1. Oscar dress??? Idk

2. I needed to distract myself. so I drew this yesterday, what seems to be young!Ani?? with a bby face??? And then there’s Ruby and Millzu. Moar to come. With dis i hope u guys can forgive me for my inactivity. ahahahahah

Back then when there was the um “Ask me anything/put an ask in my inbox” trend thingy on tumblr (I remember a lot of you guys reblogged this) I thought of just drawing what Frau thinks of the others rather than her going around asking questions (cause I couldnt think of any)

So here, what she thinks of

Ani: A pretty and cool looking VC. Thinks that she and Noel are “close friends”

Ruby: THe strict Onee-san who tutors her how to be “cute" 

Millzu: One of her few female friends– (she doesnt know mill’s a boy)

Coco: *walking alongside Fay, checking her pockets* —Funny, I’m pretty sure they were here;

Fay: *head turns to her direction* —What is it you’re looking for?

Coco: My mittens. I think I forgot them

Fay: —You’re always this careless and forgetful. *takes off one of his mittens* –Here *gives one to Coco*

Coco: Oh, *didnt expect that, takes it anyway*

Fay: *was hesitating whether he should take the other off—*

Coco: You know what, why don’t we just share, we’ll do it like this– *takes his hand, holds it and puts his and her hands together in her coat’s pocket* We can have our hands stay warm this way! *smiles*



If u want the one without my sig, feel free to note me yeh– 

This is actually an old doodle from back– what, Aug 2012?? (before i found my own hair colouring style and before i managed to fiigure out the right shade of platinum blond e for Frau. and that back then i didnt know how to draw flowy fluttering slight wavy hair so her hair appears completely staright here watevs). It was for Hazardous’ Future event, but the deadline’s passed because i took forever working on it, I just never uploaded it.

And then the with the TRON AU thing, I just thought i should make use of this ??(so i wont have to draw anything from scratch ahahah taking advantage)). so i added the disc thingy in her hand to make it look like it’s Tron related.

Let’s just say she’s one of the Sirens with an alternative design or smthing (one of the 4 programs that helps equip the players with weapons) in Tron, since her clothes are white (her design’s a bit lame but i dont care anymore) but different compared to the one designed in the movie. And then she decides to join in the game and help team Hzds, hence escaping smthing like that ufdh dfhg  

((HAI ! Ruomi here ! I’d like to say thank you for the follows and the follow backs ! Srsly, thank you TT 7 TT nUHhdsuvdfshvudhv dufhv udhvdu

OH and welcome new members ! //may not look like it but i’m one of the oldest members on hzds sudhfufds I JUST PUT UP MY OCs APP LATE IS ALL and maybe a bit inactive back then EXAMS okai sajia//

I really really want to hang, be buddies, and RP with you guys but —-
I’m not so good with chatrooms, crowds (as in being in there with a lot of ppl) tend to make me uhh –nervous. There were several attempts before where I tried to befriend and rp with others, and well – I guess I was a bit boring. so, I’m a bit of a chicken as well? TT 7 TT I’m trying to fix that. —I’m more of a creeper to be exact EHEHHE //breathes on you– //slapped

^ q ^ so you won’t be seeing me in the chatroom. Plus the time zone thing. I live on the other side of the world from where most of you guys are. But I’m a night owl–

So um feel free to add my skype? hashi.ruu or my hotmail if you prefer msn,

BE WARNED ! I like to use caps and spazz a lot and — I can be random sometime?

I will try my best to be more active, catch up with u guys and reply the asks quick as well as creeping on you guys on tumblr!

Looking forward to be bros with you all ! Peace out! > 7 o / ))