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he-was-my-master  asked:

Hi! Your Ahsoka costume is amazing! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial?

Hi! Thank you for the compliment! Unfortunately, it’d take about 30 different tutorials to explain all the different methods I used to make the costume; I’m always open to specific questions, though! This does seem like a good time to sort of highlight the details or offer a couple insights into my build process, though, if that is something people might be interested in:

The Montral/Lekku: They are a latex cast. I made these by making a hard foam sculpture which I then covered the entire surface in clay to smooth out and refine. I cast the clay sculpture in Ultracal 30, making a three piece mold, then, after cleaning out the clay, poured liquid latex into said mold and sloshed it around for about three coats on three separate days before opening it up and letting it dry. I filled the tails with squishy expanding foam, and painted the surface by airbrushing with latex paints. The tutorial I used to figure out how to mold and cast a latex headpiece is here:

The headband: Made from the same fabrics as the vest, with a greeblie on the forehead I made from aluminum.

The bodypaint: All done by airbrush. I use Temptu brand alcohol paints. I accomplished the facial markings by literally sticking painter’s tape to my face where they belonged, spraying orange, contouring, taking the stickers off, using a negative outline of the stickers to essentially mask off my face and only expose the markings, then airbrushing those white.

The armscye print: The “Ahsoka Untold” costume has lots of really intricate details and prints. This print was very particular. Looking at the reference, I recreated/drafted the print in Adobe Illustrator by hand, then had the fabric custom-printed by Spoonflower. I also made my own red piping and gold bias for the trims.

The vest/pants: I’m convinced the front closure on the vest is supposed to be a silver exposed metal zipper, so that’s what I went with. The greeblie on the vest was made from sintra. The vest I made with corset construction; no boning, but several layers of canvas is encased between the lining and face fabric, with particular seaming for structure and strength, because I think her vest looks very sturdy. The fabric I chose for the outside is a non-stretch microsuede. For the pants, I went with my favorite: a stretch twill with about 6% spandex. The bottom portion of the pants are a non-stretch vinyl pleather; not my favorite.

Left vambrace: It’s nothing special close up. Just brightly painted buttons out of sintra.

Right vambrace: The art on her right vambrace is a photoshopped/altered version of the very famous piece Wave Off Kanagawa. I photoshopped the original piece to match the character sheet version, and had it printed on a vinyl wall sticker (so it had some stretch) and wrapped it around a sintra bracer. I have no clue what the little greeblie on her right hip is supposed to be, but I literally made it out of sintra, a cut up deoderant canister, and doo-dads I found in the shop. The straps are made from real leather. 

The lightsabers: Made by Solo’s Hold. The only thing on the costume I didn’t make from scratch. They are perfection.

Left leg: Ahsoka has a pair of macrobinoculars on her right leg. I made them out of sintra and PVC pipe; that’s it. The straps are made from real leather.

The boots: I sewed Ahsoka’s boot covers from scratch out of real leather (yay, industrial sewing machines). I don’t know why, but she has this monkey painted on her left boot. I accomplished this by taping a sheet of painter’s tape to a cutting board, traced on the image, cut it out with an exacto knife, stuck the negative to the side of the boot, and spray painted it on (the same method I used for masking my face off for airbrushing the tattoos, actually). I don’t have a close up picture of the other boot, but Ahsoka has a vibroknife holstered there. I made the knife from sintra and the holster from leather as well.

Meg’s April Photoshoot Highlights

Boudoir Tracer 

Photos by Darshelle Stevens

VKS (feat. Jessica Nigri) 

Photos with Jessica by Darshelle Stevens (Photo of Meg solo edited by Darshelle)

Cowboy BeBop (feat. Ryan Haywood)

Photos by Martin Wong


Photos by NGO Photography

Neo-Queen Serenity

Photos by Martin Wong

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Here’s a big, belated compilation post on something recent I’ve finished in the past month!!! If you’ve been following my instagram then you already know about my love for Yona of the Dawn, and that I’ve finally gotten off my ass and pulled through on making Yona and Lili cosplays with @nana-cai!! It was a total team effort here to make these fancy illustration cover art designs come to life (with additional help from @tomyo on the flower petal appliqué on Yona’s inner robe) It took us about a week and a half of constant crunching but it was so worth it!!

The underdresses were made from peachskin and chiffon, and the chiffon skirts were airbrushed with a hint of color for that beautiful ombre effect. Our skirts are so full that theres no need for petticoats underneath, and there was no horsehair added to the hems. 

The little accessories (Yona’s earrings and Lili’s hairpin) were made with Terraflex, beads, and tassels. The tassels were treated with a mixture of water and modge podge to prevent tangling with our wigs, both of which are from Arda.

It feels so good to have another cosplay I can wear with Nana, since the last time we cosplayed together were for our ARIA cosplays back in 2012/2014. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing these dresses out to an actual con with her, and not just to a local festival!! 

 Yona // An Lili // 2017


WE DON’T WIN HERE, WE ONLY JJ!! (Yurio is @dynolove and Yuuri is @novavandorwolf )

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