodes not on the app now, it’s okay friends dont worry! they never have premier episodes on the app before they premier on tv.  Season 2 ep 1 wasnt on the app until it had been on tv and hiatus breaks are the same.  It’s all good friends.  You can watch it on live tv tonight or wait until it goes up on the app after the premier.  

I’ve been seeing this post around lately and,,, idk, it’s been rubbing me the wrong way. it’s one thing to toughen up after you’ve been abused but another to start displaying abusive behaviors yourself, and it feels like this post is romanticizing that? giving in to the negative results of your abuse sounds really anti-recovery and shouldn’t be portrayed positively tbh,, like let me know if I’m in the wrong but that’s just my two cents on this


My worst fear might come true😂😛. It’s cute though. Credit to @andimack-fan for the walrus pic and to @love-killed-the-superstar for the first picture used.