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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: 13 REASONS WHY IS THE FILM ADAPTATION EVERY BOOK DESERVES. If I didn't think it before I definitely do now Jay Asher is a GENIUS an episode per tape side was the perfect way to execute the story it just allowed him to take this already brilliant story he'd created and flesh out the characters and show more interaction and make it more Hannah-centric I'm only on episode two and I'm floored
From Dan’s Rush AMA
  • He’d like to possibly cover Closer to the Heart by Rush in the future
  • His favorite concert of Rush’s he’s seen (out of 11) is the R30 tour in 2004
  • His favorite thing he’s seen them play live is Xanadu
  • He doesn’t plan on trying to start playing an instrument (aside from the bass which he has said he’s mediocre at) because the band he’s got now has such awesome musicians that he wants to focus on being the best vocalist he can be
  • His favorite Skyhill song is Run with the Hunted, and his least favorite is Only One
  • His favorite Rush song to play on the bass is Fountain of Lameneth (but it’s hard)
  • It’s pretty likely that there will eventually be a new Skyhill song or album
  • He first saw Rush in 1994 in NJ at the Brendan Byrne Arena. He’s seen them on every tour since.
  • He’s hoping that next year they’ll be able to tour in the UK, and he’d like to be able to tour in Australia too at some point
  • What influenced him most from Rush is their chord choices, their worth ethic, and their integrity.
  • If he could perform vocals on one song with Rush, it would probably be Time Stand Still
  • His best Rush-related experience was zoning out by himself as a kid and letting their music take his imagination places
  • His favorite Rush albums are A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Caress of Steel, and 2112. His least favorite (though he still loves them!) are Hold your Fire, Counterparts, and Snakes and Arrows
  • The most direct way that Rush has affected him is that they helped inspire him to commit his life to music.
  • His top 3 songs are Xanadu, Hemispheres, and Fountain of Lameneth
  • He started listening to Rush at 13 and he became obsessed with them. He sang their music to himself all day during school.
  • When asked how many Rush shirts he has, his answer was “Too many!!”
  • A Farewell to Kings is his alltime favorite Rush album
  • What initially caused him to enjoy Rush was that it was an awesome sound that he’d never really heard before and lyrics that appealed to his nerdy Lord of the Rings loving self.
  • His favorite >10 minute Rush track is (possibly) Circumstances
  • “ I’m more Jewish by culture than by religion. I certainly believe that there’s a lot to life and the universe that we don’t understand, and I respect anyone who finds their answers in religion, but it’s never been a big part of my life personally.”
  •  His favorite Rush show to watch is one from Rio
  • The song he’s most proud of is 6969 because it’s a comedy prog song, which is something he’s always wanted to do.
  • His favorite part of 2112 is the overture
  • Hemispheres will always remind him of his freshman year of high school. He listened to it constantly.
  • Both him and Arin write the lyrics to Starbomb songs
  • He feels an immediate kinship with other Rush fans. “We’re like a world-wide secret club!”
  • The rush album he feels is most underrated is Presto
  • The first Rush song he listened to was Roll the Bones
  • He would be interested in giving talks about music/comedy/career stuff at colleges or high schools if there was an audience for it.
  • He got into Rush at age 12 because the guy that worked at his local comic book shop (named Keith) introduced him to them. “God bless that man.” Before he discovered them he listened to a lot of Def Leppard and Nirvana
  • Q:  if you were to start your career again today, where would you start? Youtube / twitch / podcasts?
    A:  I don’t think I’d do anything differently because even the years of “failure” taught me a lot and allowed me time to improve. Once that spotlight is on you, you’d better be ready for it. I’d say start in the medium that inspires you individually the most and work as hard as you can on it from there.
  • Q:  how do you think the future of NSP has changed now that you guys have topped the motherfucking charts with Under the Covers?? You guys fucking rule and I’m so happy for you and your multitudes of success!
    A:  Thank you! We were psyched that our recent albums have charted so well, but I don’t think we’ll do anything differently. We’ll just keep doing what feels right to the best of our ability!
  • 6969 came together quickly when writing it. The video only took so long because it was such a huge jump in ambition and it has a learning curve. “If we do something like that again, things should go a lot more smoothly!”
  • The Pass has helped him through some tough times.
  • (I believe) that the lyrics he’d get as a tattoo are “ All of us get lost in the darkness Dreamers learn to steer by the stars All of us do time in the gutter Dreamers learn to look at the cars!”
  • Q: What would you say is the best dish at Olive Garden?
    A: The dish where you get up, walk across the street, and eat at Outback Steakhouse
  • He meditates in silence before a show because he’d get overhyped if he listened to music.
  • Doesn’t have a favorite member of Rush, “it’s an equilateral triangle”
  • Says Moving Pictures is usually a safe bet to start off with introducing someone to Rush
  • He picked Madrigal and Subdivisions for the first UTC because he loves them and they’re easy to sing. “I don’t know if I could hit some of those crazy high notes Geddy rocked in the 70s”
  • He thinks Witch Hunt would be a very good song to cover.  Such a great song and so relevant right now! “Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand”
  • His favorite song to try and fail at on bass is YYZ
  • “ I don’t think there’s any conscious decision to have Rush influence my music, but I’ve spent so many thousands of hours listening to them, it’s inevitable that it just comes out naturally”
  •  His favorite album to work on in his career is what he’s doing now (UTC2 and Cool Patrol) because “we’ve grown so much and finally have a full band!”
  • He doesn’t mind when fans are super nervous to meet him. He was nervous when he met Rush, too, “so it’s just the circle of life!”
  • He chose bass because it was different and fun to find submelodies.
  • Q:  Hey Dan! I’m looking forward to Under the Covers 2. I started writing comedy music and NSP is one of my main inspirations. What do you wish you knew about writing comedy music earlier on in your career?
    A:  Nothing in particular really. You learn and you go and there’s no substitute for just doing something over a long period of time. Of course there are things I would change about our early work, but it was the best we could do at the time so I have to be cool with it.
  • “I listened to so much of them [Rush] growing up that it’s in my blood and unconsciously shapes the way I approach music”
  • His second favorite album flops between Hemispheres, Caress of Steel, and 2112 on any given day
  • His favorite story/message told in a Rush song→ Story is Fountain of Lameneth because it’s a beautiful summary of life. Message is Spirit of Radio where they talk about the importance of integrity in art.
  • His biggest influences are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Nirvana, Spacehog, and Gentle Giant (to name a few)
  • He does his best on his Rickenbacker bass but it’s just for fun. “My band already has a bass player that’s better than I’ll ever be!”

“Thanks everyone! I have to go see my family now otherwise I’d stay longer. Sorry I couldn’t get to everyone’s questions but I had a lot of fun. I’d be happy to do this again in the future!
You being fans of mine means the world to me and I promise to keep making comedy and music for a long time! Thanks to you, the moderators who set this up, and of course Rush for being an awesome and inspirational force!”


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>JJFS: Create another Stand to celebrate 4/13

Stand Master: 「VRISKA SERKET」
Stand Name: 「ROLL THE 8ONES」
Stand Origin: “Roll the Bones” by Rush

Appearance Classification: Humanoid

Stand Type: Close Range Combat

Stand Appearance: This stand resembles a skeletal version of Mindfang, complete with pirate hat, large orange horns, and cutlass. The left eye glows red with 7 small black dots inside, shifting around. The pommel of the cutlass contains the Fluorite Octet.

Stand Parameters:
Destructive Potential: B
Speed: A
Range: C
Durability: C
Precision: B
Developmental Potential: C

Stand Ability: 「ROLL THE 8ONES」is primarily a com8at Stand, armed with a large cutlass used to slice, dice, and rip 8odies apart. It is fast and accurate, 8ut lacks range, putting「VRISKA SERKET」at the front lines—exactly where she wants to 8e. The pommel of the cutlass wielded by 「ROLL THE 8ONES」contains the Fluorite Octet, which when swung rolls numerical com8inations. Depending on the num8er of 8’s rolled in the pommel, its power increases with that swing. Rolling all 8’s… the chance of a lifetime for a highly unpredicta8le attack. No 8’s means no power in that strike, making every attack a risk.

First Lines

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List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether). See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favourite authors.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE fic based tag games like this!! I’m am so down for any story based game things. Fuck I’m so jealous your readers send you asks and shit @phaytesworld you lucky bitch (and omfg they art for you, THEY ART FOR YOU, I am seething with jealousy over here, but also insanely happy for you because omg, just so happy for you and your success. You fuck up my feels bitch)

I’m afraid I really don’t read much, which you’ll understand seeing how many WIP I have, but I’ll just tag some of the people I know on here that write =)

@gloster @dracomysunshinechild @jadepresley @decanthrope @michaelssw0rd … okay, I know I know more writers than that, I know I chat to more writers than that, guys, I’m sorry, my memory sucks! Just do it and say I tagged you (TAG ME PLEASE) so I can be nosy =D

Okay, because I am super excitable a teasing tease who teases don’t you guys even know me, I’m gonna do the last 20 stories PLUS the first few lines of my major WIP mwahahahaha (I didn’t get enough sleep last night, I went to bed before 2am for once, but lay awake outlining a new story in my head)

Let’s get started =D (this is hella fucking long, so I’m putting it under a cut after the first 5, and really, you all follow me, you know me, you know I can’t be concise, I take a very loose definition of ‘first lines’ LOL)

Contained in this post are fics for these ships: Drarry, Pansmione, Parvansy (parvati/pansy), Ginsy (Ginny/Pansy), Victuuri, Merthur.

Last 20 stories posted/updated:

Trends/Patterns? As always, I usually just dive right into the story with minimal set-up details, which I usually intersperse later as needed. I seem to always start with either dialogue, how the character feels, or an action description. I almost never describe the setting, which fits with my biggest writing flaw of almost no background description LOL

1. Amortentia - Drarry

While Harry was studiously attempting to avoid so much as glancing towards their roommate, Ron was blatantly staring. He stood leaning against one of the end posts of his bed, arms crossed, expression cold, as he watched Malfoy unpack his things. The air was so thick with tension that Harry wished someone would say something, but he desperately didn’t want to be the one to do it.

2. Warmth - Parvansy


Pansy jerked at the sound of her name, almost spilling the contents of her bag all over her desk. Parvati caught her eye, and then nodded her head to the empty seat next to her.

“You owe me for helping you in Herbology last week. You’re partnering with me today.” Parvati’s voice was firm, and she had that glint in her eye. All of the Slytherins knew that glint. The Gryffindor glint. Not to be underestimated. And not to be messed with unless one had a plan, and an escape strategy for when it inevitably went pear-shaped. Bloody Gryffindors.

3. Board Games and Rude Awakenings - Drarry

At first, Harry had been nervous, and felt out of place. After a couple of drinks, and nothing more than some rather tame teasing, he relaxed. Blaise was pouting and arguing with Pansy about the legality of the action she’d just made on Harry’s behalf. Harry had no idea what game they were playing, and still didn’t understand the rules, even after having them explained to him three times. But there was an elaborately charmed board, little miniature characters, and a lot of violence.

4. Playing Along - Drarry

Harry sucked in a deep breath. There were footsteps outside. They passed. When he exhaled, he managed to mutter a spell to lock his office door. His hands gripped the far edge of his desk. The near edge was digging into his stomach. He closed his eyes, and inhaled again. Slowly.

“What happened to all that Gryffindor bravery? Scared you might get fired if we get caught?”

Harry shuddered.

“Shut your fucking mouth, Malfoy.”

There was a puff of warm air against his skin. Against his spine. Halfway down, and getting lower, as Malfoy chuckled. 

5. Crumbling Facade - Drarry

Draco tried to ignore everything around him as he organised his things the way he liked. The eighth year students were split between dorm rooms, and the houses were mixed. He’d been hoping he would be placed with Theo, or no Slytherin at all. He’d been dreading sharing a dorm room with Blaise. Perhaps if Goyle had returned the odds would have been in his favour, but they were not.

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Arno Dorian x Reader: Relationship Preferences

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1)Who would be constantly kissing the other?
Arno would!

2) Who’s the big spoon and little spoon?
Arno is the big spoon!!

3) NSFW Fuck or make love?
Make love, Arno is the most passionate lover of all the assassins(wellllll maybe he’s got a bit of competition with Ezio)

4) NSFW Who’s on top?
You are!

5) Who wakes up first?
You do!!

6) Who constantly wants to hold the other?
Arno does!!

7) Who has a sweet tooth?
You both do!!

8) Who’s the singer out of the two of you?
You are!! You sometimes sing Arno to sleep.

9) Who’s the bigger nerd?
Arno is!!

10) Who’s terrified of horror flicks?
In AU, Arno is!

11) Who wants to stay in bed the longest?
You both find it quite hard to leave each other’s warm embrace.

12) Who says the first ‘I love you’?
You do!! Arno was too afraid that you would think he was rushing you.

13) Who gets jealous?
You can, but very very rarely.

14) Who would sing your baby to sleep?
Arno would!

15) Who needs the most reassurance?
Arno usually does.

16) Who just wants to be held by the other?
You both do!!

17) NSFW Who whispers the dirtiest things in the others ear at all the wrong times?
You do!!

18) Who knocks everything over?
You do sometimes!

19) Who wants a baby?
The two of you have talked it over, but never really came to a decision. If it happens, you’ll both me happy. If not, you’ll both be happy too.

20) Who brings home all the stray animals?

21) Who gets the most nightmares?

22) Who’s the complete flirt?
You both are!!

23) NSFW Who’s the kinkiest?
YOU ARE definitely, Arno is as vanilla as it gets.

24) NSFW Who’s biggest tease?
You are!!

25) NSFW Who’s the one who loves giving/receiving oral?
Arno does!!

26) Who’s the most protective?
Neither of you are that protective, but you’re definitely caring!


“It’s true. This isn’t a world enveloped in light. And yet…there’s more to that. The world is more than darkness. It isn’t only black.”-Yuki Sohma


ok I know that Mettaton’s not actually a robot but I’d like to imagine that Alphys actually installed human killing powers into Mettaton that’d make him go crazy and make his voice really evil, robotic and deep.


(his password is ‘mettaton’ fyi)

Day 13: Possessive Kitty

Ah, such a boring chapter because I have forgotten what it’s like to be possessive and might as well have removed every ounce of possessiveness in my body.


“Dude trust me, she told me that she’s dating Chat Noir and she likes you too.” Nino said, pacing back and forth in the boy’s room

Adrien frowned a bit but it was all an act. So Marinette did care for him that much. That was so touching.

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1. Pause.
2. Pause to be happy.
3. Pause to be sad.
4. Pause to realize the things you will never have.
5. Pause to appreciate.
6. Pause to meditate.
7. Pause to listen to the voice inside your head.
8. Pause to digress and pause before you progress.
9. Think twice about your future and three times about your past.
10. Don’t rush through the week hoping for Friday.
11. Stop to smell the crisp, cool air on a Tuesday.
12. Stop to compliment a random stranger on a Wednesday.
13. Don’t rush through the winter waiting for summer.
14. Seize the winter as an opportunity to find a new coffeeshop around the corner.
15. Take a drive and don’t look at the clock once.
16. Buy yourself flowers and encourage constant over-consumption of chocolate.
17. Don’t check your watch for two or three hours.
18. Have an entire weekend with no plans at all and see what unfolds.
19. Write your best friends silly notes to tell them you appreciate them.
20. Fall in love with yourself.
21. Reinvent your style and start by buying new shoes.
22. Spend more time with yourself.
23. Laugh until you cry or spit your coffee out.
24. Stop letting other people dictate what is cool - newsflash: we create “society.”
25. Most important of all, change.
—  25 pieces of advice from a stressed-out college student

aearyn  asked:

For SWTOR player asks: 10, 13, 27 :)


10. Favorite love interest?
My first instinct is to say Corso Riggs, he’s my favorite. However, to be honest, probably the sweetest and more loving romance for the males is Vector Hyllus. So the writing for that story edges out Corso’s in-game interactions. After that, Torian is actually a pretty adorable romance although I really wish they wouldn’t have us call him ‘kid’ so much and then try and pry off his Mandalorian codpiece…

For females, I actually really like Nadia Grell. I could do without the damn master-student thing BW loves to throw in there, but I really like Nadia and her romance is surprisingly sweet if a little rushed.

13. Which planet’s aesthetics/atmosphere do you enjoy the most?
Strictly for aesthetics, Makeb is beautiful but getting around is a pain in my butt! I also really like Belsavis, but the same problem. I do like Alderaan a lot too. Odessen is actually a lovely planet and I wish we could run around more.

27. If you could make any current NPC a player companion, who would you pick?
Geeze, that’s really hard to pick. Tora from Koth’s crew could be fun. Lord Cytharat, of course. I’m not really sure who else. That twi’lek from Balmorra from the Smuggler quests would be fun!