rural fashion


Rural Witches

The second type of warlock. They live in the wild places, among their beloved trees, plants and animals, whom they have as friends and allies. They spread out in the rural towns and villages all over the world. They usually are the doctors, the forest rangers or the medicine men of the area, and people usually ask for their advices and sometimes even their divinitation services.


Konstantin Makovsky (1839—1915, Russia)

Boyar paintings

Makovsky was an influential Russian painter, affiliated with the Peredvizhniki school of Realism. While some of his work reacts against the Academy, he found success in the Salon alongside other Academic painters, and his work can be seen as perhaps related to the French movement of Academic Naturalism. Many of his historical paintings showed an idealised, Romantic view of Russian life of prior centuries, with a particular focus on Boyar people and culture. He was also a popular and prolific portrait painter.

“I think we can pick these apples, Killua.”

“Great! I also found a spot maybe we could bake something with these?”

“Sure. I will teach you how to make apple pie!”

old drawing that I fixed yesterday. this was a fem!kirugon au I planned last year in which killua goes on vacation with her family to whale island, a sort of resort village/forest place, and rent a cottage for their stay. there she meets gon, daughter of the owner of the cottage and learns about nature, homemade cooking and crafts with her. it’s basically just cute stories of killua’s vacation with gon because I need fluff in my life. right now.