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Mystrade prompt - “Not what you expected, eh?”.

Inspired by all the gifs of Rupert’s tongue I’ve seen over the past few days. For @itsnotaniesha. Cos you’re cool like that. :D

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“He can’t keep doing this, Mycroft! I can’t give him any more cases to work on. It’s the third time he’s stolen evidence!”

“Detective Inspector”, Mycroft tried to interrupt the man shouting and pacing across his office. Gregory flicked his right wrist and waved away the formality. “It’s Greg”, he snapped and continued his rant.

“My team thinks I’m an idiot to bring him back each time. My boss is breathing down my neck because I can’t control him”. Suddenly, the police officer halted in his tracks, put his hands on his waist and glared at Mycroft. “And don’t you dare try to convince me that this is a minor inconvenience! I’ll have his hide when I find him!”. His voice echoed in the tiny office.

“You will do no such thing”, Mycroft ordered in a bored voice as he twirled a pen with his fingers. That last sentence was terribly presumptuous of the DI, but Mycroft would let it slide for now. He’d heard Gregory vent for five whole minutes.  It was rather extravagant by Mycroft’s standards. He was surprised Anthea had not made an appearance yet to drag the man out of his office. Yes, Sherlock had stolen evidence. Yet again. But would he not turn up eventually with the dead woman’s bag and solve the case for the DI? Yes, his team would think Gregory was a gullible goose, but that was hardly important. It was just a matter of gaining leverage over each of them and ensuring their silence. Easily done. Half a day’s work at the most.

“Excuse me?”, Gregory asked, his voice low with anger. 

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Rupert Graves 2017 first half recap as S4 broadcast in Japan celebration post. Hope this looks slightly better quality than the “Happy Birthday" one.
My last post was marked as adult content by Tumblr and it made me upset because I felt like I insulted Rupert. I think this could follow the same path because of swim shorts Rupert (too sexy?) so I’m sad already…

#Silver Fox Saturday!


I love him in leather. So do you, don’t you?

Happy #Silver Fox Saturday!

By the way, this is my second post this year!  Well…just time flew so fast.  And it’s June, the most important month of year for us but I haven’t prepared anything yet and know nothing about birthday events and have just donated today and still trying to catch up with it.  Monkeys…..?