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I drew this as a print for SLO in Beijing (although I can’t be there *SADFACE*). Merry Christmas!


Word Count: 638

Requested: No

A/N: I would just like to thank Armani for blessing us today amen.

The area behind the runway was chaotic as photographers, stylists, and other staff members rushed to get the models ready. You walked around carefully as to not disturb any of the employees as you searched for your boyfriend who had been pulled into the rush and was nowhere to be found. This was a big day for Shawn, so you didn’t want to disturb him but you couldn’t help, but feel lost as you wondered around alone.

 It wasn’t until you noticed a larger crowd in one area of dark, busy room than there seemed to be everywhere else until you caught a glimpse of Shawn. His face was being powdered by one of the stylists and you laughed as he scrunched his nose from the feeling. But as your eyes traveled down from his face, you immediately felt a rush of heat over your already hot body.

Shawn was sporting a tightly tailored suit that hugged his body perfectly. The jacket was textured and showed the dark green color in the lighting. You didn’t even notice you were staring until a voice called your name, pulling you away from your thoughts.

“(Y/N)! Hey, babe! Are you just going to sit and stare or….?” Shawn called for you, making your eyes focus back on his face. The smirk was evident on his lips, causing a blush rise to your face in embarrassment.

You shyly walked back over to him, cautious of your eyes slowly roaming back up and down his body. His smirk grew wider, noticing your stare constantly landing on his body. 

“Hey, guys, can I have a quick break? Like 5 minutes? It’s kind of hot in here,” Shawn asked the grew without taking his eyes off you. The crew immediately complied and stepped away from Shawn as he stepped towards you. 

“Enjoying the view?” Shawn asked cockily as you rolled your eyes. His hands wrapped around your waist as his lips found your jaw. 

“Shawn, stop, 5 minutes is not enough time to finish this. Plus, they worked really hard to get you to look like this and I don’t want to be the person to ruin it,” you said, putting your hands on Shawn’s chest to push him away. 

“C’mon baby. We can make it fast. And I wouldn’t mind if you were the person to ruin it….” Shawn whined, not giving up. His grip on your waist got tighter as he tried to back you towards the wall behind you. 

You continued to resist him, but gave up as you realized you were losing the fight. His lips moved down your neck while your hands moved to grip his perfectly styled hair. He chuckled against your skin when he noticed your head had moved to lean against the wall, giving him more access. 

“So I take it you like the suit, princess?” he said with his lips now pressed against your collarbone. You felt your legs turn weak at the sound of the nickname and just nodded your head, not able to come up with an answer. 

“Shawn! What are you doing man? We just finished your hair!” one of the stylists came rushing toward you when he noticed the two of you. Shawn moved away from you with swollen lips and his hair sticking out in different directions. You looked away, embarrassed that you had been caught and that you had ruined his appearance. 

“Sorry, honey. I’ll see you in a little bit?” He said sweetly, giving you a kiss on the forehead. “And then we can finish this up?” he finished, whispering in your ear. He gave you a wink as he walked away

For the remainder of the day, his words and the scene from earlier lingered in your head, making you impatient for what would occur that night.


Random newly arriving plunder post.

Even though I have no interest in Funko figures like most of the masses, and there’s something incredibly wrong with a happy, adorable Wily, I caved on the Dorbs set. Essentially getting them for free helped, but they actually fit in with Bobble Buds, minus the bobbling.

I totally forgot the Worlds Unite collections were a thing that actually got printed, considering the status of Archie and all. So I picked those two up while they are still in print, since I never actually read that whole thing, not being a Sonic subscriber when it was going on. ‘Course, if Volume 3 never comes out, I guess I never really will read the whole thing, will I?

And then, finally, a few cheap deals. Took forever to find anyone selling the X novel, and even though I can’t really read it (until the fan translation is done at least), man there are some tasty Iwamoto pics in there. Also got Izuki’s Rockman and Forte omnibus, complete with Rockman Burning Shot and R10 Extra F (R10 Arranged CD) comics, plus nice bonus images from Ariga and Iwamoto at the end. Wrap it up with one last model kit, Bly Noise. I think for Mega May, I’m just gonna focus on putting together all these kits. They’ve piled up since Hobby Rock…^^;

“Model” - A ML Fanfiction

Synopsis: Marinette is getting her chance! She’s finally getting her long awaited show! However, when a model twist his ankle, is her show doomed to fail? Maybe a certain blonde model could save her…. AgedUp!Characters.

Author’s Notes: if you give a cat a cookie….;) of AO3, I finally present you with your one-shot request! I’m so sorry the ending is rushed! I tried to hit on what you really wanted. I’m swamped with other fics right now but this is one I wouldn’t mind coming back to in the future to finish out properly. I’m sorry it took so long too >< I just hope you and everyone enjoys it!

Marinette took a deep breath, straightened the folders in her hands, and knocked on the rather large, intimidating looking door. There was a short reprise which was followed by a short, “Enter.” She did one more check of her attire and her appearance before finally pushing the door open. Quickly, she proceeded into the large office, before stopping just short of the large oaken desk in the center of the room.

Fifteen years had passed since Marinette had graduated high school. Ladybug was still a reoccurring character in Paris life but she was far more removed; as was her partner Chat Noir and surprisingly, Hawkmoth, who seemed to have consider going have the miraculous to be a fruitless task and all but given up, only sending out an akuma every now and then to check that they were in fact still in Paris in case he ever wanted to try again. Really though, they all were just tired. Tired and older. Marinette was no longer the spry young girl she’d been. However, neither was she out of her prime. Just short of thirty, she still looked as if she was in her youth but she most certainly had lost all of the baby edges, her face now hosting sharper lines that accented her beauty perfectly. She’d also decided to go for a much shorter haircut. It was easier to maintain and made her look more mature for her position. The only thing she didn’t change about herself was her determination to wear her own clothing; she did so regularly in front of anyone and everyone she could. This had eventually resulted in her moving up the Agreste Industry’s ladder until now.

Now, standing in front of Gabriel Agreste himself, about to hear the news she so desperately wanted to hear.

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Gaming Buddies ¦ Jungkook x Reader (Part 1)

Online gaming with your internet friends was all fun and games until your group of online friends finally ask you; ‘hey, should we meet up?’

paring; jungkook x reader, namjin, yoonmin, taeseok

fandom; bts

genre; humor

Part 1 ¦ Part 2

You’ve been interested in gaming since you were little. Your dad was a gamer at heart, and loved showing you his achievements.

Through out the years, you played games such as Call of Duty, GTA, Skyrim etc. You’ve met a lot of gamer friends over these games, however, they all started to fade away one by one.

Until, Overwatch came out. Overwatch was the new hype and it brought a lot of gamers together from around the world because of the multi-cultural diversity. Overwatch became the game you played most, and one of those reasons was because of a certain match you were in.



Welcome to Hollywood.

Select your hero.

You didn’t even have to think before choosing your main hero, Widowmaker. She was a sniper, that you were surprising good at. You were almost as good as your best friend McCreamy. You were also quite happy that you had your favourite map, until you hear…

“WHAT THE FUCK? THAT IS MY MAIN!” You hear a shout through your Turtle Beach headset. You take your headset away from ear in fear that your eardrums would break. You bring it back towards your ear when you hear your Battlenet username being screamed;


You are quick to reply to his ranting self in teamchat.


Satisfied, you sit back in your (Y/F/C) gaming chair. You smile to yourself, clicking on your sitting emote to look like a badass.


Suddenly, you thought to yourself why the fuck was he so rude.  


You are quick to reply to Windowmaker.

'just pick another character’

'i am amazing at her’

'you are just  jealous’

Click. Someone else had turned their microphone on.

“Kookie, please. Just pick another character.” CookingMaMa said. It was a masculine voice which sounded quite soft, and beautiful. You look over to see the Mercy icon next to his name.

“HEY, AT LEAST YOU WERE ABLE TO CHOOSE YOUR MAIN” Windowmaker shouts in despair. He still hasn’t picked his character.


Click, followed by 3 more.

“Just pick another one, you don’t want to get banned. Plus we really need a tank.” The deep voice of AgustD replies, he had picked Bastion.

FINE.” Windowmaker growls. You hear him when he hesitantly clicks on the character Reinhardt.

'finally’  You type, wanting to seem cheeky.

You hear a laugh. “I like this person.” GucciBoi chimes in, he had quite a deep and husky voice. His laugh was cute sounding and you couldn’t help but feel yourself smiling instantly because of it. You look to see he had picked Mei. You were 100% sure, he was a troll player. Which was great for you as you loved those types of players on your team.

'and i like you 😉’ you type as soon as doors open. All of your character models rush out as Widowmaker your character model tries to take the high ground on the right hand side of the map. It was a great advantage being on the balcony. You quickly saw your opportunity to get some quick picks.

Bang is the next thing you hear when aimed for the Solider 76.


You moved your mouse to hover over your next pick, the Zenyatta.


You laughed at the easy picks you were getting. However, you couldn’t stay there long as your team starts to push forward. You walk and grapple across the map to get to a high point next to objective A.

Sitting there was only a lone Bastion. The player hadn’t seen your character model yet.

Bang. Bang.


“Kookie, I think she’s a better Widow than you” A cute voice chimes in, it was quite a high voice but still smooth sounding. It followed with such a cute cackle as well. His username was BusanBoi95. He had picked Genji.

You giggle yourself when all you hear next is insults.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP JIMINIE, YOU ARE A SHIT GENJI MAIN” 'Kookie’ the Reinhardt shouts again.

“Hey, respect your elders.” You hear next, it was from AgustD. He had such a husky, and sexy voice that you couldn’t help but like instantly.


A “Hey” came from both of them. From both of their tones, they sounded embarrassed.

Objective A was complete, however, you still had to push the cart towards the end of the map. You see that AgustD set up in turret form on the cart with CookingMaMa damage boosting him on Mercy. BusanBoi95 was hopping around as Genji and GucciBoi was using his 'So Excited’ emote.

'cookie get to the front of the cart’


'Goodbye Lucio’ You think to yourself, trying to make your way towards the elevator on the map.

“Cookie? It’s with a K”

“Just do as he says, he has a point” BusanBoi95 states, dashing towards the Soldier 76. He ends up killing him in a 1v1.

On top of the roof, you could see everything. Luckily, nobody has spotted you yet.

Bang. Bang.

You start to shoot at the low health Reinhardt.


Next the Bastion.


You swiftly type;

'how do you know im not a girl?’

You start to cackle bringing your hand to your mouth when you hear the replies to your question. You make your way to the second capture point. You see an opportunity to get to the top of the bar roof with the other elevator. You start to look for people. This forces you to place your elbow on your desk to hold your face to look closer at the screen.

“Excuse me, how can you be a girl?” Windowmaker questions, he was still on the cart with probably the best Bastion you’ve seen. Genji reflected and dashed to kill the opposing Bastion who was in the middle of ulting.


“Yo.” You say whilst laughing, you turn your microphone off with another click.

“VOICE CHANGER, I SWEAR” Kookie exclaims. Sneakily, a tracer places a pulse bomb on him which caused the Bastion next to him to die as well.

“You fuck! You should of moved” AgustD growls, looking at his screen that said re-spawning in 30 seconds.

'believe what you want’

You abruptly stop to quickly type. As you see a Lucio growing closer towards you. Unfortunately, he boops you off the roof that you were on towards the massacre that causes both you and GucciBoi to die.


You all see the yellow light. You were back.

“Thank god, Jin-hyung” BusanBoi95 cries, dashing his way towards the healers of the opposing team, hoping to kill them off.


“Getting that 5 man res” GucciBoi carries on, you could hear him squealing as he freezes and Ni Hao’s the Bastion.





“Easiest game of my life boys” You interrupt Windowmaker, leaning back on your chair and grabbing (Y/F/D).

“Shut the fuck up, you did nothing” He replies, growling down his microphone. You giggle at him, closing your eyes for a minute. You open them to see;

**FRIEND REQUESTS RECEIVED FROM: GucciBoi, AgustD, BusanBoi95 , CookingMaMa.