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Trans Visibility Art Gallery

Hello! The LGBT Club at my college is hosting an event in the form of an art gallery dedicated to trans artists (nonbinary identities included) on the 26th, 27th, and 28th. We’re looking for artists who may want to promote their work to a student body well over 10k.

What kind of artist?

  • Drawings / Paintings (digital or traditional ).
  • Photoshop graphics (original works, preferably not fan art).
  • Photography
  • Poetry / Spoken Word
  • Music (singing / instrument / electronic).

What it would entail?

  • Sending me a digital copy of any artwork you’d like to share.
    • .mp3 / .png / video? / etc.
    • small description of the work
    • small description of the artist (name/alias, pronouns, when you started making art…)
    • link to your art blog or instagram or commission information?
  • We (me and my executive body) will make prints and hang them in our “gallery” with your “museum description”.
    • We will show songs and recorded poetry readings during the last two days of the event.
  • You will 100% be credited for your artwork! We need artists to feature!
  • Please contact me (lesbiancrisis) if you have any questions!
    • I’ll give you the email to send your info.
    • I’ll give you the name of the college.

I saw this idea running through another fandom and thought it was nice

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alright i’m sure this has already been discussed but how much disruption do you think pokemon go causes the fake ah crew + los santos?

the lads come bursting into a quiet bank and startle the hell out of the tellers only for michael to be like, “where the fuck is that zapdos– why are you guys screaming, we’re not here for you, we don’t even have guns, relax”

ray has a conflict of interest re: pokemon and laziness and spends many hours trying to convince people to carry him piggyback around the block

just before a heist everybody sees ryan pacing with his head down and at first they think he’s anxious or annoyed; jeremy cautiously goes, “uh, you okay?” and ryan looks up and they see his phone and he’s just like “don’t distract me i am trying to hatch an egg!!!

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Hey Val! My feed is dead.. who should I follow? 🙃

Hey there Jess! I’ll list some faves and hopefully some will be new to you!

In no particular order..


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Horrible Bendy AU Ideas
  • AU where everything is the same but Sammy can only speak in noots
  • AU where everything is the same but the cardboard cutouts are all cross-eyed in varying degrees
  • AU where everything is the same but Henry dies after he falls
  • AU where everything is the same but when Boris walks out he trips over a can of bacon soup
  • AU where everything is the same but Sammy is gay for Henry
  • AU where everything is the same except when Sammy dies instead of screaming it’s just one long noot
  • AU where everything is the same but Sammy sneezes and his mask almost falls off
  • AU where every time you destroy a cardboard cutout it gets gayer and gayer
  • AU where everything is the same but Sammy can’t see through his mask so he just runs into everything

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Davina Appreciation Week

Day 6: Favourite Scene

Okay this is shippy af but I couldn’t not choose this. I mean, it was the culmination of an arc that had extended for a year, where we’d seen her fight and fail repeatedly. And yet she never gave up, just dusted herself off and tried to find a different way to bring back Kol. This was her big moment (on the heels of another long sought achievement that ended up tasting bitterly of betrayal) and just look at her smile. UGH.

Ok so I was answering some questions on my OKCupid profile and this beauty popped up.. You can probably guess what came straight to mind right??
I bet you can @hanni-bunny-lecter
I can’t stop thinking of omega Will joining a dating site in the hopes of finding a mate and ‘THIS’ question pops up for him to answer. The only other person to vote 'yes’ would of course be our favourite brooding alpha Hannibae so naturally they would be matched up!!

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Other people’s artworks are not your textures.

This is important. More times than I can count, I’ve been happily reading a tutorial, excited to reblog it here, only to find myself running into a “now we add the texture!” step, where someone adds a painting, a graphic from Behance, a copyrighted piece from someone’s Flickr, etc. to their edit and calls it good. This is not acceptable.

Part of the problem is that texture makers on Tumblr are prone to going to Pinterest, Behance, Flickr, and other places where art is posted, taking copyrighted works, repackaging them, and redistributing them as “textures”–often with the caveat of “Don’t claim as your own! Don’t redistribute!”

I’ve been tripped up by this horrible practice myself. Once I heard of it, I went through texture packs I’d downloaded from Tumblr and reverse image-searched them on Google. Half of them had been stolen from Behance pages and artists’ galleries. This was stuff I’d used on my own graphics, thinking it was okay, that I was making use of a resource created and shared as such–when really it was stolen art.

Be mindful. Look at the resources you’re using. A good rule of thumb is, “Does it look like a finished piece of art already?” If it does, it wouldn’t hurt to reverse image-search it and make sure you’re not using someone else’s art. Be as respectful of others’ art as you would like them to be of yours.

Things to do instead of hitting your children:

1. Put them in the biggest bear hug you can. Seriously.
2. Offer some therapeutic coloring (i.e. “Can you color me a picture of how you’re feeling?”)
3. Suggest cuddling on the couch and watching their favorite movie.
4. Scream it out: offer them a bubble wand and tell them to “yell out” some bubbles for popping.
5. Take them to the park to run off the overwhelming energy they may be feeling.

When one of those random porn blogs that follows you that’s run by a dirty old man reblogs something from you and adds a comment talkin about titties, and squirting, and all kinds of freaky shit

No Downton tonight so:

why not come up with things that might have happened in tonight’s episode, had there been one?

1. Donk confronts Edith
2. Thomas receives a letter from Andy
3. Miss Denker contacts a ‘friend’ from her past to set up a gambling house in Ripon
4. Anna and Bates rehash series 3
5. Mary gets a new suitor
6. Lady Violet and Prince Kuragin discuss their affair
7. Mrs Crawley sends a telegram to Dickie Merton
8. Rose hosts her first dinner

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hello all i decided to make some fitting pronouns related to shrek, recommended use for ogregender people




for example

ogre went to the store to buy milk for ogreself

i went to see ogres

onion walked home, saw some friends, and talked to onions

shrek scared the townsfolk, making shreks run away in fear

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