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stupid concept: project runway in the pokemon world, with valerie as heidi klum and wallace as tim gunn.

  • the designers have to make a contest outfit inspired by a given type. partway through they’re informed that they have to make a pikachu-sized version of their look. cosplay pikachu is the guest judge.
  • design a look for diantha to wear on the red carpet. a good chunk of the episode is wallace and diantha being champion bros.
  • evil team episode. everyone is assigned a team and has to make a couture look based on their uniforms. elite four member malva is the guest judge, no one is sure why.
  • make a “shiny” version of another contestant’s design from the previous episode. at least one designer is like “tacky shinies are my favourite so the colour scheme i’m going for is gonna be tacky, and if the judges hate it then they just don’t get me”. it either wins or gets them sent home, no in between.
  • two looks. one the base form, one “evolved”. someone makes looks that look nothing like each other, and when confronted about it, says “well dragonite looks nothing like dragonair!”
  • at least once a series they have to design for a gym leader. in one series this was valerie, they were terrified.
  • if you have a leavanny on your team you cannot bring it to the competition. no questions, no arguments.
  • vivillon-themed looks.
  • an episode where they have to design for lisia. wallace’s critiques are scathing in this episode because kyogre help him he is not letting them put his niece in ugly clothes.
  • design a look to go in the lumiose boutique. like 90% of the confessional stuff is “oh arceus the guest judge is gonna eat us alive if we fuck this up”.

Tag 10 People You Want to Get to Know Better

I was tagged by the fabulous @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash Thank you bunches 😊💞

Relationship status: Married (but I have lots of boyfriends…David Harbour, Hugh Jackman, Sebastian Stan…hahahahaha 😉)

Favorite color: To wear it’s red, but I love yellow too!

Lipstick or chapstick: I think lipstick is gorgeous but I’m terrible at putting it on so I stick with glosses! Tarte and Fresh make awesome glosses and lip stains!

Three favorite foods: Agreed, only three is hard!!! Haha I love food! Waffles/Panckes, Creme Brulee, and pizza!

Last song you listened to: Havana by Camila Cabello

Last movie you watched: The Last Jedi, loved it, Luke ❤️ ps I still have to see Moana and everything makes me cry haha

Top 3 shows: Another hard one…Parks and Rec, Project Runway and Stranger Things

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