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Hello :) Can I have modern au hcs for Luffy, Law, Ace, usopp, zoro and Sanji? :D Wishing you lots of luck and happiness for your new blog! ;) X

I live for modern AU’s! 
Also, it somehow means that there are no devil fruit powers for me ^^

Luffy - Modern AU:

  • He lives together with Ace and Sabo.
  • Has a very untidy room with lots of posters and fan-stuff.
  • He’s a student (not a very good one though) and wants to travel the world afterwards.
  • He’s extreme sportsman. Rafting, skating, balancing over the Grand Canyon on a Slackline, Biking through the dessert… He wants to do it all!
  • Often forgets to turn on his camera while doing so.
  • “Ace! Wait! The camera didn’t record it” - “Aw come on!” - “Let’s do it again.” “WHAT?!”
  • Has bruises and black and blue marks all over his body.
  • Is a comic fanboy.

Law - Modern AU:

  • Studies medicine. (DUH)
  • Has a very clean and nice one room apartment.
  • Hates to go out and only does so to go to his lectures or shopping.
  • He still has a lot of tatoos, but not the ones on his hands. Due to him wanting to be a doctor later.
  • His book shelf is bigger than his closet.
  • Is very skilled with high tech, but not as skilled as can be.
  • He wears dark jeans and bandshirts all of the time. 
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic.

Ace - Modern AU:

  • As stated, he lives with Luffy and Sabo.
  • Is a very relaxed person, had a average graduation mark and now works as a barista undtil he finds something more fitting.
  • Loves fast food.
  • He loves skating and running. Also freeclimbing.
  • His room looks tidy, but he never finds anything.
  • Pro at flirting, but never get’s very far with it. *lol*
  • Movie freak. He has seen every action and horror movie ever made!
  • He’s very good at street dancing!

Usopp - Modern AU:

  • He lives in the little hous that used to belong to his parents. (Luffy comes over every day.)
  • He works as a carpenter with amazing results.
  • He’s also a very talented photographer and artist.
  • He doesn’t have a drivers licence, so he goes by bike.
  • Hates living on his own and is very happy to have his friends come over.
  • Helps the nice old lady living next to him in the garden.
  • His grades were above average, but he didn’t want to go to university.
  • He spends his freetime either with his friends or in the nature. He loves to go camping (only if there is somebody with him though).

Zoro - Modern AU:

  • (I do like theidea of him being a dancer, but let me tell you…)
  • His grades were a bit below average, but alas…
  • He trains to compete in the Olympics. (Mihawk is the current number one, ya know…)
  • He lives together with Johnny (my hudband!) and Yosaku!
  • His room is simple and doesn’t have a lot of personal stuff around, only a big frame with lots of pictures he got fromhis friends for his birthday. (There’s a pic of Kuina stuck into the frame. Now I made myself cry.)
  • He trains four time a week: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. 
  • Except for that he works as a removalist. Just don’t let him drive the car.
  • He also lives to drive his motorbike. (With a navi)

Sanji - Modern AU:

  • He still is a cook. He travels a lot and visits different countries to get to know their culture and kitchen.
  • His grades were alright, above average, but not that much.
  • Always stays in contact with the others via skype, twitter etc.
  • He therefore lives wherever he can. He tries to keep his belongings in one suitcase.
  • As soon as he gets home he wants to learn in a high ranked restaurant. (aka the baratie)
  • He wouldn’t smoke as much, it’d be too expensive for his lifestyle.
  • He speaks Englisch and French fluently, but is able to chat in Spanish and Italian as well.
  • He loves to dance and is very good at it. (It’s also nice to get to know ladies~ *wink*)

Power girl!

I haven’t really been doing any notes on my design choices or my thinking, so I’mma make up for that now. 


Wonder Woman is an Amazon, right? First and foremost, she is from an island of badass lesbian warrior women of legend. That’s cool. No one should have a problem with that. So I tried to design her with that in mind. She’s a warrior, so she’s built like a warrior. Long limbs, big muscles, etc etc etc. (my mom’s only comment on this drawing was “Beefy”… Success!) I decided she should be taller than almost all of the other characters, since I always imagined she would be an imposing figure in real life. I’m putting her at, oh, say 6 feet tall here, give or take a couple inches. She’s the first one I drew, so she’s sort of my measuring stick for all the other characters. 

While her warrior nature and athletic build were the main philosophical cornerstones of her design, I tried not to rob her of the glamour that has always been such a vital part of the character. That was a little tricky. I really didn’t want her to look like a modern day model or something dumb like that, she’s thousands of years old, after all. I ultimately tried to give her sort of a vintage beauty queen kind of look in the face, and went for long, straight hair over her classic curls. Looks like she belongs in the 70s…. is that just me?


I’ve always felt like the Clark Kent suit and tie were just as essential to Superman’s overall aesthetic as the blue tights and red undies. It’s not many superheroes who have such an iconic look in and out of costume. It only seemed right to use both.

So, when I start working on a character design, I want it to tell a story. I want you to feel what I feel about a character, just by looking at one image. You might not know that character’s whole 900 issue backstory, but you might be able to guess what kind of person they are. You should get a sense of their personality. So, when talking about the design, I think it’s also important that I talk about how I interpret each character, so I can then explain the design choices I made. So here goes.

Superman is Kansas farm-boy. That’s actually the most important thing about him. Not his superpowers. Not the fact that he’s the last son of Krypton. Not the fact that he’s weakened by kryptonite. None of it. The most important thing about Clark Kent the human being is that he was raised on a farm in Kansas. He believes in a simpler form of right and wrong than, say, Batman, because he was raised in simpler circumstances. Clark was raised by two loving parents who taught him to be good, kind, and heroic. He never even had a chance to come up bad. He couldn’t be a bad person if he wanted to. By the time he lands a job as a reporter in the big city, where life is infinitely more complicated, he already knows who he is. He’s a good guy. He puts others before himself. He’s earnest and optimistic, and maybe a little naive. On top of all this, he’s incredibly powerful. How does a man who could throw a skyscraper into the sun ride a subway without accidentally injuring someone? What’s he like at the movies, trying to get to his seat? At the grocery store? In an undersized apartment? How does a man this earnest interact with all of Metropolis’ cynical, rude, jaded citizens? This stuff is ripe for all kinds of character moments and comedy, and that’s how I see superman. It’s not just who he is when he’s saving the world, it’s who he is in his day to day life.

Woof, so all that being said, I decided to make Superman the tallest character in the lineup (so far.) At 6.5-7 feet (roughly) he towers over everyone else. He’s out of place in Metropolis. He’s out of place on earth, for that matter, and visually I want him to stand out like a sore thumb. The more I can draw attention to how out of place he is, the better, in my mind. That, to me, is the human, relatable side of Superman that often gets overlooked. I also wanted him to look young, without sacrificing that classic huge superman chin. My solution was to make his features small, almost cute within his massive face. Check out that little button nose! I also softened his features a bit from the chiseled look people tend to give him. I am totally okay with a Superman who has a little bit of baby fat.

Speaking of weight, I also made superman noticeably wider than most of the other characters. He’s got super (hur-hur) broad shoulders, and I tried to make him thicker around the waist than superheroes tend to be drawn, just to drive home the sturdy farmboy look. My logic is, he’s not chubby, he just has a solid set of core muscles, which makes sense when you think about what he actually does. The tendency, I think, is to draw superheroes to look like Arnold Schwartzenegger-esque bodybuilders, which I sort of raise an eyebrow to. When I say this, I’m mostly referring to drawing characters with huge shoulders and necks and pectoral muscles, and then weirdly skinny waists. You see this all over. It kind of looks like the characters are constantly sucking in their guts. It’s a bit distressing (and very silly looking). Body-building tends to be more about developing your muscles for the sake of aesthetic, rather than actually developing strength. I’m not saying body-builders aren’t very, very, very strong, but what I am saying is If you look at actual athletes, their muscles have developed very differently, because they are developed to run fast, hit hard, throw far, etc. Actual strongmen don’t look like bodybuilders. I mean, yes, they often have massive pectoral muscles, and big-ol’ beefy arms and necks, and shoulders, but they usually also have very thick waists (thick wit’ mahscle) and developed abdominal muscles. These are thickly built people, and they are thickly built because they are built for pure power and strength. A fighter, on the other hand, might have a slightly different build. Runners and swimmers tend to be long and lean with HUGE CRAZY MUSCLEY LEGS OH MY GOD. (wait till you guys see the Flash I’m planning…). 

What was my point? Oh yeah, my point is that superheroes are always portrayed as being people who have achieved some kind of ideal, “peak” body type, and while that makes sense and I have no real problem with that, I’ve noticed that artists tend to choose one body type and apply it haphazardly across all of their cast, when really one body type might be appropriate for one character, and another might be appropriate for another character. Superman is STRONG. That’s his big thing. I mean, he flies too (though he couldn’t actually fly in the original comics, either. That wasn’t introduced until the Fleischer studio cartoons were they made him fly to make the animation cheaper and easier) , and he’s got the super-breath, and the laser eyes, and the pervert-vision, and all that, but mostly he’s strong. The first superman comic has an image of him lifting a car above his head on the cover. That is the central power-fantasy of the Superman character: super strength. So that’s why I made him so big. Jeez, short story long, shut up already Milo, jeez.


Okay, I actually covered a lot of stuff relevant to this guy in the superman post. Hal Jordan is, like Superman, heroically minded, obviously. The tragic flaw of the DC heroes is that honestly, they are pretty god-damn similar in terms of philosophy. Hal is also a daredevil, of course. He risks his life working as a test pilot before he gets powers. He’s a little more hot headed, a little more devil-may-care, a little more reckless than Superman. I went with a big, doughy design for Clark to emphasize his earnest nature, so for the somewhat cooler Hal, I thought a Clint Eastwood type would fit better, with a long, lean face. I also gave him big ears, because I’m allergic to making any of these guys toooo handsome. 

As for body type, I figure Hal doesn’t need to be that athletic looking. He’s a pilot, not an athlete, and while I wanted to make him fit and heroic looking, his powers come from a ring, not from his physique. I mean, honestly, he still kind of has a superhero bod, he’s just dwarfed by Wonder Woman and Superman (and now Power Girl), and I think that’s cool. Here’s to diverse body types. Yahoo!

I wanted to do something a little more with this guy than just having him standing there in his super-suit, so I had him transforming out of his flight suit. Kinda cool, right? I guess? I don’t know.


Confession, I don’t actually know that much about Zatanna, but she’s got a cool design and I did a few storyboards with her for a thing over here at WB some time back and it made me really want to do some actual art of her. Somewhere along the line I stopped thinking that the old-timey magician costume was corny and now I’m kind of in love with it.

I pushed her a little curvier than the other characters (only a little, I’ll find someone I can push a bit further in that direction in the future, I swear!). I also made her a bit shorter, because that’s fun too. I went a little crazy with the eye and lip makeup, but I figure she’s more of a showperson than the other ladies so it makes sense that she’d be wearing stage-makeup. 

I will admit, designing the lady characters is giving me waaaaay more anxiety than the guy characters. I’m trying, with everyone, to be true to the original designs of the characters, within reason. That being said, I’m also trying to portray the super-gals in a somewhat less overtly sexualized way than usual. Those two concepts are sort of at odds with each other because… well you’ll notice, for instance, that none of the ladies are exactly wearing pants. These characters were all designed for sex appeal first and foremost, unfortunately, and there is an argument that could be made that all superheroes represent some kind of sexual ideal, so that is sort of a part of who these characters are, so being true to the characters also means being true to THAT, but at the same time, the representation of women in superhero comics is consistently appalling, so I want to push back against that kind of sexualization as much as possible. Add in attempting to create a distinct, unique body type for each individual lady… Anyway, I just hope you know that I’m giving this a lot of thought. 

My sort of shakey philosophy on this at the moment is that I want to portray a bunch of women who are heroes first and foremost. Their strength and personalities and heroism are their defining features, and that should be what makes them cool, and appealing, and inspiring. They have sex appeal, that is unavoidable, but that sex appeal is a result of their confidence in themselves and their bodies, not because they have perfect supermodel waists or cartoonishly giant boobs growing out of their collarbones (not how boobs work). And yes, none of them wear pants (jesus christ, DC character designers) and some of their costumes have ridiculous boob-windows (jesus christ, Power Girl!) but it should seem like they dress the way they do because they like those costumes, not to pander to a bunch of slobbering dudes.

Anyway, that’s what I’m trying to do. That is what I am trying to portray. Like I said, it’s kind of stressing me out more than the guys. The current spectrum of body-types on display is a little narrow ATM, but the plan is to keep pushing those boundaries and down-playing those pesky boob-windows. Speaking of which:


Ah, Superman’s alternate universe cousin. This is another character who I just really wanted to draw, because I had a specific image in my head of how it would go.

People usually draw Power Girl as a pretty muscular lady, so honestly this isn’t that new. I mostly just wanted to downplay her more sexual traits for her more “I am Kara Zor-El of Krypton and I could break you in half with my pointer and thumb” qualities. Obviously, the first thing I wanted to do was tone down was that pesky and infamous boob window. Where super-men are defined by they chest emblems, super-ladies are defined more by their lack of emblem, apparently. Along with a lack of any fabric where that emblem might be…. huh… Anyway, toning that down was pretty easy the second I lowered to boobs to a more realistic position on her body. Now it’s more of an upper-chest/collarbone window. Much classier. Power girl is also alway portrayed as pretty… uh… busty, so I thought, “Hey, if the rest of the torso fits!” So I made her a little more solidly built to compensate. Like her cousin, Superman, brute physical strength is Kara’s defining power, and I think that would effect her personality. I deliberately gave her a more masculine stance and pose to really just drive the message home. 

ANYWAY, I hope you guys are enjoying these so far. I’ve got a lot more planned. Batman and Robin are coming soon (not necessarily next) and I also want to do Flash, Aquaman, The Martian Manhunter, the Teen Titans… the list goes on and on. Stay tuned!

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Dear Tundra, What do you think of the other dragon species?

Oh, Tundra love all kind of dragon! So much difference and beauty, sometimes tundraheart feel as if it cannot bear it.

Faefriends remind tundra of butterfly, or of leaf! Sometimes both, for nature is vast and multifarious in its form. Faefriend make very good sound, nice sound, and faeclaws best for groom!

Imperifriends remind tundra of rivers, or of some kites tundra see when on holiday in Windswept Plateau! Imperifriend very long, very good for bathing in sun, and when tundra put ear to imperifriend chest, tundra swear it is like the ocean!

Guardfriends very noble of profile, very strong of jaw! Tundra is remind of ancient artifacts tundra see as a puffling. Guardfriend make very good bathtime friend — they come from Sea, after all!

Mirrorfriends are fierce friends! Very good at puzzles. More good at hide and-seek. Have many eyes for gazing! Mirrorfriends run very fast also, very good at for chase and race. And always have so many friends!

Pearlfriends very stately, very pretty of wing and scale! Have very shiny pearl. Tundra always want to touch pearl, because it is so pretty, but tundra have learned it is important to respect boundary of friend! Pearlfriends know many things of other dragon, always good for keeping up with news of friend both far and near.

Coatfriends always very warm! Sometimes in colour too. Tundra think of tasty fruit or beautiful flower. Tundra not always sure what coatfriend say, but tundra know what they say come from heart! And that is all that matter to tundra. Coatfriend make very good napping friend, for they are almost same size as tundra, and very warm!

Ridgefriends are very big dragon! Tundra sometimes like to perch on ridgenose, and see very far afield. Tundra have best friend that is ridgefriend! Very astute businessdragon. Tundra always glad ridgefriend
speak up, so tundra not miss a word!

Noodlefriends have such zoom and speed! Always on go. Very long too! Much talent in aerial acrobatics. Tundra can watch figure-eight procession forever! So good at decorating even tiniest part of lair too.

Snapfriends have so much story to tell! Very good for leaning on when storm blow also. Very good for company when walk also! Many snapfriend tundra know also excellent taste in salad. Many strawberry shared between friend.

Skyfriends so much like bird! Very glide across sky with noble purpose and very preen wing with purpose of clean. Elegant claw much good for backscratch! Also good for moving of chess piece.

Clawfriends also like bird tundra think, but much different bird! Bird of many leaps and runs! Tundra always much impress by clawfriend landspeed and clawfriend speed of hop. Tundra has on good authority that feather from clawfriend head writes best poetry.