rupert gardner


Man, I love these guys. Even Kelly who makes me a little uncomfortable. I’m going to try really hard to be friends~ even though some of her dialogue is super awkward for me. (Anything like that makes me uncomfortable. I always have to pause the game while initiating romance dialogue, etc.) Then of course Kenneth and Gabby. I was so happy to see them in ME3. They’re fantastic.

One of my favorite parts of Mass Effect 2 is the added crew. They’re not your squad, but they’re apart of the ship. They blend in and I probably wouldn’t even have noticed them too much (except these dudes pictured above) but then the Collectors hit. I just think how I know that guy’s name and have listened to him bicker with Gardner. How that man almost didn’t get to see his daughter again. And those chatty dudes on the way on the bridge. The dudes with the date with the Asari Consort and who lost their brother to the Collectors.
You go from having a populated ship to nothing and you really feel that emptiness.

I always thought that was great.

And Gardner. Man I loved that guy. He was fantastic and made me laugh. Also, I thought his backstory was a really interesting insight into some of the recruits in Cerberus. Sure the crew was supposed to be polarizing by design but I’m sure there’s more like him.

And there’s the thing though. You don’t see Gardner ever again. Was he still in Cerberus? Did he get trapped in TIM’s indoctrination? How many more like him were manipulated into becoming nothing more than another Reaper’s pawn?

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I feel like Mess Sergeant Gardner didn't get enough screentime in the games. Just the way he's written and his position on the Normandy could have led to some great interactions with the squadmates. And running into him in ME 3 could have generated some interesting dialogue about Cerberus and the Reaper war. It's too bad that about the only funny thing that happens with him is when Shepard tries his cooking

Oh I don’t know. I gotta be honest, he always creeped me out a bit. But I’m curious about what happened to him so yes, I would have liked to see him in ME3. He was pro-Cerberus, right? I wonder if he changed his opinion later.