scorpio ~ what separates me from you,
I can stare at the devils 
that’s why my eyes seem striking or hypnotising. They have been scarred
I can stare at them, and yet you create a world of false mirrors 
reflecting back your every lie and delusional desire, and the difference is 
That I know nothing of what you hold even exists
and these devils have followed me for lifetimes, the difference is that you would run, or scream, or hide, erecting reflectors and blinding spotlights 
and I wanted to tame them, to manipulate, to subordinate. now they worship me 

Jackson: This is our Nona
Nona runs and hides
Jackson: Yhaaa where’re you going?!! where you going
Another Nona: Are you sure i’m nona to you?
Jackson: Oh!!! ah yea
Nona: How old are you?
Jackson: I’m really young
Nona: you’re really young?
Jackson: i’m 1994
Nona: Ahhhhh
Jackson: I look OLD Everybody!!!
Nona: Laughing 
Jackson: I LOOK OLD
Jackson: No Body Likes Me



so @abjectadmirer was wondering if I could upload some of my violin-playing, so here it is *runs and hides in corner*

the audio quality is kind of crappy especially since I was in such a big concert hall but it gets better about 10 secs into it and if you turn up your volume a bit.

so this is the first page of the bruch violin concerto that I played last spring for a competition. this is some audio from the dress rehearsal for that competition (for which I placed in the top five!). The story behind this performance is actually pretty hilarious because I broke my hand two weeks before it so there was a mad dash of practicing like the two days before it when I got my cast off lol

there’s more if you click on the link to my soundcloud too but I’m not a professional violinist by any means (although I am going with my orchestra on tour to Cuba the summer of 2017!!!)

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so I will stand by your side and we will face whatever is coming for you together