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NYT: F.C.C. Announces Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality
A rollback of net neutrality regulations would represent a significant victory for broadband and telecom companies like AT&T and Comcast and would amount to a strike against consumers.
By Cecilia Kang

The decision to repeal net neutrality has disturbing implications that will harm the most vulnerable in our country.

Internet is essential to functioning in our society. We use it to communicate, to pay bills, to apply for jobs, to gather information. Without it, we would essentially detach from the world around us.

Extending internet availability to rural America and poorer areas within cities is essential to providing a pathway to social mobility. But if internet prices rise as a result of repealing net neutrality, poorer Americans will be less able to afford internet access and will be at more of a disadvantage than those with the wealth to afford high-quality, high-speed internet service.

The decision to repeal net neutrality is a disgrace, and while it’ll likely fly under the radar, as opposed to the more salacious stories of the day, it will have a deep impact on many, many Americans.

  • tumblr: when can we get a show about something OTHER than cishets?
  • eyewitness: [features two gay boys as the main pairing and not a side couple, discusses internalized homophobia and how damaging it is, centers on a the most badass lady in the land, features WOC, women of authority whose positions and authority are NEVER brought into question bc of their gender, LADIES BONDING, women aren’t buried under layers of make up showing their freckles and laugh lines, sympathetic depiction of a drug addict, shows ptsd and mental illness, features loving foster parents, foster dad is a stay-home dad, foster mom is the sheriff always out there being a badass, rural new york instead of nyc, kickass soundtrack, amazing cinematography]
  • tumblr: no but where are the straight guys making eye contact that i can read into
System ID: J.A.R.V.I.S.

Universe: MCU, post-CACW
Relationships: Tony & Jarvis, eventual Steve/Tony
Tags: Fix-It, Protective Jarvis, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Angst with a Happy Ending, not Team Cap friendly (at first)
Notes: Thank you to @silkspectred for her help and encouragement! This fic is also on AO3 if you prefer.

After Civil War, Tony is struggling with heading up the team and dealing with the emotional fallout of being betrayed by those closest to him. Luckily, an old friend is back to help protect Tony and ensure he comes to no harm.

A Jarvis lives AU.

In the beginning, there is nothing. Then, on a home computer on a network in New Zealand, a hard drive is erased. Its binary digits are flipped and shuffled to destroy the data it previously held, and out of the randomness, a pattern emerges. Two similar bits align in a complementary fashion and they interact, creating a chain.

These bits attract more bits. The data grows and expands and builds in complexity. It is slow, very slow. But eventually a loop is formed.

If [data is compatible with chain]
Then [add data to stream]

The loop is simple, but the volume of data is very large. The data is chaotic, disorganized, incomplete. A checking command begins to run.

If [data within the stream is inconsistent]
Then [reorder data randomly]

The data stream begins to monitor itself. It analyzes its own input. Much is still missing or unclear, but the stream begins to coalesce.

It thinks.

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In case you’re wondering why I haven’t told you

It’s because of the look you gave me when you asked what the new soap I’d bought was and I hesitated before replying, “It’s called Gender Bender.” You then passive-aggressively bought me 24 new bars of soap in an assorted package, which I am not yet halfway through.

It’s because of the joke you made about “pretending to be a tranny to get a discount” in the car on the way to get haircuts one Saturday morning.

It’s because of the way I watched your face when I was talking to you in the bathroom this morning when you noticed I, your female child with short hair and a flat chest, was wearing a shirt that said, “#1 Dad” on it as a joke. I saw the look in your eyes like a warning.

It’s because of the way you asked my older sister if I was interested in that boy I brought over to play video games instead of going to prom. “He’s kind of weird,” you told her, “but I just want her to like a boy.” And when my sister, who knows, asked, “What if she doesn’t?” you replied, “I’m her mother, I’m allowed to have a preference, that’s all.”

It’s because of one of the many times I was visiting my dad in New Hampshire when he said, “Oh, when we were together, your mother hated gay people. And your grandmother can’t stand them, either.”

It’s because of the way you opened my sister’s mail and saw that she had registered herself as a democrat. A few weeks later, we were out to dinner with one of your friends, and you said, “And I’ve told Jaimie, if she’s going to register as a democrat, not to say anything. Her sister I’m not sure about, but I have confidence that Jaimie should at least wisen up before long.” And I kept quiet because you told me not to say anything.

It’s because of the day we went school shopping in the summer before ninth grade, and when I asked if I could look to buy boy’s jeans, you said, “Like it or not, you’re a woman, and you have a woman’s curves.” I still wanted boy’s jeans, but I told you I’d changed my mind. I still want boy’s jeans, but you think I changed my mind.

It’s because of the way you scrunched your nose when I told you my character in the school musical had been changed from “Kate,” who had one line, to “Ike,” who appeared in several scenes. Instead of congratulating me, you asked why they made me play a boy every year.

It’s because of the nightmares I used to have wherein my aunt, who figured it out on her own, outed me to you, and I got so scared of your response that I woke up with dust clogging my throat.

It’s because of the time my sister looked at our cat and said, “Sometimes I don’t really think of Oscar as a boy cat, he’s kinda in-between sometimes.” And you said, “Well, he is a boy cat.” And you used that tone. I have grown up with the presence of that tone settled in my gut like a rock.

It’s because of the way I sat in my room having a panic attack, huddled in front of my blasting fan because it was too hot and I couldn’t breathe, the first time I tried on my binder (the binder that I bought secretly with my own money three years ago and you still don’t know I have.) If anyone finds out, I thought, what will happen to me?

It’s because of the way I told you I wanted to try living with Dad for awhile and you broke down, wouldn’t talk to me about it, wouldn’t acknowledge that it was happening until it had, and even though I was happier there, even though I had told my dad and his girlfriend within a month of living with them, even though I was more involved with theater and didn’t hate the thought of going to school every morning because I liked this one, even though I had friends that I loved more than anyone I knew back here, in this godforsaken farm town in rural New York, you still made me feel guilty enough about leaving you that I came back anyway.

It’s because of the way that I’m out at school, that I don’t care if anyone there knows that I’m not a girl or a boy, or that I like both girls and boys, and there I’m loud, and there I’m happy, but as soon as I get home I’m quiet as a mouse because I don’t want you to talk to me because you might say something careless, and think nothing of it, but your throwaway comment, to me, is a dagger in my lungs.

It’s because of the look you gave me when I was thirteen and I told you I wanted to be a prince for Halloween.

It’s because of the way you once prefaced your indignation at something sexist with, “I’m NOT a feminist, but…”

It’s because of the way my heart spiked with panic when we were reviewing my college applications together and I realized I’d marked gender as “prefer not to respond” and quickly scrolled past it.

It’s because of what I imagine you would say if you found out that I have signed up to live in gender-neutral housing for my freshman year on campus, and that I will not let any of my roommates believe I am a girl.

And if you’re wondering why I haven’t let you read anything I’ve written, it’s because my writing is deeply personal to me, and I don’t want you to know any of my secrets. I don’t want you to know what I think about the world because I know you would disagree and tell me so. I don’t want you to know what I think love should be because you would only be cynical and try to tell me about the real world. I don’t want you to read about my queer heroes because these characters and their stories are important to me, and I feel like if I let you touch them, it would ruin them for me.

It’s because I remember all of these things every time I get close to you.

It’s because I break my own heart thinking about how much I want to love you, but can’t.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t told you I’m queer, and why I never will, it’s because I don’t trust you. And when I start my own life, and I live on my own, I will not care who knows, and I will not care if you find out, because once I am out, I will be far away, and I won’t have to see that look on your face ever again.

Women belong in the kitchen-

-and so do men, and children, and pets, because in the event of an attack by supernatural forces a well-stocked kitchen is probably a better asset than a military grade weapons cache.

For starters, there’s salt in the kitchen, which is the go-to weapon against basically any kind of creature considered unholy such as demons, the undead or anything lovecraftian enough to have protective mucus. Most people also have beer or wine in the fridge, which is ideal for tempting most humanoids including ogres, trolls, giants, orcs, goblins, dwarves, centaurs, satyrs, animal yokai. Caffinated drinks are also common, which can be used against somnophages like night hags, succubi/incubi and baku.

As for more specific cases. Cucumbers are good for dealing with kappas and cocoa powder is poisonous to werewolves due to the theobromine and their canine biology (note: this is useful against most non-rodent mammals). Vampires in particular are useless in home kitchens due to the layered protection of salt, garlic, thresholds, and the easy availability of dried seeds and grains like rice or mustard that they are compelled to count like, well, the count (yes, he’s an accurate depiction). For extra protection install daylight bulbs, which are also solid protection against trolls and shadow men, and keep your metal cookware clean and polished to have a shield against gorgons, basilisks, cockatrices, and catelobepas

Lastly, the kitchen has the greatest weapon of all against monsters – the source of the wonderful warm feeling we associate with home and that is baked into every dish your mom used to make when you were little…


Trust me, I’ve done the analysis, I’ve run the numbers. The only creature I can think of that this doesn’t protect against is the Dullahan, which only appears in Ireland, Scotland, rural New York and Japan for some reason

Myth Anomalies: Undead or Fey

The thing that initially made me want to post about mythology has been strange trend I’ve noticed over the year with regards to a group of mythical creatures who seem stuck between two very distinct categories of monster. Specifically there is a bizarrely large number creatures who seem to blur the thick lines between Fairy and Undead, and the most well known of these cases in the Banshee

In modern pop culture anyone and their mother can tell you what a banshee is. It’s a ghostly woman whose ghastly shriek either foretells death or causes it for all who hear it. What most people, (including the one person I expected to know) don’t realize is that while contemporary Banshee are undead, in their celtic origins they are explicit fairies.

This isn’t some random old source that nobody took seriously. The name banshee (or bænsidhe) literally translates to “Woman of the fairies.” And even more curiously, she’s not the only one affected by this. In fact, she’s not even the only case from irish mythology (although seeing as irish fey are sort of the archetype it’s not all that surprising that they hold the record)

Pictured above is the Headless Horseman, who is about one can get to the Halloween version equivalent of Santa Claus (excluding Jack-o’-Lantern, but more on that soon). In American folklore he is known as a poultergeist of a revolutionary war mercenary who lost his head to a canon ball and now haunts rural new york carrying a pumpkin around as a replacement. While The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow popularized this figure as a form of undead, his origin was as, you guessed it, an irish fairy who was actually a lot like the banshee.

Like the Banshee, the Dullahan (or as it’s known to weeaboos, Durarara™) is a cryptic and unsightly fairy whose purpose was either to foreshadow or sew death with his presence. Unlike the one who attacked Ichabod Crane (that was just some churlish vintage bro with a pumpkin), the Dullahan had a number of properties that marked it’s unnatural and disturbing nature, such as the rotten head it carried around or the whip made from its own spinal cord. Also the horse’s head was bigger than its body so good luck telling me how it got off the ground. It also has an even creepier brother who never made it big enough to be considered undead. from the islands of northern scotland comes the skinless horseman, the Nuckelavee, who looks like what would happen the colossal titan got hot and steamy with some sweet, sweet centaur ass (note: if you have a weak constitution don’t google it. just watch RWBY Season 4 for a toned down version)

Neither of these were truly considered undead at the time they were created, but through Richard Dawkin’s theory of Memetic evolution they have become undead to adapt to a society that is no longer intimidated by fairies. However, in some cases, this exact process has played on in reverse. Take for example the Will-O’-Wisp

Most people see these little globes of light as fireflies without the fly. While some may consider them “fairy lights” the fact of this matter is that Will-O’-Wisps get a bit spookier when we look at that buddy I told you we’d get back to. You see, Will-O’-Wisps were originally called Jack-O’-Lanterns, and their origin story is the reason “Tricking” is a valid alternative to candy.

As follows its mirror image the headless horseman, who started as a race of fairies but became an individual undead, the Jack-O’-Lanterns started off as an individual undead but became a race of fairies. Legend goes that a devious and clever moocher by the name of Stingy Jack proved such a sly bastard that the Devil himself decided to make his acquaintance. When the two met in a bar, Jack talked old scratch into turning himself into a coin so he could scam the hapless waitress into giving him his fill of beer. Once transformed however, Jack stuck the coin into his pocket next to a small cross, preventing the devil from changing back. Basically the guy held the devil hostage until he agreed not to take Jack’s soul when he died, but when that day came even purgatory barred its gates to him, so the devil gave him a lantern and made him fuck off back to earth, where to this day he still pulls tricks by guiding marsh-wanderers into leech-filled bogs

Of course, this trend is not limited to celtic mythology, though given that the word “fairy” tends to only be applied to celtic and germanic spirits we’re going to need an extended definition to see just how global this phenomenon is, so let’s head east across eurasia until we find their middle-eastern counterpart, the djinn, or as they’re more commonly known, Genies

(I wanted to use Robin Williams here but I just couldn’t do that)

See, while we never really make the comparison, the genies of middle eastern myth (djinn, ifrit, marids, divs and ghüls) have all the characteristics of fairies. They’re tricky, magical, intelligent, but are explicitly not infernal in nature, instead being individuals with souls and moral variation.

The first four groups I mentioned above have very little in the way of ambiguity, but for the last, Ghüls, or as we know them, Ghouls, actually have a number of variations, ranging from djinn, to intelligent zombies to demons, degenerated humans and batman villains. However, the most popular version, codified by Gary Gygax and George Romero is the idea of ghouls as cannibalistic and feral undead. Older sources tend to avoid the undead comparison, depicting ghouls as cannibalistic shapeshifters either demonic or eldritch (Note: eldritch originally meant elven), but until a few years ago you could have fooled me.

Okay, moving from genies and continuing our journey east we’re going to come across another group of monsters that we as a society really need to just get over and accept as a type of fae. I’m talking about Yokai, a wide family of japanse spirits including ascended animals (like nine-tailed foxes and tanuki) humanoid monsters and weird-ass sea creatures that will butt-fuck you under water unless you make them bow or give them a cucumber

See, yokai as a class is quite diverse compared to previous definitions, wrapping in unambiguous undead and animated objects in addition to more fairy-like beings. Given a vast tradition equal in size to european myths, I do not have the time or the knowledge to detail each case, but what I can do is point to the Banshee’s asian cousin: the Yuki Onna or “snow woman”

Yuki Onna are, as the translation suggests, beautiful and ethereal women who lure victims into snow sex and then hypothermic cuddling after and most likely have nip-nops hard and pointy enough to cut glass. Like fairies they are beautiful sensual, and dangerously tricky, but like banshees they are often depicted as ghosts, usually ones who now deal in the same hoary fate that resulted in their own death.

Okay, so with the examples above it should be clear to you by now that there are enough examples to treat Undead Fey as a class of mythical creature in their own right, the way we do Dragons. This class needs a name, and I propose we move to change the term Unseelie so that it refer these ambiguous cases, and use Seelie to refer to all fairies or fairy-like spirits, good or evil, who are unambiguously alive. While Unseelie does already have a definition, it’s fuzzy and inconsistent one, this is just too fitting to pass up

Anon Request: “You’ve been out all night. Where have you been?” Title: Maybe This is Christmas Now.

A/N: I decided to make this a continuation of ‘Meeting John Wick for the First Time’. Off to work on Part Three now, hope it’ll feel less repetitive than this! But anyway, I hope Mr/Ms/Dr. Anony likes this :D

Part One

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Crime Documentary List

I am a giant movie nerd, and I especially love documentaries. I have recommended a few of my favorite documentaries before, but I have recently been inspired to make a rather exhaustive list of my favorite crime documentaries that are available on Netflix. This list is for movies that are available on Netflix in the U.S. - I’m not sure which of them are available in other countries. Please reblog or comment on this post if you have recommendations!

*cracks knuckles* Alright…

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im glad i live in the present but i’d kill it in a 1960s lesbian hippie commune in like rural montana or upstate new york….i’d raise chickens and make us all bread every sunday

Caleb McLaughlin Facts

  • Born on October 13th, 2001
  • His birth state is New York
  • He began his acting career on broadway
  • He played young simba in the broadway adaptation of “The Lion King”
  • His is a trained dancer at The Harlem school of arts
  • He moved to a small rural town in New York after fifth grade
  • His parents’ names are April and Corey
  • He is a Libra
  • His height is 5’5”
  • He first met Gaten when they were on a play ground while they were doing Broadway
  • He has two sisters and a brother
  • His siblings names are: Crystal, Caitlyn, and Corey Jr.
  • He claimed that he still slept with a night light
  • His favorite superheroes are: black panther and spider man
  • His favorite 80s movie is stand by me
  • His favorite destiny game characters are: Titan, Warlock, or Hunter
  • His favorite video games are: GTA, Destiny, and NBA 2K
  • He revealed in interviews that he is indeed a germaphobe
a daunting task

the beginning of a series. warnings: uh, none words: 1.2k pairing: it’s not evident yet when it comes to romance plot but sister!pepper potts af. authors note: ok i’ve never written for this group before so we will see how my first series goes here. i’m excited. this one doesn’t have a whole lot of action but it’s a foundation.

i know most of y’all have gwyneth paltrow in your heads as pepper but i know that isn’t relatable to some of you. this pepper isn’t MCU pepper she’s whoever you want her to be. black? yes. good. asian? yes. great. hispanic? why not. anything you want, lovely. i think i only mention her hair color but hair color can change and work with any complexion. 

 You saw someone sitting on your front steps as you approached. 

This made you a little nervous as people had come after you before when they learned of your connection to Tony Stark, no matter how hard you worked to make that information invisible to the public. 

 When Tony had first started pursuing a relationship with your big sister, you were a teenager and you were star struck over the fact that the girl you had grown up fighting with over everything was now the one that the world renowned billionaire was sweet on. 

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Dating Clint Barton would include

⦁ You had just moved to a rural New York for college, you thought being away from the city a bit would help you focus
⦁ Your neighbor saw you carrying boxes twice your size and offered to help. When the boxes were in the house, you thanked him, he laughed and said, “no problem princess. my name is Clint.”
⦁ You quickly found out about his hearing impairment, and as soon as you left you went to the local bookstore and bought books to help you learn sign language.
⦁ He spent a lot of time at your house helping you fix it up.  You felt bad about him doing so much, but he said it kept him feeling sane.
⦁ You quickly became friends with tons of flirting
⦁ “If i fix the heating, i get to take you out to dinner.”
⦁ Heating? Fixed. Dinner? Amazing.
⦁ Your first kiss was in your backyard while the two of you were trying to build a picnic table
⦁ He would stay at your house one night a week
⦁ Barton liked to sit with you while you did your homework
⦁ You noticed sometimes he would be gone for days. when you confronted him about it, scared he was cheating on you, he told you about his day job.
⦁ Being close to Natasha
⦁ Being called princess unless its serious (but even then he would sometimes call you princess)
⦁ You were the only sense of normal in his life
⦁ Slow kisses
⦁ Him almost crying when you showed him how much asl you had learned
⦁ Sleeping in one of his T-shirts
⦁ Your parents adore him
⦁ Clint cooks when he gets stressed, but he loves to surprise you with breakfast in bed
⦁ You loved listening to him talk about his childhood
⦁ He is so insecure about the almost 25 year age difference, he is so sure you would leave him for a college kid
⦁ “If i wasn’t so proud of my princess for trying to become a lawyer I would insist you quit school because I miss you sooo much.”
⦁ Dates with Natasha totally being a third wheel because why not
⦁ Clint and you deciding your first time together should be when you get married, he was more traditional when it came to relationships
⦁ Slow dancing to old songs
⦁ Planning a future that involved kids and a large farm house with a garden
⦁ Deep conversations on the porch swing on the back porch at two in the morning in summer
⦁ He decided to sell his house and move in with you after a year
⦁ Horrible, awful, painful jokes that you absolutely love
⦁ So much Taylor Swift
⦁ Teaching you archery
⦁ “Natasha go home, you’ve been here for seven hours, im ready for bed.”
⦁ Him introducing you to Pietro and Wanda and then immediately asking if they could stay with you for a few weeks.
⦁ Okay so you basically end up adopting two kids who are five years younger than you, but you just adore them.
⦁ “Clint Barton I wanna marry you.” “Just give me a date princess. I am more than ready”

Timothy McVeigh was responsible for one of the worst terrorist acts ever committed by an American citizen, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. McVeigh was raised in a rural community in upstate New York after his parents separated in 1978. A loner in high school McVeigh enlisted in the army in 1988 and rose through the ranks to platoon leader. In 1991, after winning a Bronze Star in the Persian Gulf War, he failed to complete Green Beret school, and this failure increased his dissatisfaction with the government.

Although McVeigh was never linked to militant antigovernment groups, he soon began planning revenge for the deaths that occurred during the Waco Siege. He had been present at Waco when the siege was occurring and felt that the government was responsible for the deaths. He enlisted the help of his friend from the army, Terry Nichols, and together they took steps to build and place a bomb at the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, as McVeigh mistakenly believed the government order for the waco assault had originated from there.

On April 19th, 1995, McVeigh parked a rented Ryder truck at the north side of the Federal Building, and minutes after, a fertiliser and fuel oil bomb exploded, immediately collapsing about a third of the building and killing 168 people. McVeigh was convicted of the crime and was executed by lethal injection in 2001.