Rusellae Amphitheater

Rusellae was an ancient Etruscan city which survived until the Middle Ages before being abandoned. The Romans captured it from the Etruscans in 294 BC. In 205 BC, the captured Rusellae contributed grain and timber for the fleet of Scipio Africanus, a general in the Second Punic War. A colony was created here either by the Second Trumviri (43 BC – 33 BC) or by Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD).

In 935 it is reported that the town was destroyed by Saracens. It was not rebuilt because of a malaria epidemic and thus fell to ruin.

The ruins are located on a hill with two summits. One summit is occupied by the Roman amphitheater and the other summit is a tower of uncertain date. Rusellae is in the modern frazione of Roselle in the commune of Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy.

by opaxir