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Some digital sketches and design concepts for my SU fan fusions (+Some chibi designs). As you can tell, some of these sketches are reeeally old. Hopefully this gives some insight as to how I go about designing things.

I’ve already posted some of Unakite’s concepts, I’d say that she went through the most drastic changes out of all of them. Links to the finished designs:

Rainbow Quartz ~ Milky Quartz ~ Cherry Quartz ~ Spectrolite ~ Spirit Quartz

🖤 Sweet, Sweet Madness 🖤 page 03 of 13

In the recent “Welcome to the Madness” manga, Yuri references the fact that he bought his WttM outfit while he and Otabek were shopping in Barcelona together. this is a short, fluffy, comic about that time.

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Only Fools Rush In 

by @dreamsmp3 / withthethieves on AO3

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Chapters: 2/12; 14.1k words (so far)

Rating: Explicit

Louis smiles dryly. “So I’m just special, then?”

Harry’s breath catches at that, and he swallows uncomfortably, unsure of how to respond, their quick exchange coming to an abrupt stop. It’s far too hot in the room all of a sudden, the air too thin. 

Louis’ gaze has shifted away, sharp profile lit up in the low light, the angle of his jaw working tensely. He’s avoiding Harry’s stare, seems to have realised what he’s said at the same time as Harry; the connotations behind it, how weighted of a question it has the potential to be.

Harry finally manages to force out an easy chuckle, light and only slightly on edge.

“Yeah,” he agrees loftily, as if it means nothing, as if saying it doesn’t dredge up every single potent feeling that he’s tried his hardest to bury over the past few years. “Guess you are just special.”


AU in which Louis Tomlinson is definitely not a fashion photographer, but he’s hired to work on a special issue of Another Man Magazine anyway. Harry Styles, on the other hand, is a model-turned-actor, who is the cover boy for said issue, and when they’re introduced on the first day of the shoot, it’s not exactly the first time they’ve met. Despite this, a convenient, casual, friends with benefits agreement ensues, which is all fine… until it isn’t.

(thank you to my wonderful friend kayla @styleandsin for the edit and manip!)

On Automail Recovery Times

A limb amputation takes 4 to 8 weeks to heal. While port surgery can happen after the initial injury it’ll still involve a very large wound, so we can use that as our guideline for the surrounding flesh and skin to recover. (If anything, having a big foreign object in the way may make it take longer.)

Conventional nerve injuries come in multiple types. The most minor, neurapraxia, takes anywhere between several days and three months to heal. The others are listed as ‘much longer’, but I haven’t found much about recovery times for severed and surgically rejoined nerves because it seems to vary so much by technique and location, but sources suggest nerves heal at about an inch per month and I’ve not found anything that suggests less than a month recovery time, so let’s take 4 weeks as our minimum.

These days most pins used to fix broken bones are made from titanium or a titanium alloy. This is because the surface structure of titanium tricks the body into thinking it 'belongs’ and allows the bone to fuse itself to the metal, a process called osseointegration. Once the process is complete the metal cannot be removed and the join is just as strong as natural tissue, which would be ideal for automail. However, just as broken bones can take a long time to heal, so it takes time for osseointegration to finish. A decent strength can be achieved by 12 weeks and full bonding by 16.

We’re told that automail is heavy; you probably don’t want to be attaching a limb until you know that the port can support it without the patient suffering any damage. Something small like a finger (…do automail fingers exist?) will take at least a month before the nerves are ready and nothing will start bleeding, while for something like a limb you’ll want 3 to 4 months for everything to settle and to make sure the screws attaching the port can hold the automail’s weight.

Figuring out how long it takes to learn to use newly attached automail is trickier. Neurogenic muscle atrophy is what happens when nerve damage results in an unusable limb (as opposed to disuse atrophy where the limb is unusable for physical reasons and is less severe) and once you fix the underlying causes takes at least 12 weeks to fix. Stroke recovery starts around this time bracket and up. Modern artificial limbs take 6 to 12 months to learn. Taken together, we can estimate at least 3 months for gross controlled movement (ie no longer smacking yourself with your own arm or able to walk a few steps without face planting), 6 months for being able to do general tasks like walking without crutches or putting your clothes on (but probably not doing up your buttons) and 12+ months for full function. It’d also take around 6-12 months to build up the increased muscle mass to compensate for the heavier limbs and to adapt to your changed gait and balance.

That means for most adults automail recovery times are going to start at 16 months and go up from there, with longer times if one can’t get as much physical therapy. Ed managed it in 12 months and it can be assumed that more limbs equals longer overall recovery time, which is impressive. He did have two advantages though: firstly that he was still a kid at the time. The slow part of port recovery is the osseointegration. But children’s bones heal about twice as fast as adults and a smaller limb means lighter automail, meaning he’d be able to be fitted after 2 months instead of 4. His other advantage is living with the Rockbells and having constant access to people who can help him with his physical therapy, letting him cut 12+ months down to 10.

Lan Fan is another matter. She doesn’t have the advantage of youth (by mid teens bone healing rates are rapidly approaching adult ones) and even if she pushed herself to start rehab early using some additional limb support 3 months is just not enough. However! She does have another form of cheating: namely, medical alkestry. If someone could help her heal faster she could get her automail attached earlier. Even at 6 months she’d not have full usage of her new arm though nor time to finish building up the muscle strength. It’s likely her fight wrenched some muscles in her shoulder and that she was using her other training to compensate for not being able to hit precisely where she was wanting to slash. (And against a homunculi lacking vital organs and instant kill locations, sheer weight of slashes is what will do the trick in the end anyway.)

Interesting side notes: nerve healing requires increased Vitamins D and E, copper and selenium. The latter 3 can all be found in sunflower oil, with liver and nuts also being good sources. Patients recovering from automail surgery probably snack on a lot of trail mix and get put in deck chairs for a few hours a day. Rush Valley seems likely to have some nice relaxing parks with the odd sets of parallel bars for outdoor therapy.

The most widely used test of osseointegration progress is percussion analysis, where the external part of an implant is tapped with a dental tool. The pitch and tone of the ringing tells you how stable the implant is; still healing implants sound dull and low pitched while a fully healed one gives a higher pitched crystal ring. Mechanics performing port surgery are likely to have a good musical ear. Imagine apprentices learning the glockenspiel as part of their studies. Rush Valley probably has a nice glockenspiel orchestra.