rush rush rush!

Jonah: “But there is ONE person who TRULY stands out, as the space otters MVP”

me: *prepared for the heteronorm storyline to continue*


also me: *goes outside with pride flags in each hand* I KNEW IT!! MY TWO GAY SONS!!! MY CROPS ARE WATERED!! MY SKIN IS CLEAR!!! THE SUN IS SHININg  

Jonah and Cyrus had maybe their first emotional moment together and I WASN’T PREPARED.

So an anon messaged me on my opinion on the jyrus scene so I’m just going to do a post about it bC HOLY FLAPJACKS. 

First of all, I love how they set you up to totally believe it’s going to be Andi by the andi and bex scene before and how the storyline has been going so far. I think the particular scene where jonah gives cyrus the shirt and genuinely thanks him says a lot about jyrus and what the writers are going to do next. 

I’m saying this because we already know (and it’s been confirmed many times) that Cyrus’s look back scene wasn’t a coincidence. FROM THAT POINT ON SOMETHING SHIFTED IN THE WAY CYRUS SEES JONAH. So when Jonah gives Cyrus the shirt and again genuinely thanks him and they share that special moment, it’s not a coincidence at all. The writers want us to see that they both care for each other a lot and it’s not just one sided!!

Because Jonah could’ve just given him the shirt on the DL and just been like “here I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us” bUT NOPE. He wants to show Cyrus how much he cares.

But with that in mind, they’re still very young. So of course he’s going to most likely want to patch things up with Andi and in the process, maybe experience a different sort of relationship with her. AND THAT’S NORMAL. I don’t want to see any negativity towards ships in this show I’ve been through it with GMW and it’s not necessary. These characters are going to go through things like any other normal person would so if that means they’re going to be with different people at first that’s fine! It doesn’t mean things won’t change bc as we all know people change. 

(dm me for any other questions, sorry this was a long rant)




(P.S. don’t use this as a reference yet! I’m working on a full, clean reference of all the characters in this blog. I just take too long. But you can always bring up the fanart if you’d like! ;-;)