runs away crying

Ok but PLEASE consider an AU where after ferid killed akane and all the other hyakuya kids tiny yuu somehow manages to drag tiny mika out of the vampire city before krul and the vampires get there and they both run into guren and join the moon demon company together because:

  • Yuu dragging a passed out, losing blood Mika and spotting Guren and the moon demon company people on that snowy mountain place and screaming that his friend needs help
  • “The prophecy was true. Want to kill some vampires, kid?” “I don’t give a damn about those bloodsuckers, just help Mika!”
  • Mika stays unconscious for days and gets a shitload of blood donations because he’s still human and he’s not getting that arm back and even though Yuu tried to stem the bleeding they’d been going for miles and he’d lost a lot of blood
  • During the time when Mika’s unconscious Guren sets up a place for the kids at his house and tries to get Yuu to come home with him, but Yuu refuses to leave Mika’s side and he’s just so terrified because he’s just lost everyone else he loves and Mika is all he has left but won’t wake up and he just can’t lose Mika too, he can’t
  • The nurses know immediately when Mika does wake up because the sound of Yuu screaming at him can be heard from down the halls
  • They wonder if they’re going to have to break up a fight between an emotionally broken twelve year old and his one-armed, half-dead, equally emotionally broken friend, but by the time they get to the room Yuu’s started crying and he’s buried his face in Mika’s lap and Mika’s running a hand through his hair telling him it’s okay, he’s okay, they’re okay
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