rural ruins


When exploring off the beaten path, its important to watch where you’re going - lest you fall into A PORTAL TO HELL!!! 

Or maybe its just a creepy old water well. 

This old well has been hidden in the woods in Collin County, Texas for a looooong time. How long? Long enough for a large Hackberry tree to sprout from a seed and grow to maturity at the edge of it. There are no signs of a house or barn (or ruins of same) nearby, which is kind of odd. Usually water wells in this part of the country are found fairly close to livestock or people shelters …. otherwise you wouldn’t need the water. Its in a fairly heavily wooded area too.

I kept an eye open for that creepy long haired girl from The Ring to come crawling out of the dark depths… but, thankfully, she never did.

That’s some @sixpenceee shit :)


The Foneswood Hell House

This house was in my mom’s family from the late 1800s until about a decade ago when my aunt Karen sold the land. The house has always had a (rightly) bad reputation b/c of the numerous tragedies, hauntings that followed, and overall bad atmosphere. I can attest to this, as I spent a large portion of my childhood in the house. The body count that I know of is 4:
1) distant ancestor who blew his brains out in upstairs bedroom
2) infant died of disease
3) relative died of old age inside
4) the worst one, my aunt Karen’s husband mortally wounded by her lover in the kitchen, after the husband has attempted to barge in and shoot both of them

Edit: also my brother and his first wife moved into the house after they got married, and she went pretty damn crazy and started mutilating herself soon after


Northern Lights Aurora - Dunluce Castle - Northern Ireland by Gareth Wray
Via Flickr:
Dunluce Castle, Bushmills, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK