ruroken week

Day 1 | Rurouni Kenshin Week | Prompt: Lesson or Technique

My subject: Yahiko Myojin

He watched the back of Kenshin and Sano when he was growing up.
He took their principles and lived on what is good.

and as shown in the future,
He grew up to be a man who protects the weak and A man of his word.

  • yeah this was all I could draw today ^_^“
    dunno how to actually illustrate the prompt..but oh well XD

  • I think Yahiko learnt so Many lessons.
One more thing...

Of all the scenes I want to see for Jinchuu (and honestly I should have posted this for Ruroken Week) but this is the panel I want to see more than anything.


Well because the one thing I really love about Kenshin is how much control he has over himself and most situations he is put in.  But here…he just punches Enishi in the face.  He was literally close enough and got through Enishi’s guard to knock out some teeth and instead of going for the blow to incapacitate him and end this madness he does something completely selfish and angry and brutal and punches him.

I love it.


Ruroken Week 2015: Jinchuu

Day 5 | Trust/Betrayal

Tell me everything that happened

Tell me everything you saw

They had lights inside their eyes

They had lights inside their eyes

Dead Hearts - Stars 

[continued in this set.]


Rurouni Kenshin Week

Day 2 | Friendship or Family: Yukishiro Siblings

“She was the only thing I had left! You made my own life pointless because you took her from me! I have nothing! Who am I to protect now!? All I have left is this burning hatred and anger!