The Best Miles to Run

….are those for others…are those with others…..They are FUN!!! 

My business trip to Richmond was cancelled late this week and I knew that I couldn’t wedding crash on Christa & John so I decided to go out to the Portland Marathon this AM and cheer and run along with some of my Tumblr friends and IRL friends!!

I saw Bonnie first at around mile 11.5 and ran almost .75 miles with her.  She was doing great, was all smiles and, other than dealing with a finicky tummy, was ROCKING the race!!!

Just after turning back from Bonnie and heading back to my cheering point at mile 11.5 I found run-doozer-run so after a quick hug and hello I turned around and joined her for another .50 of her race…just long enough to check in on her and see how she was doing and wish her well.  Due to an IT band injury she was only doing the half…but the girl looked AWESOME and it was soooo good to be able to share in just a snippet of her race with her!!

After I left Doozer I ended up finding three (3) other IRL life friends either running or walking that I jogged with, chatted with & shared their experience with!

I decided to head up to where runswithpoodles was spectating to see Bonnie one more time!!  She was stationed at mile 20 and had the BEST sign!!  So many of the runners chuckled, giggled, commented and even had their pix taken by it!!

I just have to tell all of you….

Running a marathon is nuts – its hard work – its a time suck and when you are out there you often wonder what in the hell you were thinking….

But being part of this community of friends that I have found on Tumblr and being both supported by all of you and also supporting and cheering on my fellow friends and runners…

Well, we are a LUCKY and BLESSED group of folks with a bond of community that very few share!!

I was happy, proud and honored to run with and share just a small piece of their races today…

Those were the best 4 miles that I have done all week!!!!


Last night was our local Run for Boston put on by Uberthons.  This organization did a great job of pulling a race together in less than a month…with 100% of the proceeds going to the OneBoston fund to help the victims of the marathon bombings.

First off I want to thank my sorority sisters of Tumblr ( themotherrunner, runswithpoodles & melanieisdoinglife) for coming out and supporting the race and my efforts at public speaking!! You girls are Da Bomb!!

And also a big thank you to my kiddo for hitching a ride out with these crazy kids to come & support my speaking and run with me!

Anyway, last night I was asked to speak at the race start…

I really had no pre-planned speech so I just winged it and from what everyone told me I did pretty good!

This guy however, wrote a speech!!  He also was the FIRST person to finish the 5k last night, blasting past us (kiddo and I) just as we were approaching mile 1 – I am pretty sure he finished around 15 - 17 mins…

It was hot, muggy and sunny but the turnout at the race was great!!

There were all levels of runners from serious & competitive to families with strollers and dads running with kids on their shoulders!!  

They had very cool race medals that were done similar to the Boston Marathon medal – the were $5 extra but the proceeds went to the OneBoston fund!

There were no PR’s for me…not even close…probably one of my slower runs ever (40:22) but it was fun to get out there and be with my friends, daughter and local running community to give back and pay it forward!

it's hotter than hades

OK, got my mandatory weather complaint out of the way. I did more today than I usually do in three days, so I’m going to count it as a rousing success.

I won’t bore you with a CrossFit recap today (but I will say it involved tabata wallballs and sit-ups, ew). After class I got ready and headed to Chelsea to hang out with these lovely ladies.

We ate delicious breakfast, drank coffee, shopped and braved the heat. Fancy snowcones helped a little.

I somehow managed not to buy myself anything (expect tweezers and that hardly counts), but I did get presents for Scott. If you haven’t bought/made your person a surprise in a while, do it. You’ll get a huge smile.

Now I’m going to do some work, which will put today’s “I did stuff!” score over the top.



Wow!!! I have ran one marathon and 5 half marathons so today was a first for me to be on the side of the road and to cheer for those running past me!!

We had an AWESOME Tumblr contingency with myself, @runswithpoodles , @therevickiegoesagain and my kiddo all yelling, waving the cowbell and cheering!!

By far the best two signs were the “I am proud of you complete stranger” and “Your feet are hurting because you are kicking so much ass”.  Though, as the race got past the 4:45 - 5:00 mark we had a LOT of love for the “Do Epic Shit” sign {btw, there is a trademark for Claire on the bottom of it}

There were soooo many strong, tough, determined, fast, exhausted, frustrated and mentally tough people out there today and they were my INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION!!!

So – congratulations to:

  • @melanieisdoinglife!!! You are a MARATHONER NOW!!  Maybe its time to change your blog name to @melanieisamarathoner!!!
  • @high-heels-soccer-shoes for completing your 2nd marathon in 3 months!!!
  • @theboyfriendrunner as well for completing your 2nd marathon also in 3 months!!!

And to all of you in Chicago  ~~  I applaud and congratulate you as well!


Dear Chicago...

you’ll never guess

you know the internet you said i’d meet someday

well i’ve got something to confess

i’ll be in portland, wish i could be there with you

i’ll be cheering from a far 

while watching the portland marathon

i know you’ll all finish like a rockstar

Dear Chicago

have a beer for me, i’ll have a few for you

i hope to meet the portland gals

staringanew, runswithpoodles and bonnie - i’m lookin’ at you…

wow that went off the rails rather quickly…i would like to first apologize to ryan adams for completely butchering one of his songs…but it was funny in my mind and well i’m a little tired right now….anywho ladies - i’ll be in PDX starting friday night with my friend for her marathon….she’ll be running sunday morning and i’ll be drinking a coffee and cheering…if any of you are around :)

Marathon Training stops for nothing....

Not even Christmas!!!

So after a WONDERFUL Christmas morning with my kiddo, my mom and my ex-husband

…that included fresh fruit, coffee, mimosa’s, home made cinnamon coffee cake and a Paleo egg bake…

…I managed to drag my holiday indulgent ass out the door to put in my required 3 miles that were on the schedule today.  Of course, I wore my new Lola Bands that I scored yesterday from @runswithpoodles to compliment my attire!

They were not fast miles…they were not negative split miles…they were just regular old ‘gettin the mileage in’ miles…

Now onto a hot shower and then kiddo and I are going to hit up our Holiday Tradition of a movie on Christmas Day…. Pixar here we come!!!!


Babies & Puppies & Tumblr Friends ~ Oh My!!!

Just a couple more pix to add to my re-blog from earlier from @runswithpoodles

Soooo awesome and amazing to hang out with such strong, vibrant, intelligent and fun women as @poodles & @jogswithstroller!!!

I have met & hung out with @poodles before but today finally culminated in meeting @jogswithstroller and her little guy E…

I have to say that there is something genuinely warming & gratifying in meeting other Tumblrs IRL and affirming the on-line connections.  It can be scary & does sometimes take you out of your comfort zone but I have to say, is SOOOO worthwhile!

Thanks ladies for a fabulous morning!!

runswithpoodles said: Welcome to blood thinners. Did they give you the vitamin K lecture?

We got the lecture plus the Lovenox Welcome Kit had a whole list of Vitamin K foods. We read the list and it looked like our regular grocery shopping list. Broccoli? Check (almost daily). Spinach? Check. The nurse and the pharmacist basically said try to keep the diet exactly the same so we didn’t mess with the existing Vitamin K levels in John’s blood.

John’s diet also includes a gin and tonic about every other night. No changes? Oooohhhh kkkaaayyy. G&T tonight it is!

Pool update...

just called the community pool that we do swim practice in and it is chlorine.

the pool at my gym (same issue there too by the way) is salt (sodium chloride).

yes, i could try the benadryl thing - however as one who doesn’t take meds like ever unless i have a fever and am completely miserable, that is not really the ideal solution for me.

and perhaps yes it could be urine…

4/10's & the BEST bloody mary

Westcoastrunner’s Training Log

Rock and Roll Portland Half Marathon

Day 36 = REST  (THANK GOD!!)


This week I am working 4/10’s at work so for all of you PDX'rs who were complaining about getting up early yesterday,I am out the door after this post (5:12am) to start my shift at 5:30…

I got you beat!! Working 4/10’s makes it hard to post and keep up on Tumblr so my apologies in advance~

But thank GOD for rest days because after back-to-back races this weekend I am beat.  Was in bed by 8:24 last night!!

But, before I go into the crazy work week ahead I wanted to show you the AMAZING bloody mary that I had a breakfast yesterday with @runswithpoodles and her family!

This thing was AMAZING !!! Thank you @poodles for knowing my sweet spot for post race beverages!!

Quote from my kiddo as this showed up at the table:

“Mom, I can’t quite tell…is it a vegetable platter, a meat & cheese platter or an actual drink?”

PDX Tumblr Meet Up ???

Is anyone planning on doing anything tonight while @thisfearlesslife is here ???

Is anyone available?  

I KNOW that I am missing others – anyone else?  Chime in!!

And most importantly – WHERE SHOULD WE MEET UP?!?!?

Hearts, Hugs, Unicorns & Rainbows....

Hey Portland Tumblrs….

Some of us did this one last year – @highheelsoccershoes, @boyfriendrunner, @runswithpoodles, @melanieisdoinglife, @kelzor

Anyone up for it again?!?! 

@runlojorun, @loveslojo, @ekf, @themotherrunner….I absolutely KNOW that I am forgetting people so PLEASE don’t be offended!!!  Just join in!!

  • There are hearts and hugs {from fellow Tumblrs}
  • There is the occasional puking runner {insert Nicole’s story here}
  • There can and SHOULD be post race Bloody Mary’s

…sorry but there won’t really be any unicorns and rainbows!!