rush flow

the psychology of a crush

a heartbreak really changes your perspective. it takes a lot of time to deal with your feelings, your emotions and the bubble of happiness that you’d created around yourself during your limited interaction with someone you were really infatuated with- but the prick of the needle of reality bursts that bubble and that is where things go downhill.

i was reflecting upon why crushes feel so good. they don’t actually.

when you’re supposedly in love- you start taking care of yourself more, in the hope that maybe your crush will notice you. you start loving yourself and being more happy, because the rush that flows through your blood when you think about that special someone- it’s only due to the fact that you’ve given them the power to control your emotions. you start pampering yourself, if not consciously, then subconsciously. you just wish for that person to notice you, hold you, be with you.

we all loved to be appreciated. to be cared for. to be loved, to be respected. and sometimes, just one interaction with someone can change our lives.

one gesture, one passion, one smile- it could be anything.

i’ve realised that, why do we need someone to feel good about ourselves? many people love themselves and are complete on their own. but some people like me, who go through a cycle of falling madly in love, having their heart broken, and the getting back up again- they wish for someone to lean on.

we’re all different. we all deal with emotions differently.

and from now on, i have promised to love myself. i have promised to care for myself- even if there is no one in my life.

i promised to nurture my soul, and blossom into the bright and beautiful flower that my destiny shapes me into. i know that only i can create my destiny, and i will steer myself into a better, more positive future. because i am the best thing that ever happened to me.

stay positive.

I wanted to draw something for the 14th of July (cuz heyyyyy happy birthday France I got woken up by fireworks thank you can’t you party in silence) but I realized I had no motivation and just wanted to draw cute chibis and some pink ckeeks. Also I’m supposed to work. BUT HERE. Randomly insulting while blushing. Yeah.

lazy romance

Title: lazy romance (evidently I’m still terrible at titles)

Genre: fluffy drabble

TW: none

Word Count: 323

Beta: none rn

ao3 link

I’m sorry if this is really rushed and doesn’t flow very well I’ll revisit this when I have more time

They were both hopeless romantics very much in love with each other (in Penny’s very correct opinion). And it was Valentine’s Day, the day of love and doing sappy couple things.

It seemed that the world was on their side for once, as neither Simon nor Baz had anything they had to do and anywhere they had to be that day. They could sleep in as late as they wanted to, and could cuddle until noon if they so wished. (And they so wished.)

(“Baz, why are you getting up so early?”

“It’s already 11, Simon.”

“But Baz!”

“Alright, alright. Just a few more minutes.”)

They finally got up just after noon, due to their stomachs rumbling to the point where they couldn’t just ignore it. Together, they mixed, cooked and flipped pancakes and bacon for lunch. (Half of the batter landed on the walls, but no one needs to know that.)

After lunch, they decided that making heart shaped sugar cookies would be romantic and fun. Ideally, none of the batter would end up where it shouldn’t end up, and that the cookies would be pretty. Being as it was Simon and Baz making them that did not happen. Flour was scattered all over the floor, eggs were dropped, and the cookies were burnt. (They still tasted good though, which was a plus.)

They took their plate of cookies to the couch and put Titanic on. If either one of them cried, nobody (Penny) would find out. The mess was left for another day.

They went to bed early, wanting to get in more cuddles and affection. Baz traced constellations into Simon’s skin, connecting the moles that he was so fascinated with. Simon pressed small kisses into Baz’s neck before simply just resting his face in the crook of Baz’s neck, smiling softly.

They fell asleep, the blankets half tucked in around them, the stars twinkling, the moon smiling down at them.

thank you for reading!

Period Tips for Trans and Cis

Some of these are geared towards Trans folk, most are gender neutral

1. Get Clue a period tracker. It’s gender neutral and free in the App Store (idk about Google Play)
2. Wear two pairs of underwear when you sleep. Wear normal undies and then larger boxer types. This prevents blood from leaking all over your bed and for transboys it helps erase some of the dysphoria that comes with a period.
3. Lay extra blankets on your bed. Another way to stop the need to fully replace the sheets and clean the bed. Layer them around your butt.
4. Heat pad to deal with the pain of cramps (some say place on lower back, I say slam that sucker right on the ovaries).
5. Peppermint to help with headaches
6. After a shower, do not leave the shower, dry off and put on your undies in the shower. No more rushing to beat the flow.
7. Wear loose clothes. People are less likely to see a pad sticking out of sweat pants, they’re comfy, and they can help with dysphoria.
8. Make sure boys, that you take sometime at night to reflect on your manly features and forget about the ravaging uterus.
9. Exercise. Especially the boys. You may hate your body when this happens, you may feel slightly uncomfortable, but exercise a) makes you feel better b) adds manly muscle c) can help relieve pain in some.
10. And all the things AFAB people need: chocolate, face washing (prevent breakouts, a period symptom), soup, relaxation


Wild Stehekin by zh3nya
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anonymous asked:

HEY IM NOT USUALLY THIS PERSON but I gotta know, is strange phenomenon going to finish soon? (I'm going to sob heavily, I just wanted to know because something in the back of my mind makes me check back on it every day.) (Also I'm not trying to rush your creativity flow!! Take your time because it is both of your writing and good stories take time!!) (Also I love it a lot thank you for putting it out there!)

hi friend, i neglected answering this bc i was away at a work conference wherein i was getting up every day at five am and going to bed at like ten, with zero time for anything in-between other than a brief shower and sometimes food. so, any answer you would have gotten would have been moderately veiled in sleep-deprivation-levels-of-grouchy. 

@kyluxtrashcompactor and i have been been ridic busy irl, and have both been slowly pecking away at this cherished creation of ours. we talk about it nearly daily, even if we don’t have time to write. i am glad and honored you are enjoying it, and i can tell you now that we will all be sad when it is over – this has been such a wonderful, fandom-shaping project for me, wherein i also found myself a very good friend in my co-author. 

but it’s coming, rather fast now, even if we both aren’t quite ready for it to end. thanks for sticking with us to the very end!

chapter 7 is up now, if you are interested. and chapter 8 is already a good chunk of the way through. we had to break them up, bc it was getting too lengthy.


Boulders, Waddell Creek by zh3nya
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You were screaming your head off as you plummeted into the dark abyss, until a net caught you and absorbing the impact of your fall. You tried to steady yourself, not wanting to get sandwiched between the net and the next one who jumps, still you couldn’t stop the rush of adrenaline still flowing through your veins. The net was pulled down and a pair of hands grabbed you by your waist to set your feet on the ground as though you were a plush toy for some kid to be manhandled around.

Four : Stop laughing, this is a test, not a game.

Your lips pressed in a thin line as you bit back a smartass remark. You backed away from him in a subtle manner. He saw the way you retreated, like a scared little deer facing a lion, he kept his face stony not wanting to appear smug, not a good first impression.

Four : By the way, well done, first time in a long time someone jumped that quick. Either you’re really brave… or really stupid.

Y/N: Guess we’re about to find out.


I have tasted the crisp evening air, and I’m addicted. Wrapped in nothing but the breeze, I drive with the window down no matter how cold I get. I feel a rush of peace flow through me as the wind touches my skin, as it can be the subtle hints of fall that make the summer possible. I’m aching for the harvest, and I will sweat through blankets until it arrives. I’ve been patient, but I’m hurting. I’m aching, I’m yearning for the morning breeze to wake me up with the smell of wet grass and rotting leaves. I’m in need of a reddish rainbow above my head. I’m dying each day and each day is a little better surrounded by Autumn. Come to me sooner.


“So, Dean has the gun in one hand and his shoe on the other, right?” Sam continued over your laughter, his cheeks hollowing as he smiled at you. You were holding your sides, your face flushed as you tried to take deep breaths, but failing when a new set of giggles erupted from your mouth. “Well, the genius just decides to chase the chicken around like that while I’m trying to find the witch’s book, and the thing was so scared that it ran to me and started to freakin’ bite me!” 

“Oh my god,” you whispered before laughing even harder. “Sam…stop…” you begged between laughs, leaning over and resting a hand on his right knee and the other grabbing the library table to keep yourself from falling off your seat.

 A sudden rush of heat flowed in Sam’s cheeks, his heart sprinting in his chest with your simple touch. Sometimes he couldn’t tell if this feelings, created by ordinary and regular activities—laughing with you, telling stories, or even just being in your company—had always been somewhere inside of him, unlocked and realized when he accepted that—

“…I like you.”

The mood changed in the blink of an eye; Sam’s eyes widened, his hands fighting to urge to clamp over his mouth; you, on the other hand, immediately stopped laughing and retired your hand away from his jeans, your lips parting slightly while you took in his words. 

“What?” you asked breathlessly, unable to keep your cheeks from reddening.

He didn’t want to say it twice, to embarrass himself even further than he already had, but there was no going back. He couldn’t take his words back or pretend that he had said something else, not when you had clearly heard him. 

“I, um, I like you, (Y/N),” he repeated, prompting his face on his hands as he took a deep breath. “God, I’m so sorry; this is gonna make things so awkward for us, isn’t it? Specially when you like Dean and I—”

“Wait a second, who the hell said I like Dean?” you scoffed, your mouth stretching into a small smile as you leaned forward in your seat again, this time to take Sam’s hands away from blocking his face and into yours instead. “Trust me, your brother is amazing, and I love him as if he were family, but I couldn’t possibly fall for him, Sam. Not when I’ve got you, you gigant dummy!”

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Gom reacting to their s/o getting really emotional, tearing up all of a sudden and when they ask why, s/o says that they feel incredibly lucky to be dating them

ooohhh my gooooooooosh this is so sweet

Akashi: His eyes grew wide the moment he saw the tears in your eyes, wondering if he had offended you in some way while he was talking about work stuff.  After knowing the reason behind your tears, his surprised expression immediately softened as he placed a kiss on your forehead before connecting his lips to yours. “Sweetheart, I believe that all the men around me are jealous because I have you. I am thankful as well for having you.”

Aomine: “O-oi! Why are you crying?” he asked in panic, couldn’t really get the reason why you suddenly burst into tears. You answered him in all honesty and your boyfriend couldn’t help but blush. He wasn’t really a big fan of cheesy stuff (or so he claims) but a sudden rush of ease flowed throughout his body after hearing the cause of your crying. “Well, thank you, I guess. And feelings are mutual, idiot.”

Kise: “E-e-eh?!?!” he asked frantically, arms flailing. After telling him why you were crying all of a sudden, Kise immediately peppered your face with kisses (as usual) before giving you a huge pout. “You made me worry (l/n)cchi! Don’t worry! I feel the same way and I’m so happy to hear that from you. We’re both lucky, I guess!”

Kuroko: He was taken aback by the sudden stream of tears on your face. He pulled you into a hug right away, giving comforting pats to your back as he whispered, “everything will be alright (l/n)-san.” You immediately told him the reason why you were crying, not wanting to make him worry anymore. He pulled out of the embrace and looked at you with softness in his eyes. “Thank you for feeling that way (l/n)-san. Please do know that I certainly feel the same way.”

Midorima: He was just lecturing you about being so reckless since you have managed to get a cut on your finger while you were cooking. Midorima didn’t intend you to make you cry with the mini sermon, so he started to panic. You told him that there was nothing to panic about since you just suddenly felt a little bit emotional after realizing how lucky you were to have him. Blood rushed to your boyfriend’s cheek, somehow making him redder than a tomato. “Y-you shouldn’t cry over th-that, nanodayo! B-b-but thank you. I’m grateful, too.”

Muraskibara: It took him some additional seconds to realize that you were actually crying. “Eh? Why is (l/n)chin crying?” he asked, putting down the bag of chips he was holding. He pulled you into a tight hug before kissing you, not minding if he got crumbs transferred on your cheek. When you admitted to him the reason for crying, Murasakibara instantly had this gentle expression on his face as he gave your head a pat. “Ne, (l/n)chin, I think I’m lucky too, you know.