rural wales


Great Brtiain; Urquhart Castle, Allerford, Cambridge, Llanrwst, Castle Combe, Manchester, Bath., Ilam, Edinburgh, Eilean Donan Castle

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Great Britain: Caernarfon, Castle Combe, Chawton, Cambridge, Isle Of Skye, Bath, Lynmouth, Pendragon Castle, Oxford, Crawley

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pistyll rhaeadr ▴ llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant, powys, wales

the waterfall falls 240 ft (73 m) in three stages. it is one of the seven wonders of wales. its name means ‘spring of the waterfall’.


Great Britain - Brighton, Branscombe, Erlestoke, Cambridge, Conwy, Luss, Wells, Urquhart castle, Bibury, Braughing

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anonymous asked:

could you briefly tell us about ur time in wales? why did you go, what did you do there, where did you live and work? it sounds like a dream

oh god i wish i could do anything briefly but its not in my nature, but! the 411

four years ago i was a wreck, i would hide all the time, under beds, at the back of libraries, in unused staircases
i dont want to do into specifics but i was in a bad situation
one day i was threatened with being kicked out and just… left

i didnt take anything but the clothes on my back and a few coins,
i went to the library and brought some internet time then this little weedling did the wildest thing i could imagine,
i messaged my father,
for context this was wild because i was a babe when he left, i had memories of meeting him all of twice as a child, i didnt know where he lived, i didnt even know my siblings names, i had always been under the impression that i would never meet them, the image i held in my head of my father was a curly haired 22 year old boy

turns out he’d been living in rural wales, the kind of place surrounded by woodland and farmland, where the local pub used jugs instead of pumps, where people secretively left pies on our doorstep at night, where every person went to church,
my dads church (he’s a preacher)
in comparison i was a child of terrace houses and !noise!

and so he drove 400 miles to me and took me back with him,
everything surprised me, i fell in love with my siblings, my dad and stepmum, i fell in love with wales, with the open countryside, with the calm and with the soft warmth this family enveloped me in

in the first weeks i cried every day and walked for hours with my dad, telling him who i was and learning his compassion, he did some big apologies and we learnt to love each other
i also inevitably lost many things

i worked as a chamber maid, a waitress and as a gardener for the national trust in surrounding seaside towns

this is an oddly vulnerable story to tell but i cant think of an other way to tell it and i am proud of small holly