rural urbex


The Pension

This sweet little pension had once been really nice. Unfortunately, their inhabitants left the beautiful building. It must have been sudden and surprised. After a while homeless people must be drafted, because all drawers were open and a small “sleeping area” was set up. The mold hangs on the ceilings and walls, the water runs in unhindered. Too bad that this small hotel is abandoned today. I would like to know what happened here, that its inhabitants disappear so quickly.


The pyramid crypt

This strange place was one of the strangest Lost places I’ve ever been to. My father showed it to me. He happened to pass by here a few years ago while walking. 

Unfortunately, I could not figure out who had this strange memorial built. The tombs and coffins inside are empty and there are no inscriptions. The building is weathered and it seems as if no one had been here for a long time. 

Nearby is a medieval castle. But why should anyone who lived in this castle built a pyramid. A funny feeling in the middle of the cold, dark, german forests to find a pyramid.


The sanatorium

This impressive building quickly passed me as I sat in the car. But it seemed to me like an eternity. Of course, I had to explore the complex immediately. I was told that this wonderful house must already be very old and accommodated various uses. At first it had been conceived as a hospital, later it was converted into an institution for the mentally ill. The façade crumbled, and the long corridors were empty. I almost felt as if there was a man standing behind every corner. Luckily this area is far away and vandals and other destructive people have not yet found their way here. Even the beautiful entrance window is still intact and gives the house a deserted beauty!



The castles are very important to the people of Bavaria and therefore they are regularly repaired and maintained. But this is different, perhaps because it is a villa. However, through Gothic architecture, it seems more like a castle. 

I was on an urbex tour with my cancer-sick friend, because she absolutely wanted to go on a tour with me. It was a creepy yet romantic mood to look at this old garden, which is slowly becoming more and more wilder. For both of us it was a moving moment!


The mountain lake

On a very famous Bavarian lake there is this beautiful island. In a small rowboat we drove past and dumbly passed the smooth water. A little further you find an old memorial. There, an old ship sank many hundreds of years ago, killing a lot of people. A small red cross on the steep wall shows this place. For a long time I thought of this dark and deserted place.


The Mill

A lot of times I walked by this old mill and I was looking for people who could tell me something about it. Unfortunately I could not find anything. Nevertheless, I looked at it closer and was very enthusiastic about the great specialist parts and the once so rich façade. When I looked around there, I had a strange feeling all the time, as if someone was still living there. That’s why I did not stay long, just took pictures and left nothing behind!