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Fall Recruitment

I know you’ve been waiting for this week all summer! Let’s talk about fall formal recruitment.

Let me start off by saying that formal recruitment is not an easy process, and it’s definitely not for everyone. As you go through the process, focus on how you feel, not how other girls feel. And lastly, trust in the process! You will end up right where you belong, as long as you keep an open mind. Every sorority is a great sorority if you let it be.

That all being said…let’s get into it! I will be describing the process in the way that my university does it. Keep in mind that not every university will do things the same way. Also, as mentioned in my previous post, your university likely has a guide for what to wear during formal recruitment. If this is the case, follow those guidelines; otherwise, feel free to use the ones I put down below!

Round 1: Open House

This is where you will be visiting every chapter facility on your campus. This round is the only round where you will be visiting every house.

What to wear: For this round, your Panhellenic council has likely provided you a t-shirt or two. Match your shirts with a pair of cute shorts or a cute skirt and sandals! Make sure that your sandals are comfortable though, as you will be walking around A LOT.

Round 2: Philanthropy

At my university, you’re only allowed to accept invitations from 8 chapters on this day. You will be learning about the philanthropy each house participates in, which is a very important part of being in a sorority! Pay attention on this day and see what causes really speak to you.

What to wear: The parties during this round are a bit longer than round 1, so you still want to be comfortable. Today is another good day to wear cute shorts and comfortable sandals, as well as a cute top. Don’t wear a t-shirt or heels this round.

Round 3: House Tour/Sisterhood

There is a 5 party max on this day. This is the day that sisters will be showing you what it’s like to live in the chapter house, as well as the many activities you could participate in to build relationships with your new sisters. On this day, it’s very likely that you will be back again on round 4. Look around, and remember how you feel on this day.

What to wear: Sundress and wedges

Round 4: Preference Night

Two party max. If you’ve made it to preference night, the chapter is very interested in having you as a sister. This is the night to take the time and focus on what you really want to gain from joining a sorority. The other PNMs in your party will likely be your sisters in less than 24 hours, so make sure you feel comfortable.

What to wear: Cocktail dress and heels


The end of formal recruitment! This is the day where you will receive your bid and join your new sisters at your new home. 

What to wear: Bid day t-shirt (from your new home!!!), cute shorts, and comfy shoes! You’ll most likely be running to your new home the moment you find out.

General Comments:

During formal recruitment, don’t forget to put your best foot forward. Make sure your hair and makeup is done for each day of recruitment. You want each chapter to see the best side of you! 

As you go through the week, the days will get harder and more emotional. If you get cut from a house, take time to process your emotions, but also know that it’s nothing personal. Every house just can’t have every girl! You will find where you belong if you just trust in the process. 

Finally…be positive. Always. Every chapter is a great chapter (#panlove), so don’t spend your time speaking ill of other chapters. You never know which girls in your walking group really liked that chapter! Be kind and graceful to every sister you meet. Being rude or dismissive won’t get you cut from a house you don’t like, but it will make an already long party a VERY long party for the both of you. Always be nice.

Okay girlies! Best of luck during formal recruitment!