Estar contigo es una maldita montaña rusa. Ahora si, ahora no, ahora estoy bien, ahora ni siquiera estoy.
—  Mundos divididos
It’s time.

It’s all about time.  Time travel.

Time Baby is worried about Bill.

The portal was supposed to bring knowledge.

The only way to avoid a time paradox is to use a Time Wish.

Time Baby, the future ruler of the world, is the villain.

At an unknown point, the Time Baby was frozen in an antarctic glacier. According to the Northwest Cover-up, the statues at Mt. Rushmore are actually robots to be called into action to fight the infant upon his release.[1]At some point in the distant future, he is freed and wreaks havoc on human civilization, ultimately overpowering all opposition and ascending to global domination  Gravity Falls wiki

What if there’s a resistance?  One that uses stolen tech?  Like the gun on his back?

Bill Cipher is trying to undo something.

And Stanley is helping.

Sentí vértigo cuando supe que me había enamorado de ti, tenía esa sensación que uno tiene cuando sube a una montaña rusa, la sensación de que puedes morir, pero que quieres hacerlo de todas maneras.

I think one of my fave things about Over the Garden Wall is how Wirt develops as an older sibling.  In the very first episode he blames everything on Greg.  How old is Greg?  I figure he’s about five or six.  

Wirt blames the destruction of a the grist mill on Greg instead of realizing he should have been watching him.  When there’s odd noises outside and Greg isn’t seen, when that dog is out chasing Greg, it’s actually the Woodsman who notices and asks Wirt where Greg is.  Wirt responds with a shrug.  He doesn’t get up to look; he doesn’t act concerned.  Wirt genuinely doesn’t seem to care.

And this is shown throughout the series.  He makes sure Greg understands ‘it’s not my frog.’  When they’re nearly hit by a train Wirt looks at Greg and the train but jumps.  He doesn’t try to take Greg with him.  Greg constantly wanders off but Wirt doesn’t notice and doesn’t really go looking.  Greg isn’t Wirt’s problem.  They’re only half brothers.  Wirt makes sure to clarify this when introducing them at the tavern.

Greg is a problem.  But he’s not Wirt’s.  

Towards the end of the series Wirt gives up.  He loses hope that they’ll ever find home and tells Greg that he doesn’t care what Greg does.  Greg can go do whatever he wants; it’s not his problem and he’s tired of being looked to as the leader.  He’s done.

It’s only after Greg sacrifices himself that Wirt finally shows some concern.  We’re shown Greg’s dream, him ascending and 'moving on’.  But we’re not shown Wirt’s.  We’re not shown what happens when the Beast claims you.  What happened?  What went through his mind that caused him to finally realize that he is the older child and it’s time to start acting like it?

At the end, Wirt names the frog.  He offers the name of somebody he felt jealous of; somebody who was constantly on his mind and who he saw as the root of his problems back home.  It’s not in a mocking way, though.  Wirt is offering it as a way of showing he’s moved on.  He’s ready to start being the older brother.  But now it’s too late.  Greg is gone and Wirt has realized everything too late.  It takes Beatrice, another older sibling, to snap Wirt out of it and try to break Greg free.

Wirt’s briefly willing to accept the Beast’s deal.  He’s willing to sacrifice himself for Greg.  When he refuses the Beast’s offer his reasons are that he doesn’t want to wander through the woods for the rest of his life.  We still see that bit of selfishness.  It’s still there.  But it’s different.  He realizes the Beast isn’t trying to help him.  Or his brother.

When he hands the lantern to the Woodsman he says he has his own problems.  Greg is his responsibility and he sees that now.  Greg is his torch to bear.  Greg is the light that brought him out of 'the darkness’.

Wirt, for the first time, refers to Greg as his brother.  Wirt and his brother are going home.

When Wirt comes to in the river he grabs Greg and swims to the surface.  Swimming in freezing water, not to mention with a cape to drag you down?  That alone isn’t easy.  Carrying a 5 year old on your back at the same time?  Damn near impossible.  But Wirt manages.

When Wirt wakes up one of the first things on his mind is 'where’s Greg?’

Wirt’s growth as a character and as an older sibling is really cool.  We’re given a teenager who’s too preoccupied with himself and the problems he’s going through and we watch him grow past that.  We find an older brother that will protect his brother.