I’m really saddened to hear that Ed Whitlock has died.

Ed was a Canadian legend and the greatest age-adjusted runner of all time. He got back into running seriously in his sixties. He ran a 2:54:49 marathon at age 73 – the fastest ever by anyone 70+ and just this past fall he ran a 3:56:34 marathon at 85, making him the oldest person to run a sub-4-hour marathon.

He was a fixture of Toronto area races and an inspiration anyone who’s ever thought it was too late to do something amazing.

He’ll be missed in the running community.

Run when you’ve had a bad day. Run when you just got out of a relationship. Run when you have cramps. Run when the future doesn’t look bright. Run when you feel like crying. Run when you know it’s going to be a subpar run.

Because when you can run when things are bad, you can run through anything.

Run away from your problems. Run into a state of comfort.


🏃 I just love my strong legs and the fact that they carry me through all of these long and hard runs. I pushed myself today, ran 3.5 km straight and got a new best time 🏃

19.2/40 km in March 

80.8/500 km in 2017

First run with my Garmin Forerunner 10 - felt kind of down today and knew running would make me feel better. I love the Nike Running app, but having your phone on you while running is the most annoying thing ever, I’m always afraid that it falls on the concrete, so the Garmin is such a relief! Plus, I’m so motivated to run regularly again :)