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10 Songs I've Been Vibing To

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1. PATRICIA - Rain v. Sunshine

2. HTRK - Body Double

3. Teengirl Fantasy - Lung (Lotic Remix)

4. Kiiara - Intention

5. RIVRS - I’m In Love (With A German Pornstar)

6. Gorillaz - Busted And Blue

7. Emika - Letting Go

8. Evy Jane - Breaking

9. Carmen Villain - Planetarium (Gigi Mason Remix)

10. HTRK x Pageant Runway Soundtrack

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So my post the other day about toe-fucking was a-ok, but a sock pic and selfie is NSFW apparently. Okkkkkkk.

It’s not the “queer the runway” tag either because other posts I have with it are fine.

@staff get your fucking shit together. Honestly.