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Random Shin Kyoto Hen spam!

After all, I cannot bring myself to hate it. Every time you retell a story it turns out to be different. 

The animation was beautiful… That new sparkling kind, nothing like the other two Rurouni Kenshin OVAs. Those who ‘recreated’ the story also had to put a lot of though to it. They had to leave a lot of things out, but in my opinion, they did a good job there.

Whatever was wrong, I’ll just forgive it, because actually… I quite liked the OVA.

Now I’ll wait for subs… There were lots of things I still couldn’t understand. Maybe then my opinion will change.


I’m super excited to finally see the next RuroKen live action this Saturday!!

This totally has been done already, hasn’t it. (Reference to Ember Island Players ep in A:TLA)

Imaginary Interview with Watsuki-sensei
  • Me: Good evening, Watsuki-sensei! You must be pretty busy this year, thank you for answering our questions!
  • Watsuki-sensei: My pleasure, really.
  • Me: It is widely known fact that you strongly disliked TV-series Rurouni Kenshin at first and that second OVA was not to your taste at all. Could you tell us about your opinion on the third OVA Shin Kyoto Hen? Was it that bad?
  • Watsuki-sensei: I would say, wait till you see the movie.
  • Me: Well, commercial success of the third OVA might lead to the TV-series based on the legendary Jinchuu arc from manga which was never properly animated. Would you like to see that happening?
  • Watsuki-sensei: That would definetly make me more rich, ahem, I meant it would be challenging task but with so many talented scriptwriters out there...
  • Me: New manga Cinema Edition is based on ideas which were rejected by the team working on the movie. Does it mean that Cinema Edition is a trash bin?
  • Watsuki-sensei: What? I mean, of course ideas in the Cinema Edition wouldn't work for the serious production but for the second-rated manga-magazine... I mean, we're talking here about entirely different medias!
  • Me: Manga Chapter Zero will be you fifth take on the first chapter of Rurouni Kenshin. Do you think we could expect another 2 or 3 takes this time next year?
  • Watsuki-sensei: That depends on the movie success. If Japanese fans buy all the Blu-Ray disks with Shin Kyoto Hen to burn it, who knows, we might get another reboot!
  • Me: And by the "reboot" you meant what exactly?
  • Watsuki-sensei: Something entirely unrelated to what you thought.
  • Me: That's what I thought. Well, thank you very much, sensei! I hope we'll be happy with the upcoming movie, could we take another interview from you after the premiere?
  • Watsuki-sensei: I don't think so I'll be really far away from Japan. As far away as possible, I think...
  • Me: Wait, sensei! Don't leave us! Where are you going, sensei!..