Words: 3,872
Cas x Reader (w/ Future!Cas)
Warnings: language, death of character, angst, grief
Summary: As Zachariah told Y/N it would, the big showdown has arrived.
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”Do you miss it?”

Cas turned his blue eyes to you. ”Miss what?” His deep voice rolled over you and you felt a wave of comfort do the same.

”Heaven,” you said. You tried to read his reaction in those cobalt eyes. The corners crinkled a little in a smile.

”Sometimes,” he replied. “But,” he reached out and swept a strand of hair gently away from your face, his fingers barely trailing over your skin and causing goose bumps to rise in their wake, “I feel differently about it now.”

You continued to study his handsome face, waiting patiently for him to continue.

”Heaven is,” he sighed heavily, “now just a nice place I used to go,” he said. “It’s not my home anymore.” Cas reached over and held your hand in his, looking at you with a warmth that was startling…

”Hey! Y/N.”

Dean’s hand on your shoulder and his urgent voice pulled jolted you out of your reverie. You’d been walking around in that trance for a few days, since you had first gotten your hands on your old journal.

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Today I marched with approximately 400 other Armenians through San Francisco, California and met at Mt. Davidson Cross with about 1,000 Armenians. There we commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide through dance, poetry, song, speech, and a special badarak (church service). 

On our 3 mile walk, we demonstrated, yelling, “Shame on Turkey!,” “Turkey run, Turkey hide, Turkey is guilty of Genocide!,” “Turkish Youth Learn the Truth!,” “Eastern Turkey is Western Armenia!,” “Erdogan gone, we want Van!,” “Turkey Failed,” “WE HAVE SURVIVED!,” and so many more ganches (chants). 

It felt so empowering to be united with my people, to feel the same feelings as an entire group. It was like a wave of power. One thing about the Armenian people that never ceases to amaze me, is our undying vivacious spirit.

We will truly fight until we gain recognition. Because as my poster says, “Armenian Genocide. 1915-2015″ because the final stage of genocide is denial, which means that Turkey is still committing genocide.

This is me. This is my little sister carrying the banner next to me. These are my friends, my relatives, my people all surrounding me. As we say in Armenian scouts, we are “kooyr” (sister) and “yeghpayr” (brother), because we are truly brothers and sisters. We are a people that you will not see die out because we have this everlasting spirit, and I thank the God we worship for helping us survive all these years.

One of my favorite parts was the all aspects of our faith were there, we had protestant pastors as well as orthodox ones. It really shows how when it comes to being Armenian, we are in solidarity.

And it also shows something else: 

T U R K E Y     F A I L E D.

…one of my teammates back in middle school was really good at hide-and-seek, you know. I’ve never been good at hide-and-seek, ever since I was a kid, so I was pretty jealous. He was way smaller than me, and even though he couldn’t run fast, he could play hide-and-seek right in the middle of the court…Even Aka-chin acknowledged him.

Murasakibara Atsushi telling a small boy who hates being small. Kuroko No Basket light novel Replace III- Chapter 5

Of course Muk-kun is talking about Kurokocchi! :”> 

Closed, v: Mob/Mafia AU


Anna was just walking down the corridor of the building when she heard someone screaming and then gun shots could be heard coming from the main room. She turned her head sharply in that direction and after taking her gun from the waistband of her skirt she made her way to where the turmoil was taking place.

As she stepped into the room she instantly had a bullet shooting mere inches away from her face and into the wall behind her what made the woman duck and join one of her father’s bodyguards behind a turned over heavy desk. They were supposed to keep her safe. Well, it wasn’t working as well as her old man thought.

Anna fired a few shots before the man made her go to a safer place. After a few seconds of complaining he got an upper hand and simply pushed her out from their cover, making her run to hide somewhere else. As she is just nearing a corner she feels strong arms wrapping around her waist and a hand is put to her lips as her attacker pulls her into a dark room.

Colonization was confusing....
  • America and Canada:Hey, dad?
  • England:Yes?
  • France:Yes?
  • Finland:Yes?
  • Sweden:Yes?
  • Netherlands:Yes?
  • Spain:Yes?
  • Norway:Yes?
  • America and Canada:*sweating nervously*

1. Write more. Just write. Write down every little thought, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Just don’t stop writing. Your words are your weapons, your sword and your shield.

2. Feel everything. Don’t hold yourself back, don’t suffocate yourself to give others room to breathe. Your feelings are as real as it gets, they’re allowed to take up space. Don’t apologize for being human.

3. Stop fucking waiting for everything. Nobody gets anywhere by sitting in their room and waiting for the world to come to them. It’s all right out there for you, but you gotta go grab it.

4. Make mistakes. Make many; make big ones, messy ones, dumb ones. How else are you supposed to learn? You’re 19, you don’t have to have it all figured out.

5. Be kind. As often as possible. Smile at strangers, say hello. Go out of your way to help others, and cherish their ‘thank you’s’ like they’re made of diamonds. But don’t be afraid to show your teeth. You’re built with fire, don’t stifle your flames.

—  five new year’s resolutions for 2015 to replace “loose weight”

i’m your new god.