I noticed you guys enjoyed the comparison of my oldest and newest drawings, hence I decided to show you works that illustrate my progress the best.

Above you can see a comparison of 2002/2003 Harry Potter related drawings and one from 2011 -  it shows the way I’ve gone through to get to the point where I am now - or rather I already was in 2011. Wasn’t easy, wasn’t quick, but was an undeniable pleasure.

How did it start? My story is pretty silly. I had always been very keen on drawing. My parents used to draw very well, too. But their skills didn’t make me encouraged to take drawing up seriously.
But in 2002 I met a girl who was quite talented, I liked the drawings which she showed me. I remember the angel and the set of tiny sketches that explain the moves of galloping horses. I was impressed and slightly jealous: therefore I decided to learn to draw like her. And I started practising.
The first portraits [Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings fan arts] weren’t very good, but I was determined to improve.

I didn’t have any doubt that I can do it - it sounds like stubbornness and too high self-confidence, but it wasn’t like that. Especially the latter one. Whatever it was, it helped me to improve my skills. The progress was slow, but visible. This is how I draw now:

The thing is, never give up! Don’t doubt in yourself, don’t doubt that you can achieve the higher level of skills, even if it doesn’t go well at the beginning. My progress took 13 years of aching neck, burning eyes, long hours, patience, regularity and devotion [not to mention hundreds of pencils and sheets of paper xD], but it might take you fewer years! Yes, you can do it, only if you truly want it and are prepared to practice a lot!


teddygron asked:

I have no idea what to think of Rupert's new project, see I'm French and Dany Boon is.. well he's really famous here and he's done a few hit movies but I don't know.. I don't like him that much, I hope he won't fuck it up with Rupert and that the movie will be great. In the article they don't say who will write the script (I hope it won't be Dany to be honest^^) Also, if we get to hear Rupert speaking French I might die of happiness ♥

Well, I have never heard of him. But I hope as well he (Dany Boon) won’t fuck it up. I’m so looking forward to see him (Rupert Grint) in another comedy movie. And if he speaks French, I’ll die of happiness with you. Haha. We will see!

So yesterday my drama teacher casually mentioned that she wORKED ON THE FREAKIN HARRY POTTER FILMS! She was wardrobe assistant for chamber of secrets and prisoner of azkaban. And obviously we all start screaming asking her who she met and what it was like, and she said one of the funniest thing was in the 2nd movie when Dan, Emma and Rupert are all like 12, and Dan and Rupert just have normal dressing rooms but Emma brings in a gigantic silver star with her name on it and pins it in her door.