APH Russia: Wow… who’s this babe you’re with, Honda?
APH Japan: That’s Yao. And he’s not a girl.
APH Russia: Hey there Yao. What do you like to do?
APH China: I like to read!
APH Russia: Uh… okay… why?
APH China: Cause books teach me useful things!
APH Russia: … like what?
APH China: I’m glad you asked! I have many examples! For instance, did you know that if you electrocute someone while holding them under water it will leave no burn marks on the body?
APH Russia: Umm… no?
APH China: You do now! And that’s the power of knowledge!
APH Russia: So… like… do you wanna take a bath… together?
APH China: Can I bring an industrial strength toaster?

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I'd liked to thank you for your rant about RusChi. RusChi's my OTP and I despise the idea my country being a moe blob uke all because of his appearance. He's the one of the powerful nations in the world and one of the surviving ancients.

I KNOW! It makes me really irritated when Yao is portrayed as some delicate, teenage boy next to big, tall and intimidating Ivan or Alfred. He totally deserves better.

Haha I’m more a Rusame than Rochu fan, but yes if I see Rochu, I definitely see Yao as being the more experienced party. And he wouldn’t be dominated by Russia omg. I mean historically China has never really been under Russian influence much- they are mostly equals. It kind of makes me annoyed when people portray the Communist Revolution in China as Ivan “convincing” Yao to follow him- because from what I’ve read Chinese Communism was very much driven by internal nationalism and it had distinct differences from Marxist-Leninism. 

Like sure, his features are somewhat finer and his build is more slender but he’s not a moe uke boy (ick). Like yes, he can be enthusiastic and loud…but that doesn’t mean he’s some teenage boy who is scared of countries like Russia. 

I personally see him having the personality of a very shrewd, calculating mafia don haha, not some moe boy! You know, kind of because he’s pretty much the oldest of the Asian nations. Sure, he can be perfectly friendly and boisterous and likes cute things (lol Shinatty). BUT other times he can just be extremely unnerving- because he’s a four-thousand year old immortal simply wearing the shape of a young man, who has seen so much more than the other nations. Like he’s a dragon, not a hello kitty.
Brazil mining flood could devastate environment for years
The collapse of two dams at a Brazilian mine has cut off drinking water for quarter of a million people and saturated waterways downstream with dense orange sediment that could wreck the ecosystem for years to come.

General view from above of a dam owned by Vale SA and BHP Billiton Ltd that burst, in Mariana, Brazil, November 10, 2015.  

The collapse of two dams at a Brazilian mine has cut off drinking water for quarter of a million people and saturated waterways downstream with dense orange sediment that could wreck the ecosystem for years to come.

Nine people were killed, 19 are still listed as missing and 500 people were displaced from their homes when the dams burst at an iron ore mine in southeastern Brazil on Nov. 5.

The sheer volume of water disgorged by the dams and laden with mineral waste across nearly 500 km is staggering: 60 million cubic meters, the equivalent of 25,000 Olympic swimming pools or the volume carried by about 187 oil tankers.

President Dilma Rousseff compared the damage to the 2010 oil spill by BP PLC in the Gulf of Mexico and Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira called it an “environmental catastrophe.”

Scientists say the sediment, which may contain chemicals used by the mine to reduce iron ore impurities, could alter the course of streams as they harden, reduce oxygen levels in the water and diminish the fertility of riverbanks and farmland where floodwater passed.

Samarco Mineração SA, a joint venture between mining giants Vale SA and BHP Billiton and owner of the mine, has repeatedly said the mud is not toxic.

But biologists and environmental experts disagree. Local authorities have ordered families rescued from the flood to wash thoroughly and dispose of clothes that came in contact with the mud.

“It’s already clear wildlife is being killed by this mud,” said Klemens Laschesfki, professor of geosciences at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. “To say the mud is not a health risk is overly simplistic.”

As the heavy mud hardens, Laschesfki says, it will make farming difficult. And so much silt will settle along the bottom of the Rio Doce and the tributaries that carried the mud there that the very course of watershed could change.  

“Many regions will never be the same,” he says.

Researchers are testing the river water and results should be published over the coming weeks, giving a better idea of the contents of the mining waste.

One cause for concern is that compounds known as ether amines could have been used at the mine to separate silica from the iron ore, in order to produce a better quality product.

According to mining industry research and scientific literature published in recent years, the compounds are commonly used at Brazilian mines, including Samarco’s.

At least some of the compounds, according to the website of Air Products, a company that produces them, “are not readily biodegradable and have high toxicity to aquatic organisms.” They can also raise PH levels to a point that is environmentally harmful.

“There will be serious problems using the water from the river now,” says Pedro Antonio Molinas, a water resources engineer and mining industry consultant familiar with the region.

Samarco did not respond to questions about whether it used the compounds or whether they were in the so-called tailings pond whose contents burst through the broken dams. 

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