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Dark x Light

snow || kim namjoon


after years of ignoring you, kim namjoon is finally coming home. 

genre: fluff/romance/slight angst

uni student!namjoon , best friend!reader

author’s note: this is centered around the christmas holiday as most of south korea is christian/catholic and christmas is the main holiday! so, if christmas/santa things make you uncomfortable, please skip ahead!


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Back to the Monbebe Challenge! Let’s go youngest to oldest this time!

Changkyun’s gold/money look in the “Beautiful” MV…made my heart go “doki doki.” So fabulous and flawless. He’s a true king…so elegant, royal, and smooth. But when he raps, he’s sharp and slick ah…he really looks great with black hair and that earring…perfection. The rich pattern of his suit and his pants cutting off above his ankles so we see his fancy shoes…what class…

Jooheon’s soft and pretty “Shine Forever” look. He really matches the light hair–like a pure angel; the soft pink, green, and blue color of the shirt just goes so well with his hair and the beautiful earrings. Not to mention his lovely movements and the gentle slow-mo of his rapping…keeeeeh I can feel the cool breeze…

Hyungwon’s bad boy look from “Rush.” This is one of the money shots to be honest. With the blonde hair, he really looks like an ikemen pretty boy right out of an anime. The simple shoes, the badass jacket, and his long legs in those black pants combined with the bold, red bat–he looks really cool and unapologetic about it (despite him being my silly weirdo)

Kihyun looks really mysterious but pretty and strong at the same time with the silk blindfold in “Shine Forever.” The black and white look is simple but Kihyun makes it very edgy and cool. Against the dark rock background, he looks like a survivor searching for an answer–just as the MV story implies.

Minhyuk’s red hair is a work of genius. He looks absolutely beautiful in the “Beautiful” MV–so sexy and mature–and that sparkly blue-green jacket just goes so well with his hair. I was so amazed that he worked such a sophisticated look and he brought in the next level of his facial expressions–so classy~

Wonho you donut, why do you gotta work all of your looks from the music videos!? Do you know how hard this was for me!?!? I’d definitely say all of his looks but I had to choose one so I chose his final look from the “Fighter” MV. Yes, I know it’s really simple looking but it’s two of my favorite things on Wonho–a baggy crop top and a turtle neck. So damn cool, edgy, and different with a just a tint of sexy. You see his full outfit in the INNOCENT Ver. album–his cutie white sweatpants are tucked into the tubes of his socks and he’s wearing white tennis shoes. The silhouette is so loose and simple–I love it! And the only color being the blue tips of his hair just completes the look. It has to be in my favorite style too–pulled back in that icicle mountain that I love. Ah, my heart…

Shownu’s tan skin and brown hair just looks great with this burgundy color in the “Shine Forever” MV. It’s a really natural and down to earth look just like him. When he’s lying down, it’s like he’s part of the ground–sinking into the dark waters. He looks really handsome and manly like always but he also looks like a soft and gentle brown bear.

Honorable mentions!!!

Jooheon with his frizzy hair and his badass tiger coat in the “Beautiful” MV

And of course Wonho’s jean look in the “Rush” MV…his crazy hair and the goggles…and the jean vest…it’s so cute. It makes him looks so young and silly willy! Wahhh…

I’d also like to say, I love their “All in” uniforms at the end of the MV where they have guns and wear numerous straps and adorable combat boots. So badass and cutie wootie!

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (12) Favorite look for each member out of the music videos