I’m really saddened to hear that Ed Whitlock has died.

Ed was a Canadian legend and the greatest age-adjusted runner of all time. He got back into running seriously in his sixties. He ran a 2:54:49 marathon at age 73 – the fastest ever by anyone 70+ and just this past fall he ran a 3:56:34 marathon at 85, making him the oldest person to run a sub-4-hour marathon.

He was a fixture of Toronto area races and an inspiration anyone who’s ever thought it was too late to do something amazing.

He’ll be missed in the running community.

Running will be there 7am while he’s on his work shift. The hills and trails will be there when there are no arms to comfort you. The clouds will gaze down upon your most glorious moments when no soul is there to witness them. The trees will never utter anything about your messy braid, no makeup or sweaty shirt. Only love what can love you back unconditionally.
—  Emma Clark

So I went on my first run outside in lowkey forever and it felt so good? Between spring break and the weather getting oddly cold outside, I wasn’t in the mood to run outside and instead would just do indoor workouts but today was around 40 degrees which is actually perfect running weather so I went for it and I’m glad to be back in the running groove🏃🏼‍♀️



Thumbs up for being able to run in shorts and a tank top. It was over 60 degrees today in January in Indiana which is pretty crazy so of course I had to take advantage. My legs were pretty sore and i was planning on it being a more chill run but I somehow cranked out a 7:08 first mile which is insane, but I definitely slowed down a lot after that and took a pretty hefty photo break in the middle. Overall I can’t complain though!


🏃 I just love my strong legs and the fact that they carry me through all of these long and hard runs. I pushed myself today, ran 3.5 km straight and got a new best time 🏃

19.2/40 km in March 

80.8/500 km in 2017