Another morning run done today! This time I went out for 30 minutes at a much mire conservative pace. My legs felt really wobbly and weird, so I didn’t want to push. I felt nearly no chest tightness, but I was a bit breathless like yesterday. It was a super de-stressing run though, and I’m really glad I got in a morning run today. After I finished, I came home and did my usual pushup, squat, and abs routine followed by a much needed shower.

Currently snacking on some oatmeal topped off with PB and strawberries, and, because I can’t have sweet without savory in the morning, I made myself a little egg sandwich.

It’s gonna be a great day :)

Running will be there 7am while he’s on his work shift. The hills and trails will be there when there are no arms to comfort you. The clouds will gaze down upon your most glorious moments when no soul is there to witness them. The trees will never utter anything about your messy braid, no makeup or sweaty shirt. Only love what can love you back unconditionally.
—  Emma Clark

Lucky number and favorite lane in the most historic track, Hayward Field. It’s been an unreal trip so far.

Now would be a good as time as any to update everyone on my actual running since I’ve been here. The first day I tested the hills by the house we are staying at and they weren’t half bad. Nothing like the rolling hills of Austin Texas, the hills of Eugene Oregon are steep and unforgiving. Day 2 had a track workout (8x200) that went pretty solid. Was able to hit up a dirt track near by and get my work down at the oval office. Today we headed out to Pre’s Trail and I completely understand why everyone can run there ever single day. 

This is the first trip for work where I have been able to get in a run in every single day. I feel like I am falling behind but as far as consistency goes I am leaps and bounds from where I was last month.