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Why I’m NOT disappointed in the YOI finale...

Like, look, it wasn’t perfect by a long shot, I understand that. (I agree with you. It had some flaws.)

But I’m really happy they did NOT try to stuff an hour’s worth of material into this episode. (I mean, god, it was rushed enough with the material they did include. How bad would it have been if they included all that other stuff we wanted?)

Y’all were asking for WAY more than could have possibly fit into twenty-odd minutes, and since it looks very much like we’ll be getting a second season, I’m not at all upset that they chose to wrap this episode up with an open ending.

I’m looking forward to seeing more development for Viktor and Yuuri’s next season – development that doesn’t have to be crammed into a few sparse minutes at the end of a single episode.

I’m looking forward to revisiting the other skaters, for whom we got only tidbits of development in season one. (More Phichit! More JJ! More Otabek! Seung Gil’s redemption?!)

I’m looking forward to see where Yuri P. goes from here, and whether or not he’ll continue his victory streak, or whether his issues as a maturing teenager are going to get to him – and how that’ll affect him and his relationships.

Another 12 episodes could honestly work wonders on just about every level of this show, so, really, no – it doesn’t bother me that not everything was tied up nice and neat with a bow. And while I won’t pretend, by a long shot, that YOI is a perfect show, I also won’t pretend I’m disappointed in the finale just because it didn’t have everything.

A Moment Dashed

trees draped in white sleeves, fluffed up
water, cooled, coating each branch,

sun still hikes up this mountain,
wheezing through hushed pines to top

rush to pause, record beauty,

one moment of light glinting,
white snow like fragmented moon,
blue sky like afterglow smiles

before sun flirts, vows warmth
trees dropping snow in wet clumps
pockmarking the snow below

so much beauty dashed,
nothing lasts,
what am I to make of that?


Taking In Strays - Chapter 11 (Final)

Fic Summary:  Emily Embers is at rock bottom, doing what she can to care for her son after the death of her husband. A fall on an icy street finds her in the arms of Steve Rogers, who offers her some assistance that she gratefully accepts, but little does Steve know just how deep he will have to get himself into someone else’s world in order to save them.
Chapter Summary: Its time for Emily to come home.
Warnings: None 


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Taking in Strays – Chapter 11

Present Day

Steve and Bucky made it back to the tower with Mickey in record time, rushing straight to Tony’s lab and bypassing the daycare centre. Swiping their passes against the electronic reader they were surprised to be greeted with a red LED light and a dull beep signalling that they weren’t allowed access. Banging their fists on the windows got Tony’s attention, and they watched as he rushed to the door and released it from the inside;

“Sorry about that, we’ve deactivated the entry system to deny access to any onlookers; we don’t want any more missing people”

They followed Tony across the lab and into his office, greeting Thor and were surprised to find a number of other people standing around; Loki, Wanda, Johnny and Vision.

“What’s everyone else doing here?” Steve asked, confused as to why so many people were in the room.

“We figured out what went wrong with it last time…” he paused as Steve waited expectantly; “There were so many other factors involved, Loki and Wanda’s magic, Vision’s stone, even Johnny’s flame increased the temperature in the room and that affected the polarity. We did a test run this morning and it all worked fine”

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“Don’t Cry” - Jay Park

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When Jay got the phone call from your best friend, he became the fastest driver in the world giving Dominic Toretto a run for his money. Kiseok promised to take care of everything in the office and quite frankly at this point, Jay didn’t care. The only thing on his mind was you and his imagination was racing ahead of him to the worst scenarios that had his feet pressing further on the accelerator.

You were wearing the godawful blue hospital gown, sitting up on the bed as you flicked through the TV channels, bored out of your mind.  If Jay didn’t show up in record time, rushing to your side, you would have died of boredom.

“Are you okay? What the fuck happened?” He wanted nothing but to you hold you in his arms and keep you safe but the cast on your arm and the patch on your head had him second guessing. Somehow he knew that his touch would cause more pain than comfort.

“I’m fine. Minor injuries, a few broken bones and bruises no big deal.” You were quick to placate him, extending your good arm and interlocking your fingers with his. “Now I can get Soo Hyun to sign the stupid discharge papers so we can get the hell out of here.”

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i know all time low is working hard on their new record, jumping right into the studio before tour, and really trying to break boundaries and records, but i don't want them to rush it. i want them to take their time with this record. i don't want them to feel like they need to put new music out for us asap. i want them to work on their masterpiece, but take their time. i wish they would just take a nap for a second.

Bianca & Wesley | My love will clothe your bones

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I can't with this show anymore. Are we going to get scraps from now on since they rushed Sanvers together in record time? If so, guess I can drop it. Too many useless characters and the direction is all over the place. Ugh, stupid me for getting my hopes up for a wlw couple with decent screen time for once.