Hide and seek.

I wanna play a game. A simple game of hide and seek. Cover your eyes and count to 30. Nope, no peeking.
I’m going to run and hide as quietly as I can in my little socks.

I want you to walk down the hall, peek your head in each room, looking but not really. And after a few minutes of this I want you to start calling out.

Call out how bad I’m going to get tickled when you find me. Call out how the longer you take, the longer I get tickled. Make sure your voice is playfully firm, you mean business.

Tease me about my ticklish little toes and how your fingers are going to dance under them. Tease me about how my tummy and your lips are going to be best friends after all the raspberries you’ll give it. Tease me and tell me once you catch me, you’re never letting go.

Shit. Did you hear me? Did you hear my little giggle as I imagined your words? Did you hear the blush flood my cheeks?

Now come and find me.

sassyspartosofsasan  asked:

Sin.. W-What's another word or phrase for.. Having sex.. Besides, ehm.. 'Fucking'? [He's so red he can't believe he's actually asking Sinbad this]


Screwing, coitus, copulation, intimacy, intercourse, make babies, get lucky, dirty laundry, do the nasty, bang someone, hit a home run, hide the sausage, hot beef injection, jiffy stiffy, woohooing, make the beast with two backs, play hide the salami, ride the flagpole, sucky fucky, horizontal mambo, slap a tickle, knick knack their patty whack…

Or you could simply say… making love~

I also hate the St*dia fandom using “Lydia would never run and hide.” “Because of St*les?” And leaving it there. That wasn’t a fucking St*dia quote. It was a Scydia one! The next line is Derek saying “Because of Scott.” Aiden wants to get Lydia to leave Beacon Hills and Derek is basically saying “You’re fucking crazy, she’s not going to run cause she believes in Scott.” Not “She’s staying for St*les who can’t do anything but wield a bat unsuccessfully.” It was a Scydia moment, quit stealing it for your ship! God, nothing is sacred! This is just like ya’ll stealing the emotional teacher for Allydia! Leave other ships quotes alone! Jesus!

I need to get a cat thtas not scared of my crying because albus keep s running away from me and hiding and thays making me more distressed i jsut want someone to be with m right now