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its really the end of the world if black people aren't included in everything

what’s your point lmao………….? 

i’m an immense follower of the design legacy that rei kawakubo has created! i’ve studied her work extensively and her mark on the way i dress day to day is absolutely indelible…… i’ve put energy into buying her pieces and consistently seek out parts of the comme archives because the dressing customs that they’ve formed are meaningful and productive for me as a person.

i think as a fan and a consumer i’m allowed to criticize the fact that there have been probably thousands of runway walks over the course of the last 20+ years and that the team at comme des garçons has decided that not a single one of these ensembles has been deemed “fitting” enough for a black model to grace! like that’s an enormous scope of opportunities they’ve had and the team at comme has decided every single time that a black body is not fitting enough to grace a runway. you can argue the importance of a single “no” they’ve given for one model not being black, or even one show not incorporating black models. when it’s imbued into the entire legacy of a brand, it’s a willful decision and definitely a hateful one at that

the fact that the design and presentation try to undo a typical perception of beauty and normativity and yet they bar black women out of the narrative make it really really nefarious……