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(the stardew valley au for critical role that no one asked for, but i wrote anyways, bc i’m a sucker for found family / healing narratives, and because the idea of percy and cass learning to love each other and themselves, whilst working a farm and making friends with the locals, was too good to pass up. will i write more of this? who knows.)


Cassandra was the one driving when they finally arrived. In the passenger seat beside her, Percy was curled up, sleeping shallow and fitful – seatbelt off, knees drawn up to his chest, eyes rolling under the thin, bruised skin of his eyelids. The faint, green glow of the truck’s dials made the pale skin and sharp angles of his face look sickly, threw the purple of his newly-acquired scars into sharp, unpleasant relief.

Outside the truck, now the engine was off, it was eerily silent, and oppressively hot without the air conditioning running. Used to the steady traffic noises of the city, and the relative chill of Maine, mid-spring rural Alabama was alien in every possible way. She could remember vacationing here as a young child, but that was years ago, distant enough that she had only had hazy memories of a quaint farmhouse, overgrown fields, running through grass well above head-height in a muddied sundress as Julius called after her in alarm.

The farmhouse she’d parked behind looked significantly more dilapidated than the one from her memories. Parts of the roof were bowing in, and there were weeds growing through the cracks between the stones. The fields looked much the same, though the darkness and the unfamiliar sounds of nighttime animals added a layer of unknown menace to them.

Or perhaps, she thought, that was just her. She’d never been afraid of the dark as a child, after all, but now…

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Master List of My Jemily Fics (Updated)


What Makes a Home
Summary: JJ and Emily talk about their first date at a Katy Perry concert and other memories with Penelope.

The Disposition of Emily Prentiss
Summary: When JJ spots a beautiful brunette in a bar she employees Derek and Penelope to help her win over her new crush.

Piccino Merlo
Summary: Emily is undercover as Lauren Reynolds and meets a seductive blonde arms dealer

Change Your Mind (Drabble)
Summary: JJ and Emily wager their first ‘wife bet’

The Mutt (Drabble)
Summary: JJ rescues a dog from traffic and begs Emily to keep her.

Breakfast (Drabble)
Summary: Emily finds her hands full of a certain toddler

Love is an Open Door (Drabble)
Summary: Henry helps Emily on a secret mission

Nine Years (and Three Days) (Drabble)
Summary: Emily and Jj have been celebrating their anniversary on the wrong day

Gravity (Drabble)
Summary: JJ comes home to a very drunk, very miserable, Emily

You Picked Me (Drabble)
Summary: Emily has a hard time expressing how she feels and the team comes over for Thanksgiving

Imagine Me and You (Drabble)
Summary: JJ sees Emily with a baby and gets to wondering

Breathe (Drabble)
Summary: Emily comes ot the rescue when Henry is sick with a cold

I and Love and You (Drabble)
Summary: Emily gets wedding day jitters

Mother’s Day (Drabble)
Summary: Henry helps Emily prepare a Mother’s Day surprise

Dreams Do Come True (Drabble)
Summary: Emily takes JJ and Henry to Disneyworld for their first family vacation

London Calling (Drabble)
Summary: JJ makes a rash decision and calls Emily in a panic

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Drabble Collection)
Summary: How each member of the team found out JJ and Emily were dating

300 (Crack!fic / Drabble)
Summary: The 300th episode of Criminal Minds finds Emily and JJ in a precarious situation.

The One Where JJ Reads Fic (Crack!fic/ drabble)
Summary: AU where the team is on a reality show about the BAU


Speak Now
Summary: Rossi and Hotch take bets on which drunken member of their team will make the biggest fool of themselves at JJ and Will’s wedding. However, they are surprised when the least likely person stands to object in the middle of the ceremony.

As It Seems
Summary: JJ is falling apart and desperately wishes she had someone to talk to.

Come Around to Me
Summary: Emily plans to leave for London as JJ plans for her future

The Secret Life of Lauren Reynolds
Summary: JJ finds Emily’s passport under her alias, Lauren Reynolds

{Text} Blackbird.
Summary: A series of text messages between JJ and Emily exploring their feelings for each other


Summary: After the plane crashes on the way home from the case the team must ban together to survive

The Five Horsemen of the Silent Chasm
Summary: An in depth look at JJ’s PTSD after her minor break down in The Forever People. (This story has 2 ending options)

Into the Light of the Cold, Black Night
Summary: An alternate ending to 200

Summary: Emily gets Penelope’s phone call in “Lauren” and comes home

Save Tonight
Summary: JJ finally gets the courage to tell Emily how she feels but is she too late?

1000 Times
Summary: JJ visits Emily in London, hoping to pick up where they left off

Summary: JJ finally breaks down about her abduction

Ashes and Wine
Summary: Emily’s emotional insecurities threaten to tear her relationship with JJ apart

I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Summary: JJ tries to piece her life together after a crushing personal loss

Hotel Celiing (Drabble)
Summary: It should have been their six month anniversary


Luck of the Irish
Summary: An alternate version of Lauren

The Call
Summary: Emily gets a call from Spencer and becomes worried about JJ’s well being


Unsubs and Handcuffs
Summary: JJ finds herself at the whim of her captor after being bound and gagged.

Coming Home
Summary: When Emily returns in It Takes a Village JJ has a hard time restraining herself.

Take it Slow
Summary: JJ is nervous about her first time with Emily

First Orgasm
Summary: Jemily enjoy a quickie in the car


Pandora’s Box
Summary: After a drunken confession JJ and Emily take their relationship to the next level


Summary: When Emily finds out Will has become abusive she helps JJ get out of the situation safely. 

Words Left Unsaid
Summary: When Emily’s sister arrives in DC she is faced with traumatizing news and JJ has to face emotions of her past

To Catch an Unsub (WIP)
Summary: Emily and JJ go under cover in a rural Alabama town to catch an unsub.

It Was Always You
Summary: As JJ prepares to leave for her new position at the Pentagon, Emily makes a huge confession which changes everything.

THINGS YOU SAID (Drabble Collection)

Things You Said When You Were Crying
Things You Said Under the Stars
Things You Said Over the Phone
Things You Said With Too Many Miles Between Us
Things You Said When You Thought I Was Asleep
Things You Said When We Were On Top of the World
Things You Said When I Was Crying
Things You Said When You Were Scared
Things You Said After You Kissed Me
Things You Said That I Wasn’t Meant to Hear
Things You Said Through Your Teeth
Things You Didn’t Say at All

UPDATED: Decmber 25, 2015

The Visions of Sister Gertrude Morgan

Photograph by Michael P. Smith ©The Historic New Orleans Collection

Sister Gertrude Morgan, street evangelist, painter, poet and visionary, created worlds of exuberant joy and unflinching faith using bright acrylics, watercolors, tempera paint, felt tip pen and electric white shoe polish. She painted her vision of New Jerusalem — gardens, high rise apartment buildings, and angels and airplanes, with herself drawn in as the bride of Jesus — on paper, toilet rolls, plastic pitchers, scrap wood, lampshades, Styrofoam trays, wedding dresses and guitar cases. 

From “God’s Greatest Hits.”

New Jerusalem Court, Gloryland St.

New Jerusalem Rose Garden Court

House of Worship

The Angel John Saw

Born in 1900 as the seventh child of a rural Alabama farmer, Sister Gertrude moved to New Orleans in 1939, after hearing a voice from God telling her to spread her gospel through art and sound in the “headquarters of sin.”

Sister Gertrude with Allan Jaffe, a young Ben Jaffe and Sandra Jaffe. Photo by Lee Friedlander. Courtesy Preservation Hall Foundation.

Sister Gertrude Morgan using a megaphone and a tapper to assist in her service in the Prayer Room of the Everlasting Gospel Mission”, 1973, Collection New Orleans Museum of Art

In 1970, Preservation Hall captured a 50-minute recording of Sister Gertrude singing gospel songs in a Prayer Room of the Everlasting Gospel Mission, accompanied only by her stomping foot and a shaking tambourine. They are 14 songs of inflated spirit and deep, abiding faith. Though Sister Gertrude’s paintings achieved wide acclaim in her lifetime, her music remained obscure until 2005, when Philadelphia DJ King Britt re-released her album, Let’s Make A Record, with new beats and instrumentation.

For Six of Saturns, our Jazz Fest celebration, we’ll be celebrating Sister Gertrude. Together with Vinyl Me, Please, we’re re-releasing both the original and remixed albums with a collector’s edition double-LP on vinyl. You can get a copy at the King Britt show and after Jazz Fest on the Ace Shop. All proceeds benefitPreservation Hall Foundation

New Jerusalem Lamb and Wife


We Are Soldiers In The Army.

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Ayy good vibes, my school allowed me to wear a tux in my senior portraits yesterday (I live in rural Alabama in a pretty closed-minded community so this is a huge thing) and I feel like a trans pioneer bc I'm the first openly trans kid in my school system

These are some incredible Oregon Trail Pioneer vibes my friend!!! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing such great vibes!

-Ray Maddox

my white 82 year old grandmother was telling me about how she has become friends with a black lady in her exercise class and how much she has learned from being friends with her
growing up in rural alabama and mississippi in the 40s and 50s meant she rarely ever saw anything but racist whites and when she was telling me about her new friend she almost broke down in tears because for almost a century she was told black people were subhuman but this one lady has shown her kindness and unconditional acceptance that she says white people had never given her (she grew up a share cropper) and i am just so blown away by how much this one encounter has changed a lifetime of thinking

my fellow white people do not ever let your family off the hook for being racists because “theyre from another generation” that is absolute bullshit and we owe it to every person of color to speak up and shut that shit down

Backpacking in the Alabama wilderness

This is a creepy encounter experienced by reddit user cmvr2256. Estimated reading time: 10 minutes.

This happened about 6 years ago, as stated I was about 12 and my brother was 26 at the time. My brother had been serving in the U.S. Army for several years when this happened and was deploying to the Middle East on his 2nd deployment if i remember correctly. Also of note was that he is a Green Beret and had recently (3 or 4 months prior to this trip) completed the Army Special Forces Qualification Course (Robin Sage and all that), and by then was an active duty SF Engineer Sergeant. Definitely not someone you’d want to fuck around with.

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How I Survived Growing up Gay in the Bible Belt

In light of the anti-LGBT laws, here’s my essay on growing up gay in the South with the fear of hate crimes. These anti-LGBT laws are opening the door to acceptable hate and intolerance. Children should NOT have to endure the same battles we, the LGBTQ community, faced growing up. They deserve the promise of a better tomorrow. It is up to us to give it to them.

The rock was the size of an egg. It sailed from the little boy’s hand and struck me against the leg. Momentarily stunned, I squinted at the boy.

“Faggot!” he called across the park as he threw another one. People were staring. Sweat beaded my brow. My heartbeat skidded. There I was, twenty-three years old at-the-time, and terrified of my secret being made known. How the little boy knew, I couldn’t tell you. I shook my head and laughed at his absurdity as I forced myself to walk, not run, away. Not drawing attention to myself was the first rule of survival. That’s what I learned growing up gay in the South.

I hail from a small Alabama town on Sand Mountain where the Bible Belt is buckled too tightly for comfort. My childhood consisted of Southern Baptist church service and the overwhelming desire to impress the popular guy in the youth ministry. Elementary school opened the door to bullying. My glasses were stolen, hair pulled, and self-esteem shattered by a 2nd grade substitute who called me a sissy. I didn’t understand what the older kids meant by gay or when they asked if I was a girl. I was always the target in the game of “smear the queer” at recess. The name calling only increased with time, and junior high brought forth the hilarious joke: If you were on a bus full of faggots, would you get off?

Hormones and old copies of Men’s Health made known the fact something was different about me. Scorched in my memory is the teary-eyed reflection of my overweight body, Nick Carter hairstyle, and hands balled into fists. Between punches to the gut, I’d questioned God, but I never received an answer. I was scared. My peers preached fire and brimstone of the homosexual’s demise, and again, I would turn to God. I asked for my sin to be taken away but was left waiting in vain. I began to lose the one thing in which I sought solace—my religion. I had to learn how to survive on my own.

Four years of high school had felt like a death sentence. I was the funny, fat friend, and I became invisible underneath my disguise. I quietly watched as a fellow classmate (and football player) openly admitted to bisexuality, seeing firsthand the hell that ensued. Teachers, coaches, students—they were disgusted. So, farther into the closet I cowered. I hung pictures of bikini-clad women in my locker and pretended to crush on girls out of my league. I forced myself to laugh at the gay jokes at the lunchroom table. I was miserable. But I knew I would be even more so if I didn’t fit in.

When the last bell rang for the day, I could be myself. I watched reruns of Gilmore Girls and daydreamed about the redneck-football-player-heartthrob who would have beaten me to a bloody pulp if he had known. But as always, the guilt would start creeping in. I would reread one of the Harry Potter books to escape from it. Had it not been for J.K. Rowling, I would not have been strong enough to survive my teenage years.

Coming of age in the South warped my perception of the world. The right and wrong of Southern Baptist hypocrisy scared me. The peers I’d sat next in church were the same ones who drunkenly slang homophobic slurs. Even in the most idyllic settings, the fear of hate crimes had loomed over me. Hell, it still does.

When I started college, I let my guard down. I had my first sexual experience in a room full of Crimson Tide memorabilia and was left with more guilt than I could handle. Once I’d gotten into my car to leave, I broke into tears as I prayed, begging with a god who wasn’t listening.

Denial coursed through me as I transferred to Jacksonville State University. I tried to make it work with girls, but my brain could not—would not—go along with it. Between the surefire promise of eternal damnation and the moral values instilled within me, my strength began to wane. I sank into such a deep depression that I wanted to die. And so, I made plans for suicide.

I intended to crash my car. I wanted to burn in a fiery blaze. It felt appropriate given my life had been equally as painful. But I never made it to my car that night. Fate pulled me aside, and I came out of the closet.

Now, at age twenty-seven, I look back on that time of my life in awe. I survived. I still remember what darkness felt like. It serves as a reminder of the strength I had within. I grew stronger, and I’m still growing stronger with each passing day.

I suffered through the pain and came out as one hell of a fighter. While memories of that rural Alabama town and the clouded mentality of the South still haunt me, I know to continue fighting. If growing up gay in the Bible Belt has taught me anything, it’s that my survival relies upon one thing—the ability to survive myself.

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Got anything Modern AU (or modern AU-ish) and long? Not too fussy on the specifics, but I'd prefer something E rated and the longer the better~ Thanks so much for running this blog, it's an amazing resource. <3

  • Beauty Beneath by @r2dameron, 33913 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Perhaps it was the cockiness that Dameron bled, or the look of complete and utter distress in his friend’s eyes, but Hux could not hold back the lie that bubbled up in his throat. “You know Ben, he’s a disaster when it comes to planning in advance,” Hux laughed lightly, dropping his hand to entwine his fingers in Ben’s. “I’m Hux, his boyfriend.”
  • Anyone But You by @zamwesell​, 14881 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux has always had a plan for his life. It’s going well. He’s following in his father’s footsteps with the College Republicans and writing for the prestigious “First Order” campus conservative magazine with his new friend Dopheld Mitaka. Until he meets Mitaka’s roommate, Kylo Ren – who is everything he shouldn’t want.
  • Honeycomb by @bettydays​, 47932 words, E, Graphic depictions of violence.
    In which Kylo is a very hard up college student, and Hux is just looking for a bit of fun. Or so he thinks.
  • Hotline Bling by @minzimpression​,  36882 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux wants a dick pic from his recent hook-up. Unfortunately, he texts the wrong number.
  • Scattered Silver at Your Feetby @mothdustmouth, 17502 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux gets set up with a blind date. Too bad the kid is not his type at all.  (Hux might just be lying to himself about what his type really is).
  • Swords and Slippers by @crackedverbosity, 36082 words, WIP, M, No archive warnings.
    Brendol Hux is not used to sharing his space with anyone for any reason, least of all some barbaric swordsman who walks around shirtless and barefoot, swinging dangerous weapons. With the local dojo flooded and temporarily unusable, the owner of one of the largest dance studios in the area offers to share its space with the displaced students. It’s hatred and misunderstanding at first sight until an error in Hux’s judgment forces the two into a situation neither could have anticipated.
  • Reconditioning by @jinxedambitions, 72265 words, WIP, E, Creator chose not to warn.
    Ben Solo is one of the FBI’s most promising young agents. While he’s had a few disciplinary hiccups, he’s intelligent and not afraid to do what needs to be done. The FBI is looking to take down one of the country’s most elusive prostitution rings, specializing in the types of sex that Ben’s boss has only read about in the novel his wife hides under the bed. Ben is going undercover as a “slave” in order to gather information on the ring’s leaders, purchasing a premium package from the agency.
  • In Real Life by @unicornsandbutane, 34751 words, WIP, E, No archive warnings.
    It’s kind-of an astounding coincidence that Hux’s favourite camguy lives in the same city as he does, but that’s what the P.O. box address in the bio of “Kylo (29)”, indicates. Even in a city like Los Angeles, containing some four million people, it’s hard to believe.
  • .tv/FirstOrder by @ezlebe, 31313 words, Series, T, No archive warnings.
    Ren moves to a new apartment building after a mishap in his kitchen. He doesn’t expect his next door neighbor to be someone he knows. Hux doesn’t think anyone more frustrating than his streaming partner could exist. He might be wrong. (Twitch streamer AU)
  • The Eldritch Effect by @creepycreepyspacewizard, 33815 words, WIP, E, No archive warnings.
    For the last three years Major Donal A. Hux, formerly of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment, and Kylo Ren, estranged son of US Defence Secretary Leia Organa, have been tooling around North America investigating “weirdness”- and they’re plenty weird themselves. Their latest tip off is leading them towards a haunting in rural Alabama. But first they need to make a stop in Trinity, South Carolina…