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Just in case it did not go through, here was my repy..."I did. It was at New Balance Cool Springs. There is also have a location in Green Hills. They were very helpful. :) Let me know if you can see this because I am trying replies through Disqus. :)" It won't let me repost the link here. :/ Sorry, still trying to figure replies out. I wonder if it's my theme? Gah! I dunno! ;)

Excellent!  I used to wear New Balance all the time, but am currently going through a Brooks phase.  I have wide feet, so finding shoes is always a problem :)  You continue to inspire and good luck at your half this weekend!  You will rock it!

EDIT - I’m such a noob and didn’t really mean to publish this.  But now I can’t undo what has been done.  THANKs TUMBLR!