what happened to prisoner!america???????

because imagine rusame prison au 

where Alfred and Ivan are cellmates and Al is Ivan’s new cellmate. And one day Alfred asks Ivan what he’s in for and Ivan says “nothing because i am innocent” and proceeds to tell Alfred how he was framed for something he never did and mentally Alfred is freaking out because he knows exactly what Ivan is talking about because it was hIM who did it

Al never says anything at first though (bc Ivan is kinda scary looking) and eventually the two end up ‘a thing’ but Alfred comes clean one day bc a secret that big from your s/o is sure to cause a hell of a lot of stress and Ivan is suuper pissed and hgnnghhhhhhh

THey’d still be sharing a cell though and there’d be tension and fights and probably end up with a steamy sort of hatesex thing and 

oh man prisoner!Al needs to be a thing again

Imagine your otp

Person A has a shitty day and is so cruel to everyone it’s like they’re made of ice.

Then Person B walks by, sees them, and kind of nonchalantly waves with a small:

“Oh hey”

And person A practically melts and suddenly turns into the nicest person in the world.

But as soon as person B leaves they’re cold to everyone again.