rural zone

Actually, as far as Starbound goes, what I really want is urban planets

like, not post-apoc/abandoned like the Toxic and Scorched ones

actual living cities a la Outpost / a la Star Wars

a city that covers the entire planet would be about right for the scale on which this game operates

it could have the police demanding you keep your weapons sheathed when in public and bandits attacking you in back alleys and hoverbike highways and rural zones with farmhouses along the road and fields in the distance

and you probably would not be allowed to use the matter manipulator ANYWHERE like in the Hylotl settlements but maybe you could get into the underground maintenance tunnels to disable the blocks and fuck shit up anyway

sewer adventures that aren’t pointless abandoned sewers in the middle of nowhere

ACTUAL SUPERMARKETS HOLY SHIT GUYS CAN YOU IMAGINE (unlocked postgame coz yes I understand the point of the resource scarcity as a gameplay mechanic)

I want to see the signs that this universe is alive and inhabited. That I didn’t just save the Outpost and a handful of lonely villages scattered across the universe. I want to see something like Earth, multi-racial settlements with high tech and flying vehicles making my hoverbike look like a duct-taped Zhiguli

I want to visit the planets belonging fully to one species. I want to visit the Floran homeland full of hunters and arenas and danger, the Apex homeland where I’ll probably not be welcome unless I have lots of sweet foreigner money to spend, the Avian homeland that I expect to be as culturally progressive as the Avian mission with the adorable large priest dude indicated

goddammit in this playthrough I have yet to encounter any human settlements at all??? like there are lonely houses and the travellers and the Outpost and the ships and the bandits and is that fucking it???

show me the life in this universe. not just the fucknowhere planets with abandoned mines and ruined buildings, but the actual urban centers teeming with life

maybe they just aren’t there in the sector of the universe I’m in. maybe I’ll have to take teleports to them. I JUST WANT TO SEE THEM I JUST WANT TO SEE THAT CIVILIZATION IS ALRIGHT AND EXISTS

I want to see the fucking fabrics that produce weapons I can find and/or buy
I want to see spaceship assembly plants
or at least places where they could plausibly be

this game just does not feel like a post-apocalyptic scavenging society. not with the ships, not with the space stations. it IMPLIES that civilization is somewhere out there. FUCKING WHERE

Il est plus que probable qu'à la rentrée je commence à animer un groupe de parole pour les filles du collège où je travaille et je veux faire ça bien du coup j'ai besoin de vous : entre 11 et 15 ans, quels sujets auriez vous aimé aborder ? Quel était les topics dont, avec le recul, vous auriez eu besoin de discuter ? En tant que jeunes adultes, qu'est-ce qui vous fait tiquer quand vous repensez à vos années collège, genre ‘si j'avais su’ ? Qu'est-ce vous voudriez dire à votre vous de 13 piges ?

Le groupe existe déjà, la surveillante qui l'a monté arrête de travailler dans l'établissement et c'est elle qui est venue me proposer de reprendre l'aventure parce qu'elle trouve que j'ai un bon feeling avec les adolescentes et un discours positif / dans la lignée de ce qu'elle faisait. Elle m'a expliqué que les filles parlaient souvent du rapport au corps, des règles, des relations entre elles, de la transition assez brutale entre primaire et collège mais aussi beaucoup de sexisme ordinaire et de la façon dont les garçons peuvent les traiter, de l'objectification, des remarques, de la misogynie cachée dans les propos de leurs enseignantes et de leurs mères… Elle m'a aussi parlé du fait qu'elle essayait de ne pas être hétéronormative dans ses discussions mais qu'en tant que femme hétérosexuelle, elle ne se sentait pas forcément qualifiée pour parler de ces sujets. Il faut noter que c'est un collège en zone rurale, dans un coin de France loin de tout, assez old-school et que la représentation lgbt+ irl est absolument inexistante, du coup je me dis que se dépatouiller avec un coming out, ou même de simples questions, à cet âge là et dans un endroit pareil, c'est compliqué et que je peux peut-être apporter une valeur ajoutée et que vos pistes peuvent aussi m'aiguiller sur certains sujets auquel je n'aurais pas forcément pensé parce que toutes les expériences sont uniques. Bref, thoughts ?

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There is no way they're staying in that house for long - not with how bad their wi-fi is. That was literally one of the reasons they named to move from the old place!

it’s so odd, you’d think if they moved they would’ve checked the availability of fast speed internet, thats just dumb.

by the way, remember when i said they should have a house in the middle of a forest and someone was like “but theres bad internet in rural zones” and i was like they rich they gonna buy their own satelite… im glad i got to that joke before them.


New garden with some stuff starting to die back. Some of my bees are showing a unique pattern, I’m not sure which hive. A lot of emptied beds were covered with squash vines, which started pulling down the corn. Salvaged sod and perennials that started out in sad shape have made a great comeback. A lot of the plants around the big stone looked dead and had rotten stems that had to be cut back nearly to the soil line. The daisies in the fourth to the last photo were also thrown out from the greenhouse at work and were labeled as annuals. I figured they’d reseed and planted them anyways and they surprised my by combining back from dry stems and according to the internet they’re perennials.

September, 2016.

The reason it makes me so mad when the leftists of Tumblr talk about an armed revolution is because they all refuse to acknowledge that the world is bigger than the United States.   It’s so easy to think about an armed revolution when you’re sitting behind a computer reading theory, while you ignore the history of countries like mine that have been living under an armed conflict for more than 50 years, which has left more than 6 million of victims.  Y’all ignore that the police and the army are not the same everywhere, especially in third world countries.  Here in Colombia aproximately 80% of the army and the police are men, a big part of them are black and indigenous, and they all come from very poor parts of the country, especially rural zones, which are zones where the presence of the State is almost inexistent, education is precarious and in some parts there isn’t a complete access to water.  The war of the guerrillas and the army here is not a war of peasants against middle class white supremasist police departments, this is a war of peasants against peasants, people without opportunities killing other people without opportunities.  When you study the conflict in countries like Colombia, you realize that, for example, an old woman you meet in a zone affected by the violence, has a son that is guerrillero (from the leftist revolution) and another one that is a paramilitar (the extreme right wings).  That’s a really common thing to happen, because when poverty is your biggest enemy,  ideology doesn’t fucking matter, you’ll just try to survive in a position or in another. Leftist guerrillas emerged out of a necessity of peasants for surviving in the rural side of Colombia, it was also an inevitable result of a war between the political elites of the country.  Of course, the result of that can not be good, 6 million of innocent victims (who by the way have been, again, peasants, indigenous tribes and black communities of the pacific) isn’t something to be proud of, it is not a natural thing that has to happen in order to achieve justice, it is a tragedy, a tragedy that doesn’t have to happen again and the fact that you, sitting behind a computer, are encouraging young people to do that again is so irresponsible and ignorant.  When you’re living an internal war, democracy is an urgency, it is the only way.   So please think about how the United States of America are not the center of the world before you make universal statements about how “every revolution should be”.