rupert grint cat


The truth is Ed isn’t real. My name is Rupert Grint. After Potter, all I wanted to do was stretch myself, create some real magic, so I created a character. He’d have the voice of an angel, impossibly wispy facial hair, so I bought a guitar and a bunch of flannel and I called him Ed, Ed Sheeran. Such a weird name, right? Not a cool name like Rupert Grint. I just didn’t expect everyone to think he was real. He became my greatest acting achievement and the bane of my existence. I hate cats. All of them. Mine, Taylor’s, f**king allergic to them. I can’t balance it any more. From this day forward Ed is no more.


Rupert DOESN’T like cats. But he isn’t allergic, no.

Thanks to @callieskye​, she found this Wild Target’s interview.

Q: Did you get injured doing those pratfalls?

“No, but the cat in Wild Target ripped me apart! It  was spiteful and we didn’t get on at all. It mellowed throughout the  shoot, but I don’t want to meet it again.” - Rupert Grint.

The houses as cats

The houses as cats:

Griffendor: main coons. Warrior cats. Quite proud of themselves. 35% chance named after powerful Roman. Usually seen sitting on the front gate/ porch. Enjoys laser toys. Usually eats fancy kibble.

Ravenclaw: simese cats. Sleeps in the living room on the fancy sitting chair. Probably potty trained. Named Lucy if girl, sagan if boy. Healthy wet foot.

Slytherin : black cat. Howls for you when you leave but ignores you when home. Brings dead mice home just to eat in front of you. They just kinda show up. Mystical names like Merlin or Salem. Only the best for food.

Hufflepuff: big ol’ organge cats. Talks constantly and purrs so loud everyone can hear. Sleeps in humans arms or on humans lap. 23% chance of a snaggletooth. Even the relative who ‘hates cats’ will cry when you tell them that the cat died. Lives on a diet of kibble mixed with wet food and also table scraps and sometimes cheese. Probably named Pants or Karl.