rural people of india

Underappreciated characters: Capheus from Sense8
  • seriously?? Why does nobody talk about him?? he’s such a beautiful person like wow.
  • he’s poor, has almost nothing, lives in a place filled with violence 
  • he does everything he can for his sick mother
  • he’s so freakin compassionate 
  • and brave
  • willing to do anything for the ones he loves
  • the way he smiles in amazement when he see’s things that other people in the cluster are experiencing? 
  • he smiles in joy and wonder because he’s never had the privilege to experience things like this??
  • when he was so happy while looking at clouds?? “RIleyyy!! You’re flying!!”
  • when he drank the english tea oh my god 
  • and he’s freakin adorable and hilarious 
  • he’s honestly so genuine and grateful and puts others before himself
  • It’s so so inspiring to see the way he makes the most of his situation
  • how many people living like that can walk out of their door every single day and say:
  • “Today is going to be a great day”

who needs feminism:

  • the women in southeast asia who’re considered property of their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons
  • the women who have acid splashed on their faces for daring to disobey these men
  • the women who keep quiet about abuse because they’re supposed to accept it, and it’s so normalized that no one will bat an eye
  • the women who can’t get a divorce because they’ll be stigmatized and isolated for it with no chance of remarriage
  • the women who’re forced to abort their baby because it’s a girl
  • the women who’re forced to marry a man they don’t like because if they don’t they’ll suffer bodily harm and their family might be a victim of violence too
  • the women who’re forced to fight for their right to education
  • the women who’re constantly told their value is defined by how fair their appearance and how submissive they are
  • the women who’re frowned upon for choosing to follow a career and not marriage and kids
  • the women who’re driven to suicide in the aftermath of rape because no one will listen to them and justice will not be served

who doesn’t need feminism:

  • the girl who wears booty shorts and a tank top to school and then complains about over-sexualization of minors
  • the girl who posts “kill all men” and then shirtless pictures of some random dude from a random tv show
  • the girl who drinks from a male tears cup and trivializes men’s problems
  • the girl who thinks she’s entitled to special treatment because she’s a woman

the world is not america and if you want feminism and equality then focus on the people outside the usa as well not just your first world problems