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As usual, a horde of screaming and outrageously dressed Capitolites awaited her later-than-fashionably late arrival to the Victor’s Ball. It wasn’t as if One had snatched the victory this year and gave her a reason to be there on time. “Yes, some of the dresses I’ve seen already are beautiful, but no, none of them are mine. Too busy preparing for the Gazette’s summer runway exclusive.” After what seemed like an endless walk, Briar-Rose successfully made her way inside and immediately snapped for a drink.

“Is there a theme this year?” she asked into the open crowd. “Shame really, when they don’t assign one. This is why we end up with train-wreck color clashes like the ones I’m seeing every which way. Order people, it is necessary.”

Balmain is the most expensive Ready-To-Wear available for purchase on the market. It offers the most exclusive runway and in-between season pieces, which are hard to get unless you work with a Buyer or directly with the house itself. With Balmain, a large part of the allure, aside from the intricate brocade and Swarovski crystal embroidery, is the price, with several pieces priced higher than that of the average car, or a quarter of the mortgage of the average house. The fact that Balmain can charge what they do, is perhaps a testament to the art spawned by the house being exceptional. In Paris, March of 2013, I had an intimate fast ride with a Billionaire who mentioned that he was offered a 25% stake in the company by Alain Hivelin for $25MillionUS, unfortunately he did not believe Balmain to be all it was priced to be. -Allanté Von Cathé

Wes Gordon’s Delicate Balance

Wes Gordon is a designer who thrives on balance. With a collection sporting flower-adorned dresses and bold combat boots, Gordon made Fall/Winter looks that capture the essence of spring. Read what Wes had to say about his eclectic collection after it hit the runway in our exclusive