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Keith and Shiro’s bond is stronger than we realize.

So after finishing season two not even 12 hours after it aired, and with many things becoming canon (aka Galra Keith), I had to go back to the first episode to watch it all again and actually understand every detail.

So we all know that Keith and Shiro were left stranded in a rocky planet full of lizard-like creatures that are not friendly at all. We see an injured Shiro, a distraught Keith and more importantly: both of them trying to desperately find each other. We see Shiro at his most vulnerable and Keith going through as many obstacles as needed: jumping across a void, running through geisers, almost dying…

He even has Shiro’s words in his mind all the time:

Let’s remember that Shiro BARELY remembers who Keith is, and their past together, in the Garrison or wherever it took place, is unclear. But Keith obviously remembers Shiro since the beginning, which is obvious since S01E01, when he rescues Shiro.

This conection, I’m positive, is bigger than what he has with Lance, Pidge or Hunk. I mean, sure, he has a bond with his fellow paladins, but hear me out: Shiro is his priority.

His connection and bond with Shiro comes from even before the other paladins even met.

Let’s start by one of the biggest moments: the Black Lion.

When Shiro is baldy hurt and in critical danger because of the alien lizards, the Lion, the one that was barely loyal to Shiro and even had an inclination for Zarkon, is still unactive while its paladin is near death. We all know Shiro had issues with his Lion that continue to develop, but what happens as soon as Keith tries to make contact with the Black Lion?

It recieves Keith. It lets Keith take control and safe Shiro. It let another paladin that had a totally different Lion hop in and take control.

You could say “yeah, Black did it for Shiro, it needed someone to control it to act and Keith was the only one, so it had no choice”, but let’s remember that Red could act without a pilot whenever Keith was in danger various times through the season. That either means that Keith has an outstanding connection to the Lions (which is totally possible, considering that he was the one to find the Blue Lion first), or the Black Lion recognized Shiro and Keith’s bond and trusted, I repeat, trusted Keith enough to control him, just as Shiro completely trusts Keith.

Which means that Shiro and Keith’s bond is gigantic, and perhaps one of the strongest within the paladins.

Also, the infamous quote:

There it is. It’s obvious. Shiro has all his trust placed on Keith, who he doesn’t even remember properly. And, oh, when did he say this? Right after he saw Keith and the Black Lion’s connection, and saw that Keith was able to lead the Black Lion without any issues, and now sees that Keith could lead Voltron.

And it’s not even a thing that happened once. It’s not just Shiro being delirious and wounded in a stranded planet with little to no hope of being rescued. He even says it again:

It is clear that this was no mistake. Shiro trusts Keith. He would place the huge duty of leading Voltron on him because he knows better than anyone of what Keith is capable, and makes sure that Keith knows.

That is the amount of trust they have in each other.

Second Moment: The Marmora Headquarters.

Now we get to see the bond from both sides: Shiro, worried to death as he sees Keith being beaten up over and over again, and Keith, still having Shiro as a predominant thought.

Shiro obviously doesn’t want Keith to go through the trials. He might die. Voltron would lose a paladin, and most importantly, Shiro might lose one of his most important conections to his past, Keith himself.

But then this scene comes up:

He smiles. There is relieve all over him when he sees Shiro coming to help him. And we know for a a fact that Keith Kogane does not smile often.

We are told that Keith is seeing his hopes and feares being materialized before him. I think the method they use is take the person’s biggest hope, and make that one hope throw all his fears at him. That would make anyone fall into despair, right?

And who is Keith’s biggest hope?


Takashi fucking Shirogane.

He is beaten up, has almost fainted, is losing hope, just wants the truth about his past and himself and where he comes from and who he is. But what does he want over all?

Edit: Shiro’s reaction during this moment.

So, yes, Keith is beaten up. He can barely stand up. He is weak, he is suffering, and Shiro, knowing he is in pain, intervenes without a doubt, and you know why? Because he knows how it feels to have your past torture you, to feel despair, to have your mind attack you, and he won’t let Keith go through that. So he forces his way through soldiers that could easily defeat him, as he is outnumbered, and places his own self in danger.

For Keith.

And as soon as he gets to Keith and has him with him, and he sees a soldier trying to attack Keith to take away the blade, it doesn’t even stop for a second and drops everything to go protect Keith.

To me, that’s who Shiro is: A man, broken and distraught by his past and his trauma, that will defend those he loves without doubting, even if it means that he will get hurt or die. He did the same for Matt in the Galra Prison: he placed himself in danger to save him. He did the same with Allura: he went back for her and got terribly injured in the process.

And now he does it for Keith.

Third point: Keith is growing.

This is an obvious point after he learned his Galra origins. Keith, either because of his new knowledge or because he now knows Shiro sees him as his right hand and possible future leader, becomes warmer, more open, even congratulates his teammates like Shiro does. He grows as a person and becomes more mature despite still being hotheaded:

This could be taken as him learning from Shiro, or trying to follow his advice to become a better person. Whatever it is, Keith is growing so much in a small amount of time. He is no longer a loner emo teen, but is opening to his surroundings and to new people, which we know didn’t happen before in his life since he is an orphan with almost no knowledge of his past, a loner, and a dropout.

If that is not what strong bonds do, then I don’t know what does.

More Moments:

Unlike Allura, who held a grudge against Keith for some episodes due to him having Galra blood in his veins, Shiro never attacked or was afraid of Keith. He knows his buddy is still there, that nothing has changed, and will still be there for him, Galra or not.

Keith is always checking, during battles, that Shiro is okay. He not only intervened in Zarkon’s laser at the end of season one so that he wouldn’t take the Black Lion, but he is, most of the time if not always, the first one to realize that Shiro is in trouble.

Shiro is the only one that says goodbye to him before their individual missions.

He is the first one and the most desperate to reach Shiro’s lion at the end of this season.

He is even placed as the focus of attention when they realize that Shiro is gone.

IN CONCLUSION: Shiro and Keith’s bond was extremely developed in this season and both characters, specially Keith, grew due to that bond. I hope that next season will give us more to this – specially the story of how they met – but this season did a great job developing both characters and making Keith not just a broody, emo boy with almost no time to develop.

Kitten (M)

Genre: Smut

Warning: daddy kink, pet play, rough sex, etc.

Characters: CEO!Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 3,650

A/N: Oh god, I can’t believe I’m posting this…

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            -          Admin Mochi

             She sat on the queen-size bed, her legs dangling off the edge as she watched Taehyung get ready. He looked absolutely breathtaking dressed up for that evening. She wanted nothing more than to run her fingers through his chocolate locks while he buried his face in the crock of her neck and placed butterfly kisses.

            “Do you have to go?” whined Y/N for the umpteenth time as her hands tugged on his neatly tucked dress shirt messing it up.

             “Baby stop.” He hissed pushing her hands away, which earned him a whimper from the girl. “Yes, I have to, my father couldn’t make it so I’ll be going on his behalf.”

             “And why can’t I go? You usually take me to these kinds of things.”  

             “Because I’m going to be busy networking all night and I won’t have any time for you sweetheart.” He checked himself in the mirror as he buttoned up his suit jacket before turning back to her and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I don’t know when I’ll be back so don’t stay up.” Once she heard the front door shut close Y/N let out a frustrated scream and hit her fists against the soft bed.

             Lately she had been seeing less of him and it bothered her more than she was willing to admit. Y/N was well aware that he was a CEO in training, his father would be leaving him big shoes to fill, but that was no excuse for him to neglect her. She knew he wasn’t doing it on purpose or at least she hoped he wasn’t, but the girl believed that no matter what there should always be time for her. He had always said she was his number one priority, so why wasn’t she being treated like it?

             1:05 AM and still no Kim Taehyung. Even though he had told her not to wait up she had decided to do it anyway, after all she wasn’t all that tired.

            She wasn’t sure if it was the lack of sleep or attention that was fueling her unjustified jealousy which was causing her thoughts to run wild. What if the event had already ended, but he had gone home with someone else? Maybe that’s why he hadn’t taken her, because he didn’t want her to get in the way and ruin his chances of hooking up with another woman. No, she was being ridiculous, she refused to let the irrational thoughts consume her. Then again, Taehyung was a handsome and wealthy individual that any woman would be lucky to have. She saw the way other women would look at him, like a piece of meat. They were probably all over him right now, just the thought of another woman wrapped around his arms drove her insane. But Taehyung would never replace her, would he?

            The opening of the bedroom door caught her attention. Her head immediately snapped to the doorway where Taehyung stood, a small grin spread on her lips. “You’re home!” Y/N beamed throwing her hands up in excitement.

            “Sweetheart, what are you still doing up? I told you not to wait up for me.”

            “I know, but-“ her words were interrupted by his harsh ones.

            “But nothing, why don’t you ever listen to me?”

            “Why are you mad at me? I just wanted to see you, I miss you.” the girl shot back, whispering the last three words.

            “Couldn’t you just wait till tomorrow?” he muttered loosening tie, does he even know what he’s saying?

            “Tomorrow? You’re gone before I wake up and you come back when I’m already asleep… I rarely see you anymore.”

            “I’ve been busy lately.” It was that curt reply that pushed her over the edge causing her to snap.

            “With what, huh? Or should I ask, with who?” Y/N spat glaring up at the man, he couldn’t believe her words nor her tone.

            “Excuse me? What are you trying to say?”

            “You know exactly what I’m trying to say! Who is she?”


            “Was I not enough?” she asked in a wavering voice, her bottom lip trembling.

            Taehyung immediately sprung forward placing his hand on her cheek in a loving manner. “Baby girl…”

            “Don’t touch me!” the girl snarled slapping his hand away, everything she had bottled in the last couple of weeks finally coming out. “I hate you!” Y/N screeched as trails of tears ran down her pretty face. Taehyung felt as if he had been punched square in the face, she had never used those three words on him before. He looked absolutely mortified, she was crying and it was all his fault. It was when he heard her pained cries that he could have sworn he felt his heart shatter.

            “You don’t mean it.” He whispered with his fists balled tightly to his sides.

            “I do mean it, because you’re the worst.” She sobbed spitefully wiping her face with the back of her hand. Taehyung stood there frozen with his jaw clenched tightly as he processed everything she had just told him. Where had he gone wrong?

            “Baby girl, stop… Don’t cry.” He cooed cupping her face, only this time she didn’t push him away. “Please don’t cry, please. I swear there isn’t anyone else, there’s only you.” the brunette murmured softly as he gently wiped her tears with his thumbs. “I’m sorry if I’ve been neglecting you lately… It’s just I’ve been busy with the company, you know there’s only three weeks left before I take over my dad’s position and I jus- There’s no excuse, I’m sorry. Just know that I never meant to make you feel this way.” He was hoping to calm her down, but instead the younger girl began weeping harder. Her hands clutched onto his white dress shirt as she pressed her face against his clothed chest.

            “It gets lonely without you.” Y/N whimpered into him, he wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her onto his lap so she was straddling him. The two stayed like that for a while until she had finally calmed down and that’s when she felt something hard pressed against her ass. “Ta- Taehyung, ar- are you seriously hard right n- now?” her cheeks were dusted bright pink and her bottom lip was caught between her teeth as she gazed up at him.  

             “What?” he placed his large hands on her thin waist and leaned in so his lips were only millimeters away from hers. “You looked so damn cute crying in nothing but my oversized t-shirt and a pair of thigh high socks.”

             “Really?” the girl asked while cutely batting her lashes.

             “Oh god yes, baby girl.” he moaned pressing her down harder onto his member. “See what you do to me?” Taehyung breathed into her ear before he started nibbling her lobe.

             “Daddy.” The girl squealed squirming around as he forcefully moved her hips back and forth on his own. Y/N moaned feeling his cock twitch against her clothed entrance, she needed more.

             “No one else, but you can do this to me baby.”

             “Only me?” Y/N asked meekly.

             “Only you.” he muttered thickly into her ear before making his way over to lock his lips with hers. His luscious lips were soft and warm against her own, Y/N gasped when his teeth sunk down into her lower lip and tugged at it in a painful manner. His tongue found its way into her mouth, gliding over her own pink muscle savoring the taste of spearmint. The girl shivered as his hands roamed downwards under the shirt and to her bare ass kneading it.

             There was a string a saliva connecting them by the lips as he pulled away, his lust filled eyes looked down into her hooded ones, a smug smirk ingrained on his lush lips. Y/N fell off his lap and back onto the bed when he abruptly got up and off. Her big round eyes curiously followed him to the closet, what is he doing? A couple of seconds later he walked out with an azalea pink box clad in an ivory silk ribbon.

             “This is for you.”

             “Why are you giving this to me now?” Y/N questioned, she didn’t understand why he’d interrupted their intimate moment to hand her a gift

             “Just open it.” He urged tapping his foot impatiently.

             With a sigh the girl looped her fingers around the ribbon and pulled it back causing them to come undone. Taehyung looked at her anxiously, worried that she might not like the present. A gasp filled his ears, upon opening the packet her eyes were met with three items: a pair of black furry cat ears, a matching tail, and a diamond encrusted pastel pink collar with a little platinum bell.

             “What is all of this?”

             “What do you mean? Do you not like it?”

             “Of course I like it, it’s all so pretty.” Y/N beamed with gleaming eyes.

             “Then try it on.” Taehyung suggested, his voice held a hint of eagerness. The brunette tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before placing the headband on her, he was unable to hold back his grin. Seeing him look so happy fueled her to keep going, her hand reached for the matching black tail, it had a cold metal base from which it hung.
             “How am I supposed to wear this?” she whined jutting her bottom lip making Taehyung chuckle.

             “You’re adorable!” sniggered Taehyung as he snatched it from her hand. “This.” He ran his fingers over the metal. “Goes in your ass baby girl, it’s a butt plug.” he wished he could have taken a picture of her pretty face right then and there, it was priceless.

             “Won’t it hurt?” she was frightened and that’s the last thing he wanted.

             “Maybe at first, but don’t worry sweetheart, you know daddy would never intentionally hurt you.” cooed Taehyung lovingly, Y/N hummed in agreement. “How about you take this off?” he proposed tugging on the hem of the shirt, she did as she was told. The oversized piece of clothing landed somewhere on the ground leaving her petite frame exposed. His gaze wandered to her already hardened nipples, which was probably due to them rubbing against the fabric that had been covering them. “Now, ass up and face down.” In this position she wasn’t able to see what he was doing, but she knew that he was rummaging through the nightstand by the bed because she could hear him.

             He wasn’t sure whether she was trembling because the room was drafty or because she was scared. The bed dipped down as he got on and climbed on top of her. Y/N let out a moan when she felt him press sloppy kisses along her back, which was now arched. His fingers trailed down towards her ass, index lingering over her pink puckering hole. The brunette reached over to the side where he had placed the container of lube, squirting the substance on his index and on her entrance. She gripped the bedsheets tightly as his finger penetrated her ass, he stayed completely still trying to get her accustomed to the foreign feeling. It wasn’t until he felt her press against his palm that he decided to move, the sound of her voice filled his ears as he continued to pace himself. At this point it didn’t hurt, but she wasn’t overwhelmed by pleasure either, it came as a shock when she felt another finger infiltrate her tight hole. Breathy mewls left her lips, he wiggled his fingers wanting to hear more, and the bulge in his pants painfully throbbed at the scene before him. The fact that no one had ever touched her there before made this all the more exhilarating, just knowing he was stealing another piece of her innocence was more than enough to get him off.

             There was an emptiness when he retracted both fingers, what is he up to? That question was answered when she felt a cold metal tip press against her pulsing hole. The plug was coated in a generous amount of lubricant, but even then it didn’t just slip in. She was panting, it wasn’t that big but this was all new to her, this was a lot different than his fingers. Once it was in she was clenching around the toy refusing to let go, Taehyung was pleased with how real the tail looked hanging from her.

             “Sit up.”

Reaching over he grabbed the diamond encrusted pastel pink leather collar and placed it around her neck making sure to buckle it properly. Taehyung flicked the little bell causing it to jingle and him to giggle, it was worth every last penny.

            “I’ve always wanted a kitten.” Purred Taehyung leaning back to appreciate his baby girl, she was on her knees, stocking clad thighs tightly pressed together and hands on her lap, the dark furry headband blended into her dark locks making her look like she actually had cat ears, her tail peaked from behind teasing him, and the collar was the perfect final touch. “Fuck, baby girl you look absolutely stunning.”


            “Oh god, yes kitten.” Her face lit up at his response and even more once he got back on the bed with her. His hand shot to the back of her neck and his lips captured hers into a sweet intoxicating kiss entwined with the slight taste of the champagne he had drunk earlier that night. With every passing minute it became more rough and raw, their teeth clashing was one of the few indicators. It was bizarre, outside of bed Taehyung treated her as if she were made out of glass, but in bed he was a completely different person.

            Before she knew it Y/N was on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist and his hardened member grinding against her drenched entrance. Taehyung could feel her juices staining his pants signaling that she was in need of more. He was panting when he pulled away, nonetheless he made his way down to her glistening core.

            “Damn kitten, you’re dripping.” Embarrassed by his comment she tried to close her legs, but he got a hold of her thighs and spread them wide. He wasted no time in diving right in, his tongue teasingly licked her aching pussy. His large hands felt around until they landed on her perky mounds, fingers toying with her erect nipples. Her moans only inflated his ego, he was starting to get greedy, which is why he darted towards her clit eager to hear her scream for him.

            Her palms were laid flat against the comforter, back arched, and lips parted spewing out curses he didn’t know she knew while he lapped her like he hadn’t eaten in days. The fuzzy tail brushed against his chin as he sucked on the sensitive bud. The pressure in her stomach was becoming more intense, until she could no longer take it.

             “Da- Daddy!” her pleasure filled cries broke through the air, juices rushed down her thighs and into his mouth. For a couple of seconds everything seemed to go white, there was also a loud buzzing in her ears as well that left her disoriented for a split second. The toe curling orgasm had her huffing.

             “Mmm, tasty as always kitten.”


             “Of course, my little kitten’s pussy is my favorite snack.” His crude words had her instantly wet and yearning for more, she was finally ready to take him. Taehyung was hard, painfully hard. He needed her, only she could relieve his throbbing boner, Y/N, his baby girl. Hastily he began to peel his clothes off, the moment he yanked his briefs off his cock sprung free, slapping against his toned stomach. She gawked in amazement as he pumped himself, his large hands looked small wrapped around his thick and lengthy shaft. “Kitten.” The brunette groaned bucking into his closed fist as he pressed his back against the headboard for support. “Come here kitten, I want to watch you fuck yourself senseless on daddy’s cock.” Her face pinked and her core pulsed with desire, Taehyung always knew exactly what to say.

             Taehyung watched in amazement as she crawled over to him, she looked like a cute little kitten on all fours. Here she was, with her hand on the base of his shaft. He chewed on the inside of his cheek when he felt his tip graze against her moist sex, steadily she began to sink down on it. His pupils dilated further seeing her cunt take him all in. He breathed a sigh in relief feeling her soft wet walls squeeze around his meat, she was feeling tighter than usual.

            Y/N could feel every curve and bulging vein on his dick, she felt full, even more so with the butt plug. Her fretful whimper brought him out his lust filled thoughts. “Kitten… if it’s too much we can always stop.” He gruffly suggested, he didn’t want to be the only one enjoying this and he definitely didn’t want her hurting.  

             “No! I- I’ll be fine, just give me a second.” It took him a lot of self-control not to pound into her, he had to let her adjust. Her hands clutched onto his tanned shoulders giving her leverage to move, his breath becoming ragged as she starts to rhythmically bounce on him.

            Craning his head back the brunette groaned at the euphoric feeling of her throbbing cunt gliding over and over his shaft. “Kitten you’re so fucking tight!” nothing could compare to the feeling of being inside of her. Looking down he watched as her walls delectably hugged him, astonished by how such a petite girl could take him, all of him. Raising his hand in the air it swiftly came down on her ass, the slap echoed through the room. One slap after another Y/N mewled loving the stinging sensation he was creating. His hand gave her one last smack before sensually massaging the red marked up area.

             “Daddy! Ah, daddy you feel so good.” Her words were as lewd as her moans. “You fill me up so well!”

             “Shit, kitten you’re such a little whore for daddy, aren’t you?” he groaned pushing her down onto her back, he couldn’t take this anymore, he needed to be in control.

             “Ahh, yes!” she squeaked falling back, Y/N knew she was in for it now.

             His fingers pressed into her hips creating crescent shaped bruises on her smooth skin as he savagely pounded into her. With every harsh thrust the tiny platinum bell rung, mixing in with the sound of their skin slapping, mewls and groans. It was like she was being ripped in half, pleasure and pain mingling together to create an overwhelmingly delicious sensation that had her gasping for air. Taehyung hissed at the feeling on her long nails running along his back ripping his skin and causing blood to trickle down.

             “Jesus Christ, kitten!” she was getting tighter with every rapid jerk, indicating that her release was near. She was unable to squirm as he pushed his weight down on her, pressing her against the covers and shoving the toy deeper into her other hole. This change provided him with a new angle, Taehyung delve deeper inside of her making her scream. She looked utterly helpless beneath him, pathetic even, especially with the high pitched whines and whimpers seeping from her swollen lips. With a couple more aggressive thrusts he had her crying out his name in pleasure, tears spilling for a second time that night, but for a different reason.

             The knot in her stomach uncoiled, coating his thick cock in her sweet nectar. The girl’s body quivered against him before going numb, Taehyung’s thrust were as erratic as his breathing. Her walls were begging to be painted by the way they were sucking him in. Unable to hold back anymore his fingers dug into the delicate flesh on her hips ripping it.

             “Kittens like milk, don’t they?” his question was muted by her own cries and the ringing of her bell, he pulled away jerking his meat spurting hot ribbons of cum onto her flushed face. Taehyung let out a guttural grunt loving the fact that some of his creamy seed had landed on her cat ears. Her pretty little face was covered in his sticky seed, there was so much that it was dribbling down to the now soiled sheets. “Aw, my baby! You’ve always been a messy little eater.” He tittered scooping some of the white substance off her face and shoving the coated finger in her mouth for her to suck on. Her tongue swirled over his slender finger before letting it go with a loud ‘pop’.

             “Wait here.” His footsteps became distant and not long after he returned, carefully he wiped her face clean with a moist towel.

             “Daddy…” Y/N whimpered in a hoarse voice.

             “What is it baby girl?”

             “I’m sleepy.” She whispered tiredly.

             “Okay baby, let’s get you washed up and ready for bed.”

             Y/N’s eyes fluttered open, to her side was Taehyung sound asleep, he looked so angelic. Usually she’d wake up to an empty bed, maybe she had woken up early. Glancing over at the clock she saw that it was 8:30 AM, way past the time Taehyung would wake up. Panic filled her body realizing he was late, hastily she shook him until the man swatted her hands away. With a groan he pulled the covered closer to himself and snuggled deeper into the bed.

             “Sleep…baby…” he huskily murmured.

             “Wake up, you’re late for work!”

             “I’m not going.” Taehyung stated stubbornly.


             “Now, shut up and sleep.” Pulling her down with him he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and nuzzled his nose into her hair. “You know… I’ve missed you too.” Taehyung confessed addressing her words from the previous night.

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Lena getting home after a long day just so exhausted her hair pulled from it hair tie, running her fingers through her hair. And sweet Kara getting her out of her work clothes and into pajamas. Kissing Lena's forehead as she's sitting on their bed. Kara touching Lena's cheek and Lena just leaning into it. Kara combing Lena's hair behind her eyes and Lena's eyes fluttering close. "Did you eat already? Or do you just wanna go to bed?" "Can we just go to bed darling?" "Of course."

Fake Chats #94
  • Jimin: you run your fingers through your hair.
  • Jungkook: okay.
  • Jimin: and then shake it out.
  • Jungkook: uh huh.
  • Jimin: and then run your fingers through again.
  • Taehyung: and then smile like you're embarrassed but you know you actually look good.
  • Jimin: Tae!
  • Jungkook: okay. *does the steps* So?
  • Jimin: yeah, like that.
  • Taehyung: I dunno, I don't think it has the same appeal.
  • Jungkook: well, we can't all be Park Jimin.
  • Taehyung: right you are, Kookie, right you are.
  • Jungkook: *grumbling* born in Busan first...fluffy hair...hmph...
  • Jimin: aw, Kookie! *ruffles his hair*

“Draco, you don’t have to do this.” Dumbledore slowly raised his hands in surrender. Draco didn’t lower his wand and he gripped it so tightly his knuckles turned white, his entire arm shaking. 

“You don’t understand!” A sob escaped him as he struggled to keep his wand pointed at the headmaster. 

“Draco, I’m sure–”

“HE HAS Y/N!” 

Dumbledore was quieted. Draco almost collapsed to the ground in hysterics. 

“He has y/n and if I don’t kill you, he’ll kill her. He’ll KILL HER YOU OLD FOOL!”

All was quiet except for the occasional sounds of weeping from the blonde boy. The only thoughts running through Draco’s head were that he needed to save y/n, he needed to kill Dumbledore so his girlfriend’s life would be saved, he needed to do it. 

Then Snape rounded the corner.

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(one word prompt thingy)

“I can’t believe I’ve never seen it like this,” Kurt murmurs, reaching across the back seat of the car to slip his fingertips into the curls around Blaine’s ear. Rachel and Finn, still buzzing over their prom court wins, are chattering away in front now that Rachel’s shock has worn off and she’s got her usual command of her tongue back. “A whole year together, best friends for longer, and I’ve never seen it. How did that happen?”

Blaine shrugs sheepishly, hiding an embarrassed grimace in the corner of his mouth as he says, “I’m good at hiding it. I should have copied you; a top hat was so smart to beat the gel ban.” 

Kurt looks down at said top hat, resting in his lap since the car roof is too low for him to wear it. He runs a hand through his thick, mostly straight hair, which currently sits on top of his head in a tousled mess, a few locks falling over his forehead. “I could have gone without it,” he says, “if I really wanted to commit to this laid-back, rockstar aesthetic. Sometimes I can’t help adding a touch of dandy.” 

“You’d still look good without it, though. You didn’t need a hat.” Blaine keeps patting his hair every few seconds like he doesn’t know he’s doing it.

“Neither do you, Blaine, you look amazing. You always look amazing.” Kurt unbuckles his seatbelt to move closer, slipping into the middle area of the seat and putting the top hat next to him. 

“Kurt, seatbelt!” Finn yells, his crown slipping a little on his head as he looks into the rearview mirror. The seatbelt icon on the driver console started blinking and beeping as soon as Kurt moved seats. “They never let me drive the car, please, just be cool–”

“Relax, Finn, Jesus… I’m buckled in again, okay? Watch the road.” 


Kurt shakes his head, more amused than annoyed, then turns back to his boyfriend. He scoots in as closely as possible, wrapping his arms around Blaine’s arm and resting his chin on Blaine’s shoulder to gaze adoringly at him. “I love your hair like this. What don’t you like about it?” 

Blaine fidgets a bit in his seat, patting his hair again. “It’s so… big.”

“My hair is also big.” Kurt ruffles it, and as short, thick hair tends to do, most of the strands remain in an upward direction. 

“It’s frizzy.” 

“We live in a Great Lakes state, Blaine. Humidity happens. But you could have learned to control the frizz by now if you’d just let it be.”

“It’s too curly.”

“White people told you that.” 

Blaine snorts and doubles over laughing, as far as his seatbelt will allow. “Oh my god…”

Kurt giggles, reclaiming his spot against Blaine’s shoulder once he settles back again. “When Mercedes and I started hanging out, and I said something… without perspective, we’ll call it… that’s what she’d say. Bright pink lipstick isn’t flattering on her? Coach Sue’s body restrictions for the Cheerios are reasonable? The color ‘nude’ is a shade of peachy beige? ‘Kurt, baby, white people told you that.’”

“We don’t hang out with her enough anymore.” 

“We really don’t. Anyway, those beauty ideals are bullshit, Blaine. You can have your curls and still be the most attractive guy I know. You are. AND,” Kurt says, wagging a finger in Blaine’s face as he opens his mouth to speak, “before you even go there, because I know you want to… That includes Cooper. Cooper’s hair doesn’t matter.”

Blaine searches Kurt’s eyes, his expression still a little hesitant. “Really?”

Kurt kisses Blaine’s temple and digs his hand deeper into Blaine’s curls. “It’s your body, so do what you want with it. But just know that I’m attracted to you no matter what, and I’d love to see you like this more often, if you’re okay with letting me.” He scoots in closer, putting his lips to Blaine’s ear, and whispers, “Maybe the next time we get a night alone, hmm?” 

The feeling of Kurt’s fingers massaging his scalp and Kurt’s warm lips and breath on his ear sends a shiver down Blaine’s spine. When he finally looks over at him, he can’t deny it; Kurt looks like he wants to jump into his lap right then and there in the back of the car. 

Blaine turns and puts his own hand into Kurt’s hair – a special treat for him, too, since Kurt is usually so fond of the world’s stiffest hairspray – and watches the way his eyes slide shut like a purring cat’s. “Okay, Kurt. I think we can work something out.”

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don't be an ass + jimon? thank you!

“Hey Simon?” Jace says, breaking the comfortable silence that had been hanging around them. They’re lying on Jace’s bed, Simon’s head resting on Jace’s chest and Jace’s hand running through Simon’s hair. Simon hums in response, eyes closed. It’s clear he’s drifting off to sleep, and normally Jace would let him, but he feels like he’s going to explode if he doesn’t say what he wants to say right now. “I, uh, I just want you to know that, like. You’re pretty okay, and stuff.”

Simon’s head lifts up from his chest, and he’s clearly awake now. “Pretty okay and stuff? That’s what you interrupted my nap for? Romantic,” he says with a snort. “That’s like, what every boy dreams to hear. Fuck all these big romantic gestures, what really matters is when he tells you you’re ‘pretty okay and stuff’.”

“Don’t be an ass, Simon,” Jace frowns, “You know I’m not good with feelings. What I’m trying to say is that you’re important to me. I want you to know you’re important to me.”

“Yeah,” Simon says, resting his head on Jace’s chest again and snuggling even closer, “You’re pretty important to me too.”

Jace rests his head on Simon’s and sighs. He longs for the day he’ll be comfortable enough to tell Simon how he really feels, how Simon makes him feel like he’s flying and falling all at once, how everything begins and starts with Simon, how Jace has walked among the children of angels, but still he has never seen anyone as beautiful as Simon.

But for now, this is enough.

I’ll Come Back for You Pt 5

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: The group is now at Maz Kanata’s castle, hoping to find a way to get to the Resistance base. They are attacked by the First Order, but help comes and Y/N is reunited with the very people she had missed the most. 

Warnings: Curse words, a little wound.

I do not own anything!!!!

A/N: Sorry if it was a long wait, I know I promised it for yesterday but I was so exhausted from school! Enjoy!

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Green. You had never seen so much green in your entire life. All you could do was stare in awe while Poe was trying to find a place to land the U-Wing you guys had borrowed for your trip. You were mesmerized by how the trees were flowing with the wind and how soft the grass looked. All you could think about was running your hands through the grass and you just wanted to run up to a tree and hug it. So many questions were running through your mind and you felt your heart pound from the excitement you have been holding in the entire trip. You heard Poe say something, but didn’t pay attention until he nudged you gently with his elbow.

“Huh? What?” You said, slowly turning your attention towards a smiling Poe.

“I asked if you had ever been to a planet like this, Y/N/N,” Poe laughed.

You blushed and shook your head,

“No, none as beautiful as this,” you turned your head back to look towards the planet, “I have been to other planets, of course. None of them had as much green as this one does. I was either on a planet that was covered with sand or one with tons of buildings.”

You turned to look at Poe, who was looking at you sadly. You gave him a sad smile and cleared your throat,

“Anyways,” you put your hand on his arm, “thank you for bringing me here, Poe. It really means a lot that you would do this for me.”

“Yeah well, you aren’t as much of a pain in my ass as you think you are, Y/N/N,” he smirked at you and you laughed, lightly pushing him.

You heard BB-8 chirp, letting the both of you know that he found a spot to land. When Poe brought the U-Wing closer to the ground, you unstrapped yourself, and raced towards the door. You bounced impatiently as you waited for Poe to lower the door. When he finally did, you ran out onto the grass and stopped. You had been waiting for this moment your entire life, but you found yourself paralyzed at the sight. You shot your hand out towards the grass slowly, and suddenly closed it into a fist. The grass had looked so pure, that you were afraid it would taint it as soon as you touched it. You took it one step at a time; the air feeling cool against your skin. There was a light breeze, and you could smell just how clean the planet was. The breeze was also making your hair fly just enough around you, tickling your face and you smiled. You felt easily relaxed and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath.

You felt another hand lightly grab your wrist and you shot your eyes open, relaxing when you looked into Poe’s brown orbs. He unclenched your fist and leaned you both down to touch the grass. He must have saw how conflicted you were with touching it, you thought to yourself. When your hands finally reached the grass, you were shocked at how cold it was, causing you to flinch a little but continued moving your hand forward. You thought that the grass was the softest thing you could ever imagine. BB-8 rolled right next to you and began chirping happily. You turned towards Poe and gave him the biggest smile you could manage.

“It’s so soft, Poe,” you said, continuing to pet the grass.

Poe chuckled and removed your hand from his grasp. You had forgotten that he was holding your hand and you blushed. You lifted your hand from the grass and watched as Poe walked back to the ship. You panicked as you thought he was going to tell you to get ready to leave, but released a breath of relief when you was he was walking back, carrying a basket with a blanket lying on top of it. He stopped right next to you and gave you a smile, to which you returned with a look of confusion.

“What is that Poe?” You asked, nodding towards his hands.

“Oh, this?” He lifted the basket up and looked at it, “I just thought we could enjoy a nice picnic for the birthday princess.”

You smiled brightly at Poe and nodded in agreement.

“Where should we go?” You asked.

“Lead the way princess, I’ll follow you wherever you go.”

BB-8 chirped in agreement and you felt the heat rise in your cheeks once again and quickly turned, hoping that Poe didn’t see you blushing for the third time. You began to walk and saw a nice spot near a body of water. Poe handed you the blanket and you laid it down on the ground. While Poe was setting up the picnic, you walked down to the water, with BB-8 rolling next to you. You watched as the waves rolled lightly against the surface. You heard footsteps behind you and turned your head as Poe walked to your side.

“So what do you think of the planet so far, Y/N/N? Is it everything you imagined?”

“It’s even more beautiful than I imagined, Poe.”

He laughed,

“Well, that’s one thing we disagree on.”

You raised your brow and simply asked what he meant. He looked directly in your Y/E/C eyes and said,

“I can think of one person that is more beautiful than this planet.”

You hit yourself mentally as you felt your cheeks, once again, heat up. It was almost like he was saying anything to get you to blush. You smiled and turned to look back at the water, hoping he didn’t see how flushed you looked. You heard him laugh,

“You know, you’re cute when you blush.”

You looked back at him and smiled shyly,

“Oh yeah?” you said smugly, “Well, you’re cute when you’re wet!” You bent down and grabbed a handful of water, splashing Poe whose face instantly dropped when he saw what was happening and tried dodging it. You laughed at Poe, who was staring at you in disbelief. He gave you an evil smile and you stopped laughing and gulped when you saw him step towards you slowly.

“So that’s how you want to play, huh princess?”

You shook your head,

“No Poe,” you said sweetly, “I would rather run instead.” You took off running away from the body of water, laughing and you turned your head to see Poe catching up to you and pushed yourself to run faster. BB-8 rolled up right next to you and you yelled,

“C’mon BB-8, we can’t let him catch-“ you were interrupted when you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist from behind and twirl you around. You were giggling like a child and heard Poe laughing as well. He lowered you down and you smiled at him,

“Thank you for bringing me here Poe, this is seriously the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Y/N.” Poe smiled, “I would do anything for you.”


You thought of the memory when Rey mentioned how she had never known there was so much green. You and your dad looked at each other sadly before glancing at Rey, who was still mesmerized by the planet. As your dad set the ship down, Rey quickly got up from her seat and ran outside. You moved to follow, when your dad pulled you by your elbow.

“You need to stay close to me, Y/N. There are all types of creeps in there. Do you understand?”

You nodded your head and he handed you a blaster, which you took and hid it behind you. Your dad walked to grab some supplies, with Finn following him. You walked outside and stood next to Rey, who was still staring at the land. You nudged her shoulder and she looked back at you, smiling.

“I remember the first time I ever went to a planet like this, I was so excited.”

“I was worried I looked like a fool,” she looked down and you frowned.

“Hey,” you put a hand on her arm and she looked back up, “you are not a fool. You are allowed to be excited about visiting another planet. I was the exact same way when I visited my first green planet. I had been to many other planets before, but they mostly had sand and buildings. When I was able to see a planet like this, I was completely astonished. So you have every right to feel this way.”

Rey smiled back and nodded,

“Thank you, Y/N. You have been a wonderful friend.”

You smiled,

“Not as great as you Rey. Without your help, Finn, BB-8, and I would not have made it out of Jakku alive. Thank you for flying us.”

You reached to hug her and she hugged back. You pulled away and smiled.

“Hey,” you began, “how come you have never left Jakku? You’re an amazing pilot Rey; you could fly anywhere you want to.”

Her smile dropped and she began to look nervous,

“Well um, I have been waiting for my family. I was only a child when they left me on Jakku, I hardly remember them.”

You felt your heart ache and you gave her a sad look which she returned with a forced smile,

“But they will be back, someday. That’s why I need to get back to Jakku after I make sure BB-8 and you two are back with the Resistance.”

You were about to say something when your dad walked up to her and handed her a blaster. He asked her if she would be interested in working with him and Chewie, to which she declined. You knew she was at least thinking about it and you began to follow your father towards a building. Your dad began to talk about how someone named Maz Kanata and how she was your best bet at getting BB-8 and you all to the Resistance. You had heard the name plenty of times as she would help out with the Resistance, letting you know of people who were plotting to exploit the Resistance to the First Order or just simply helping out as a friend.

When you opened the doors and walked into the castle, everyone there was having their own conversations and music filled the room. No one had acknowledged you until you heard a loud, booming voice that stopped you all in your tracks.

“Han Solo!”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked directly towards your group. It was so silent; you thought that everyone around you could hear your heart pounding. You rolled your eyes and glared towards your dad, who nervously waved and said

“Hey Maz.”


You all sat down with Maz as she began talking to you. Your father had asked Maz to get you all to the Resistance. Instead, she began to scold your father, telling him to make his way back home and you smiled. You hoped that your father would come back with you, to make up with your mother and you could all be a family again, minus Ben. Your heart sank at the feeling; you just knew it could never be how it was before this mess happened. You were pulled from your thoughts when you saw Maz climbing on the table, staring at Finn.

“If you live long enough, you see the same eyes in different people.” She continued to scan him, “I’m looking at the eyes of a man who wants to run.”

Finn leaned forward,

“You don’t know a thing about me,” his voice dropped an octave lower and you stared at him, “what I’ve done, what I’ve seen. You don’t know the First Order like I do. They’ll slaughter us, we all need to run.”

Maz let out a hum and sat back in her seat. She pointed out two guys and mentioned that they could help him escape. Finn looked towards the both of you and asked you both to come with him.

“What about BB-8?” Rey asked, “We have to get him back to your base.”

Finn shook his head and stood up. He took of Poe’s jacket, which you had forgotten he was wearing, and handed it to you. You took it reluctantly and watched as he walked away. You slipped on Poe’s jacket and looked at Rey before following him. You walked up to Finn and pulled him back,

“We’re not letting you leave Finn,” you said in a serious tone,” you’re one of us.”

“Y/N is right, Finn,” Rey said, “you can’t just go.”

Finn pulled from your grasp and looked directly at Rey,

“I’m not who you think I am Rey. I’m not Resistance. I’m not a hero, I’m a Stormtrooper.”

You saw Rey flinch a little and put a hand on her arm, nodding for her to listen to him, and she did. Finn continued to talk,

“I was taken from my home, and raised to do one thing. But my first battle, I made a choice. I wasn’t going to kill for them, so instead I ran. I ran into Y/N and Poe, and then I ran into you. You all looked at me like no one ever had. I was ashamed of whom I was and I made my decision. I am not going back to the First Order. Please, Y/N and Rey, come with me.”

“Finn, you know that I can’t,” you shook your head and put a hand on his arm, “I have to finish this mission, mine and Poe’s mission. I have to do this for him.”

“Poe’s dead Y/N!” Finn yelled, and you flinched back. Your eyes opened wide and you stared at him. His eyes went from rage to sadness as he realized what he said. You felt your eyes sting with tears and tried to hold them back.

“Y/N…” he began and you shook your head and walked away, not looking back. You were walking away and you began to hear someone whisper your name.


You looked around in confusion and looked around; you saw Rey and noticed her walking towards some stairs. You decided to follow her down the steps and grabbed her arm gently. You let go when you heard your name being whispered again,


She continued to walk and stopped at a door, which opened for the both of you. You saw a chest and it was like something was pulling the both of you towards it. You watched as Rey leant down and opened the chest. Inside, there was a lightsaber and you saw as Rey reached for it

“Y/N, don’t!”

You reached to grab her arm right as she grabbed the lightsaber and you both flinched. You released her arm and looked around you, you looked back down and noticed that Rey wasn’t with you and you began to panic. You looked back up and realized you were in your dad’s ship. You heard two little kids laughing behind you and you turned around to see a young boy, with curly black hair, and a little girl, with Y/H/L, Y/H/C, hair. They were running around, the boy with a toy lightsaber and the girl with a toy blaster. You gasped as you realized it was you and your brother.

“Ben?” You whispered to yourself, and he turned to look at you. You gasped as he stared right at you and he held his hand out. Shakily, you reached forward to grab it but then watched as he disappeared.


You turned and looked behind you as you heard the voice of your father call your name. Someone had bumped into your shoulder, knocking you down and you looked up to see a little younger version of yourself running towards your father and jumping into his arms.

“I missed you so much, Dad!”

“I missed you too, sweet pea.” Your dad set you down, “Now, where is your mother and brother?”

You began to stand up as you felt your chest tightening. You felt like you couldn’t breath and pulled a hand to your chest, you felt your knees shake and you thought you were going to pass out.

“Y/N,” you flinched as you recognized the voice, “Hey, don’t pass out on me, princess. I don’t think I could handle not hearing your pretty voice. Even if you have used it many times to threaten me with it.”

You turned and found yourself looking at a beaten Poe and felt your heart sink. You felt tears slip from your eyes and you began to hyperventilate. You shakily walked towards Poe and as soon as you reached to cup his face, he disappeared and you were back in the room, touching a wall. You were still breathing hard and you saw Rey sitting on the floor looking towards someone. You shakily walked out of the room and saw Maz Kanata walking towards the both of you.


“Rey! Come back!” You yelled for her as she began to run back to the forest. Maz Kanata had told you how the lightsaber, which was your Uncle Luke’s, was calling out to the both of you. She told Rey that she should trust the Force to find Luke and to take the lightsaber. She panicked and began to ran away, to which you and BB-8 followed her. You stopped as you lost her and went back to your father to tell him what happened. You didn’t realize that BB-8 went missing until you walked up to him.

“Dad, Rey is gone. I don’t know where she went and” you trailed off as you began to hear people shouting from outside. Your dad place a hand on your back and you followed him outside. You saw people looking up and you did the same, your heart dropping at the scene. In the sky were red beams of light, going towards other planets. You gasped a put a hand to cover your mouth, tears threatening to spill and you heard the voice of Finn next to you.

“It was the Republic. The First Order, they’ve done it.” You looked towards Finn, pulling your hand away from your mouth, “Where’s Rey?”

You began to explain what happened, and in the middle of that story, Maz asked you all to follow her back to the room where the lightsaber was. She handed it to Finn and told him to use it.  You felt a familiar weight upon you and heard the whirring of Tie fighters. You all ran outside and saw dozens of ships as well as Stormtroopers attacking the castle. You readied your blaster and began to shoot at the Stormtroopers. You ran along with your father and Chewie and began dodging the blasts from the Stormtroopers. The three of you were taking cover along a wall, your dad and Chewie on both sides of you, shooting anyone that shot at you. Your dad stopped and reached for Chewie’s bowcaster,

“Hey, can I try that?”

Chewie growled and nodded, handing it over to him.

“Oooh yeah, me next,” you begged. You watched as your dad took a shot at some Stormtroopers, he turned back towards the both of you,

“I like this thing.” You reached for it,

“Ok you had your fun,” you snatched it from his hands and began to aim at a group of Stormtroopers, “now it’s my turn.” You released the trigger and felt a rush of adrenaline as you watched the blast take out the group. You smiled widely,

“Oh my stars that was fucking awesome!”

Your father snatched the bowcaster from you and nudged you hard before yelling

“Language!” You rolled your eyes and continued to blast away. You heard the familiar sound of a lightsaber and turned to see Finn in a battle with a Stormtrooper who was carrying a weird electric thing. You nudged your dad,

“Uh, dad-“

“Already on it, kid.” You three began running and watched in horror as Finn was thrown back after getting hit by the Stormtroopers weapon. Your dad raised the bowcaster and released the trigger, watching as it shot the Stormtrooper straight in the chest and fly back. You and your father reached down to help Finn up when you were interrupted by the sound of Stormtroopers raising their weapons to you. They took your weapons and began to walk you to an empty area. You heard one of them mention something about an incoming and you watched as they all took cover. You looked at your dad, who didn’t acknowledge you, as he said,

“It’s the Resistance.”

You turned to look and saw a group of X-Wings make your way towards you, shooting at the Tie fighters in the sky and the Stormtroopers near you. You all raced to grab your weapons and began firing at the Stormtroopers. You stood next to Finn and watched in awe as one of the X-Wings began taking out Stormtroopers, then Tie fighters, all while doing flips in the air.

“What a show-off!” You yelled at the same time as Finn was yelling,

“Whoo! That’s one hell of a pilot!”

You looked at each other and laughed before continuing on. The weight you felt earlier began to feel stronger and you lowered your weapon. You heard a blaster go off and felt a sharp pain to your left side, but it didn’t affect you as much as the pain you felt in your head. You began to fall to your knees, putting your hand to your head. Finn leaned down to help you up and you shook your head in panic.

“M-my b-brother…” you shakily whispered and Finn looked at you in confusion before looking up and his face dropped. He began running and yelling Rey’s name. Your father came up to you and helped you up, looking at you in sadness as you realized he saw him too. You finally felt a burning pain on your side and yelped as you took a step. You put a hand to your side and looked up as you heard the sound of a ship come closer and, with your father’s help, began walking towards it. Finn began rambling something about Rey and your father simply ignored him. You were about to yell at him for being rude, when you heard the ship door open and saw Resistance members walking out of the ship. You watched as your mother walked out and you took off and ran into her embrace, ignoring the pain in your side. You heard her sigh in relief and pulled away, noticing there were tears in her eyes,

“I thought I lost you.”

You smiled and hugged her again,

“You can’t get rid of me that easily, Mom.” You pulled away and watched as she looked past you towards your father. You felt awkward so you nodded for Chewie and Finn to help you onto the ship.


You had gotten patched up on the ship and Finn sat next to you the entire time. He kept asking if you were fine and you got a little annoyed, but still reassured him you were. BB-8 was also chirping next to you, and you just huffed in annoyance and nodded. You heard a voice over an intercom that was letting you know that you were about to land at the Resistance Base. Finn helped you up and began walking you towards the door.

“Y/N…” you heard Finn begin to say and you turned to look at him, “I’m so sorry for what I said back there, about Poe. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

You gave him a sad smile and reached for his hand,

“I know you didn’t Finn and it’s okay,” you squeezed his hand, “I forgive you.”

He forced a smile and helped you out as soon as the doors opened. You took a breath of relief as you realized you were finally safe and had BB-8 right next to you. The only thing that would make you better is if Poe was with you. Finn started to help you walk away from the ship. You saw people hurrying around you, trying to help or go to their ships. People waved or nodded at you and you just smiled. Finn had stopped walking and you turned towards him and saw he was staring as if he’d seen a ghost you were about to look forward when you felt BB-8 roll quickly past you. You followed the droid and froze as you saw who it was rolling to. You saw Poe leaning towards BB-8, patting it and you gasped. You pulled away from Finn and began to slowly limp towards him.

“Poe?” You whispered to yourself and as if he heard you, he looked at you and his face lit up.

“Y/N/N?” He stood up and made his way towards you.

“Poe!” You yelled this time and took off running, ignoring the pain. You ran right into his arms and he lifted you up and spun you. You began sobbing and did not let go for a while. He finally lowered you and pulled you away before placing his hands on the side of your face and pushing his lips to yours. You froze at first, but then melted into the kiss. He finally broke the kiss and brought his forehead to yours and whispered,

“I have been waiting for a long time to do that, Y/N/N.”

You blushed,

“I never thought I would see you again, Poe.”

“I told you before, princess, I will always come back for you.”

You smiled softly and pulled him in for another kiss. When he pulled away, he scanned your body and bit his bottom lip,

“Is that my jacket?”

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Friday Part II

A career opportunity has come my way, but it’s in the capital.

So, when someone on the search committee emailed me I said no, because of fostering. Can’t move out of state.

Then they came back and said they’d make it a remote position, with an occasional trip to the national office.

I said maybe.

Then my boss did something pretty terrible.

I said yeah, maybe.

So, I’m spending the evening pulling stuff, running logistics through my head and hoping the perfect babysitter who will do light housekeeping comes up soon.

concept: warm under the covers of your bed, i wrap my arms around your waist, pulling you close to me. you run your fingers through my hair and massage little circles into my scalp. i lean in to give you a soft kiss and the hum you make fills me with warmth and love

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“got locked in a walk-in refrigerator/freezer and now we gotta keep warm somehow” au - JinMin

Jimin runs a hand through his hair and wants to sigh, but that’ll just make him chillier. It’s been just long enough that it’s getting uncomfortable. And of course he isn’t wearing a hoodie or anything.

He looks at Jin, pacing a few feet off while keeping his arms moving, and frowns.

“We’re going to die in here,” he says. It’s not even sad, just…resigned. Jin stops moving and stares. “I told them last week, fix the walk-in door, it sticks. I told them last month!”

“Yeah I know, I told them,” Jin sighs. “It’s fine. They’ll get us soon. We’re not going to die. We just…have to keep our cool.”

Jimin stares. “Seriously? In a freezer, you’re still…?”

“There is no bad time for puns,” Jin states with gravity. “Listen, we’re stuck here until they get someone in, and that’ll probably be at least another half hour, so…come hug me.”


“Hug me,” Jin says again as he holds his arms open. “It’s getting to be ridiculously cold and I’m not built for this life.”

They’ve only been coworkers for about two months. Jimin assumed Jin would quit fairly quickly, considering he looks a lot like the type to expect to be served, not do the serving. But Jin works hard, and brings a really fun atmosphere to even the roughest shifts, and has an ungodly assortment of dad jokes, and….Jimin might have a crush. So in theory, this hugging thing is perfect. He’s been sort of dying to touch Jin in any capacity. But now he’s frozen in place and–

Shit. The lame jokes are spreading.

Jin sucks his teeth. “Fine, I’ll come to you, then.” And Jimin doesn’t have time or the capacity to argue, because now there are arms around him.

The hug is chilly but it takes seconds for their bodies to warm up just a tad. Jimin lets out a pleased sigh and regrets it immediately. Jin chuckles and gives Jimin a tighter squeeze.

“Is this working for you?” he jokes. “That was an interesting noise.”

“Don’t make fun,” Jimin mutters.

“If we make it out of this harrowing ordeal alive, we should get coffee or something,” Jin says. “The hot kind. Definitely not iced.”

“Please stop.”

Aayla is still awake when Bly slips into her quarters.  It’s late, and he looks exhausted when he removes his helmet.  She smiles softly and shifts in her small bunk to make room for him as he slowly removes his armor piece by piece, laying them carefully aside, before shrugging off the top half of his blacks.  He smiles back at her when he catches her watching and crosses the room in one step.  He still hasn’t said a word when he curls up at her side, lays his head in her lap, and closes his eyes.  She runs her fingers through the velvety bristle of his hair, still reading her reports as he falls asleep with a contented smile on his lips.

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many miles: a playlist in three parts | [part i] [part ii] [part iii]

ii. empty bones : the champion

01. a sadness runs through him - the hoosiers / 02. gonna go far kid - the offspring / 03. icarus - bastille / 04. inferno - sir sly / 05. holy - pvris / 06. in the water - anadel / 07. someone new - hozier / 08. blue lips - regina spektor / 09. the call - ruu campbell / 10. the spiritual - jukebox the ghost / 11. the hands that thieve - streetlight manifesto

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concept: you’re straddling my lap and i lightly run my fingers up along your spine. you shiver at my touch and when my fingers reach the back of your neck, you rest your arms on my shoulders and lean in to kiss me. i run my fingers through your hair and hum happily when you deepen the kiss