rural sky


Sunset Over Magdalena Mountain, Central New Mexico by Colleen Gino

“Colour Pockets”

A small storm cloud passed by as the sun started to set creating the orange patch of cloud trails on the left. It was interesting watching it, as it seemed to stay in one spot, but had a trail of turbulent vapors moving the opposite direction the other clouds were moving, which kind of gave the illusion that it was moving with them. (upon further inspection I found it’s mostly stationary)
I made this time stack by combining 269 photos into one image.

Where Stars Dance

He took me on a drive
Through rural Tennessee.
When I’d ask where we were going
He simply said, “you’ll see.”

We drove along the country roads
Until the night drew near.
At nine o'clock he stopped the car
And said, “look, love, we’re here.”

We sat in the back of his pick-up truck
And munched on Chick-fil-A.
I didn’t mean to fall asleep
But it seems I did anyway.

He woke me with a gentle nudge
And pointed to the sky.
“The stars are beautiful,” I said,
But then I blinked my eyes.

The stars were dancing!
An incredible guise;
Peacefully we sat and gazed
At summer fireflies.