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Hi dear! I've been a Hemsworth fan for years, and recently the negativity from some of the fans are driving me crazy. I just want to say, I agree with everything u said about Chris, everything. That's exactly how I see Chris as a person and his friendship with Tom. Just lots of love from me, glad to have u in this fandom. x

Awww hi! ^^ Thank you for your nice words, great to meet you.


Now listen, you have to know I’m not a long-time fan of Chris’. To tell you the truth I started appreciating his looks and presence only after I saw The Dark World. Then, that same year, I read the synopsis of THIS DAMNED FILM and I was sold.

Took me some months to actually see “Rush” but what the hell did I just see. Bromance and rivalry, wtf honestly, there should be more films like that. And his performance was stellar.

Then it took me some more years to see the “Team:Thor” clips and Ragnarok and well, he’s not just gorgeous okay? Now we all know. I’ve said this before, he’s a modern-day Marilyn Monroe, he’s too good-looking for his own good because it takes a lot of struggle from his part to convince people he’s not just a bombshell, a “dumb blonde”. Surely he’s a sex symbol (just like Marilyn) but people need to see beyond his surfer good looks and appreciate his comedic genius (just like Marilyn).

I do believe Chris is here to stay. Sure, not all his films are memorable or successful but I think he has that kind of quality and actor’s instinct that will keep him relevant for years. I hope he gets more roles than Thor, not that I don’t love Thor to bits, but I do believe Chris will be successful in other parts as well, and he’ll make more characters iconic. He’ll make us love them. He’s friends with at least two great directors, Ron Howard and Taika Waititi, so there you go. That’s a blessing for any actor because those friendships might secure him some great parts and scripts in the future.

Now the other thing you should know about me is that it never occurred to me I’d be here defending him (just like I never thought I’d be writing Hiddlesworth ficlets and headcanons instead of Thorki but oh well that’s another story). He doesn’t need defending. He’s Chris Hemsworth.

But what does need defending is my good taste, my dashboard, my aesthetics. My wish to keep my mind free of toxicity and hate.

Don’t expect the fans to respect Chris, they hated him all along. They hated him from the minute the film was named “Thor”. They hated him from the minute Thor was the rightful heir to the throne. They hated Chris because he was too laid back for them to bear. They’ll hate him when he does something right and they’ll hate him when he does something wrong. 

Hate is limitless. Hate takes no effort. Hate comes for free. 

So you see, as a Chris Hemsworth fan you’ll be getting waves of hate, whether it’s for Ragnarok because it was the film that he deserved, or for Thor surviving instead of Loki, or because of him cancelling appearances in Shanghai and Seattle. Of course I won’t discriminate between Loki fans who hate Thor/Chris and Chris fans who think they own him - they’re both just as entitled and toxic. 

But no matter where the hate comes from, it just shows you how easily a fandom can be ruined.

Don’t let them. These people know nothing but spite, jealousy and hate. 

You know better.

So, word to the wise: do not visit the tags. Do NOT. I know we have a right to have a clean Chris Hemsworth tag blah blah blah but this is a jungle and you can’t expect respect or justice from entitled haters. I stopped visiting the tags long ago.

Follow the blogs you like and let them find all the content you need. Make your own content. But do not go to the tags, I repeat, do NOT go to the tags.

And the minute you see a blog you follow posting Chris hate, scram. Opinions are like a-holes in here, we all have one. 

Just because a blog is popular doesn’t mean they’re right, doesn’t mean you have to believe their headcanon for Chris. Make your own headcanons about him, post them, find like-minded people. Haters are not the majority. Haters are just louder than the rest. Don’t let them fool you.

Enjoy your tumblr experience and always remember: Chris is here to stay.

P.S.: are you really in London? Do say hi if you spot him, he’s coming your way. ;-)