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RuPaul Runs the World

“Our culture had to ease up on the hostility on the gender issues,” says Ru. “Obviously, I made it through the ‘90s at first, when Clinton got into office. But towards the late '90s, there was a feeling of hostility, especially after '98. I went on Hollywood Squares in 1999 and I could tell that the audience, even some of the stars on the panel, there was a certain animosity towards me and what I was doing. At that point, I was so exhausted from not just explaining myself, but trying to explain drag and reminding people I am an entertainer, I am not a fucking ambassador to keep reminding you what the difference between a transvestite and a transsexual is…Barbara Walters would interview me, and she knows the answer, but she’d always ask because she thinks she’s doing a service to the people at home who don’t know. Well, fuck those people at home who don’t know! There’s nothing you can do that will bring them up to speed, so stop kowtowing to them. Actually, it’s their choice, really. We want to make programs for smart people. Don’t lower yourself for fuckin’ idiots.

This whole article is worth a read.

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Rich Juzwiak interviews RuPaul about owning “she” and his legacy.

I’m upset they’ve been editing RuPaul's Yiddish out of Drag Race, haha.