rupert shoots


I can’t breath anymore haha ! Just imagine Lucius said “sorry love” to Harry is …. !!!!

The worst part about this is that I think it’s really cute. :’)

On stage with Rupert Graves and Jonathan Aris

Aaaah so I’m finally home after our coach got stranded in Ghent because of the strike in Calais yesterday, but it did gave me extra time to write everything down.

Okay let’s start with saying I was very scared to go to this con and meet Rupert himself. I thought Rupert would never have met a cosplayer before. I had a feeling the other actors might, but Rupert? He doesn’t do many events ao I figured this would be his first convention. There aren’t that many Lestrade cosplayers out there, so I was genuinely scared he would be uncomfortable or weird him out with the idea of someone attempting to look like him. 

I met him twice on the first day, although both meetings were very casual. Day two was when it got interesting:

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