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happy birthday, harry

for my best friend @books-and-writing on her birthday ––
may all your magical birthday wishes comes true, too.

June 26, 1997. When the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published, unnoticed in some quiet corner of the world, beginning a revolution that would forever change the minds and hearts and lives and souls of many.
Everything I am, I am because of Harry Potter - I would not have made it through without it. So here’s to Harry Potter (the boy who lived) and J.K. Rowling (the queen of our Potterhead hearts). Here’s to our wonderful fandom, that gave birth to a dozen more fandoms. Here’s to days spent re-reading the series over and over, nights spent queuing outside bookstores and theaters, to chat rooms and fanfiction sites, to Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, to Chris Columbus and David Yates and Mike Newell and Alfonso Cuaron, to the editors, producers, publishers, and cast and crew. Here’s to Hogwarts and Pottermore and to Tumblr, where my Potter-loving self will always find home with other Potterheads. Happy 20 years of Harry Potter magic! Here’s to 20 more!