Cas raised his eyes from the lore he was studying and looked at you who were standing unsure in the entrance to the room he was in. He knew what was coming and pretended not to notice you as he looked back at the book. But now his lips were curved into little smile. 

He heard footsteps and felt you getting closer. All the words were blurred to him right now as he waited for…

Cas’ here you go’Um…what..what are you reading?’ you cleared your throat.

Castiel looked up but quickly focused his eyes back on the book to hide his amused smile.

Dean and Sam asked me to check something for them about ghouls’ 

‘Oh. Oh! So you are busy? Obviously you are busy. There is so many things going on’ you said on one breath ’You know what? Um…forget that I was here ok? It was an illusion or something but not me’ you clicked your fingers and flinched internally.’I’ll be gone’ you started walking away

Y/N’ Cas’ voice stopped you on your way ‘Is everything alright?’ 

‘Peachy!’ you said with higher voice making Cas smile wider.

That’s good’ the angel nodded at you and “returned” to reading. You bit your fingernail and didn’t move another step just kept looking at him ‘Is there anything you want to ask me?’ Cas raised his eyebrow.

Could you…I mean you obviously don’t have to…’

‘Y/N…’ the angel stood up and approached you

‘I don’t want to bother you…It’s just I’ve been thinking of course if you are alright with it!‘ you kept rambling

Y/N…’ it seemed like you didn’t hear him. 

‘Don’t feel pressured anyway ok? You can always say no…’

‘Y/N!’ Cas raised his voice but you could hear him laughing at the same time. You finally looked at him and pursued your lips. ‘What is it?’ he held your hands

You mumbled something under your nose.

I’m sorry but I couldn’t quite decipher what you said’ Cas squeezed your palms.

You sighed and looked down. ‘Could you take me to Japan? It’s April and cherry blossom.’ 

You looked back at Cas when you heard his soft laugh. He kissed you quickly. ‘You know I can and I would love to. It’s one of the most beautiful things to see’ 

You smiled at him and he pulled you closer. ‘What escapes my comprehending is why are you so shy about it everytime?’ 

‘It’s just… I don’t want you to feel used.’ you put your hands behind his neck.

I told you…’ Cas started but you interrupted him with a kiss.

I know. I can’t help it though.’ you replied. The angel only shook his head.

Ready?’ he asked and his heart flutter when he saw your smile and exciting sparkles in your eyes. You nodded quickly. Cas leaned down and kissed you once again before making your wish come true.

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