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Thunderstorm, Leipzig, Germany.


Welcome to ikonoTV, Nicolas Rupcich.


No Land in Sight [short documentation video]
Nicolás Rupcich + Felix Leffrank
2 Channels video installation, 15:10 min loop.
@ CYNETART festival, Dresden, Germany.


Error de Formato [Format Error]

A black object blocks the Chilean Patagonian geography.

[Best viewed in a dark room with a big screen or a projection. It’s a slow video, take your time]

In “Error de Formato” the Chilean Patagonian landscapes from the “Torres del Paine National Park” are the main protagonists. As the video develops the images are slowly been deleted. The intervention consists in a “monumental black block" that literally blocks the landscape images. What we finally see is similar to the logic of the “fade to black” transition, the difference here is that not only the two-dimensional image fades to black, but also the topography is gradually covered. 

One of the main ideas in the project is the problem of digital representation, in the context of what some people calls the “post-photography era”, where the images are no longer a representation of reality, but a way of reality itself. The annulation of the geography in the screen is an effort for making a simple visual but symbolically strong intervention that make us aware of the instability of the representational surface. 

Exhibited / screenings:
Ars Electronica Festival @ Central Linz / Linz, Austria / 2014
V_kunst @ Galerie Maurer / Frankfurt, Germany / 2014
Of Landscape @ Reverse / New York, USA / 2014
11th Media Arts Biennale @ National Museum of Fine Arts / Santiago, Chile / 2013


Imagen Exportable
Nicolás Rupcich
Espacio Flor
Santiago, Chile, 2012.

3 videos:
-Díptico Portada de Antofagasta y Torres del Paine, hitos geográficos del paisaje Chileno cubiertos por nubosidad generada en post.
-Fotografia aérea de “Gran Torre Santiago” proyectada con efecto estroboscópico.
Audio: Aphex Twin - Gwely Mernans