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Are YOU READY FOR THE MET GALA NEXT WEEK!? What are you excited about, what are you dreading? Share your thoughts, chau wintour!

i am, and im not. i feel as if theres a massive expectation to be held for the met to do really well with this year’s kawakubo-themed gala, and the entirety of kawakubo as a person, and her legacy is so elusive so there’s a lot to keep an eye out for. the gala has been more or less, downers in the past few years so who knows how it’d go this year.

i know that comme will be dressing some attendees, so we have hope for that, and i’d like to see how celebrities, who are more in tune with glamour, will interpret comme and kawakubo’s vision into their own looks. otherwise many attendees have opted for vintage - one of the pieces from their 1997 collection was a sold recently so i imagine seeing that on the red carpet too.

comme in general is not glamour because its more of construction and exploration - but it could be. at first glance it always makes people go ‘what?’, i know the fashion world has accepted it because kawakubo is a legacy in her own right, but i’m more concerned for how people, who aren’t interested in fashion, will perceive it. they’ll probably call it messy, trashy, etc. you name it.

i feel like someone like lady gaga/ katy perry might uh, go a little bit out there but what can you really do. gaga might even do it well, actually. there are a lot of good pieces from the archive/ runway if people really look! there are some collections im excited and hopeful to see being worn: 

fall 2007 - the pastel colours, the cute bunny head pieces, body pieces that have touchy hands? yes!

fall 2009 - poignant and mysterious layers of tulle with coloured hair and veiled-faces with little details? yes!

spring 2012 - arguably one of the best collections by kawakubo, a celebration of life and death using only the colour white. what better way to attract attention on the red carpet than dressing up in a pseudo - duchesse satin of a wedding dress bombarded with flowers. i want someone to turn up in this specifically - go hard or go home.

spring 2013 - crushed brass crown? check! massive platform footwear? check! overlapping, draped, purposely messy toile fabric for a more dramatic look? check!


Undercover Spring Summer 2006.

I was drawn to this for the dark imagery, the round runway, and the candles (the Givenchy AW13 runway show seemed to borrow from this) but really it’s just that the the motif “The Amazing Tale of Zamiang” stands out to me.  I first saw this motif on SuFu user fewgale/newgale:

External image

Zamiang somehow reminds me of Zardoz, that awful Sean Connery sci-fi movie… you know, he figures out the civilized peoples’ ploy to control his savage people when he finally reads the Wizard of Oz (and deciphers “Zardoz”).  But the artwork that reads “The Crowd”… I think it might be from an indie band I saw play in Little Tokyo in 2004 - I had their CD.  It was ridiculously catchy.  I just spent half an hour looking for it but couldn’t find it.  Instead, I found an old CD of a Japanese punk band called Doing Life that I was going to play but the CD/DVD player on my computer is jammed. Fuck.

Anyway, what I’ve been doing is I found a site with a huge archive of runway shows and I’m using a Fusker to download the archives for  from Martin Margiela, Undercover, Raf Simons and Comme Des Garcons. It’s a good night.