APH Russia: Wow… who’s this babe you’re with, Honda?
APH Japan: That’s Yao. And he’s not a girl.
APH Russia: Hey there Yao. What do you like to do?
APH China: I like to read!
APH Russia: Uh… okay… why?
APH China: Cause books teach me useful things!
APH Russia: … like what?
APH China: I’m glad you asked! I have many examples! For instance, did you know that if you electrocute someone while holding them under water it will leave no burn marks on the body?
APH Russia: Umm… no?
APH China: You do now! And that’s the power of knowledge!
APH Russia: So… like… do you wanna take a bath… together?
APH China: Can I bring an industrial strength toaster?

APH Japan: [to himself] Step 1: Casual banter.
S-SO HERE’S A CASUAL QUESTION!! [coughs] What’s your, ah, favorite type of… snack food?

APH America: Oh, man. I can’t pick just one!

APH Japan: N-no way, mine too!

APH America: Wait, what?

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>UsUk:</b> I'LL KILL YOU ALL HAHAHAHAHA<p/><b>RusAme:</b> I think I'll just be quiet in the farthest conner if the Internet<p/><b>FrUk:</b> I think your ALL messed up<p/><b>rochu:</b> I'm gonna stalk you till you like me<p/><b>Gertelia:</b> I'm a very calm person *internal screming*<p/><b>Ameripan:</b> I think I'll leave now bye bye<p/><b>PruCan:</b> *demon chanting*I'm ok I swear<p/></p><p/></p>
Há 35 anos, escrevi que estávamos caminhando para construir na Amazônia o segundo maior deserto do mundo. Hoje, a previsão vai se confirmando. No primeiro ano, depois que desmatam, é uma beleza: o solo continua fértil, produz-se muito. Mas, depois, a matéria orgânica é lixiviada para as profundezas do solo e planta nenhuma vai lá embaixo buscá-la. Forma-se o cerrado, depois a caatinga, e finalmente, o deserto.
—  Augusto Ruschi, em 1986