runs away and sobs

Watching TWD like... (SPOILERS!)
  • Dale: *gets his stomach torn off by a biter*
  • Me: well bye then
  • Andrea: *is giving herself a headshot*
  • Me: lol idgaf
  • Rick: *is cutting pigs so they can not run away from the biters*
  • Me: *sobbing* How cruel can a series actually be?!!


* Proud of yourself, are we?
* Proud of what you have done to our home?
* My home?
* Father always told me about the devastating war between humans and monsters.
* We were forced down here after the humans defeated us. This is our sanctuary.
* But…
* It’s no longer that, is it?
* You’ve murdered everything you can get your little hands on, and everyone else evacuated.
* Father told me to evacuate. He told me to run away with Glamor after you…
* (choked sob)
* You.. Murdered my uncles.
* Murdered my MOTHER.
* She spoke so highly of you, calling you silly pet names she called me when I was a child.
* We could have been siblings, you know? We could have been a family.
* But you just had to ruin that, didn’t you?
* …
* My father is up ahead, waiting for you..
* If you think I’m going to let you go and slaughter him, you’ve got another thing coming.
* I’m going to kill you right now. For what you have done to my family and my home.
* Human.
* There are BAAAA-d things ahead for YOU.

Mistral blocks the way.


Written by: irl-odimillican

Twist my heart and shout in pain
  • Me: *spills milk all over the floor*
  • Me: *contemplates the meaning of life*
  • Deans voice echoing in the distance: "Baby you got to hold it together..."
  • Me: *runs away sobbing*

Okay but what if one day Snake and Finny are talking

And then Snake starts talking about his old family and how kind they were to him. And then he talks about how Ciel is going to help find them and bring them back.

And Finny gets all excited and really wants to meet Snake’s family and assures Snake that the young master will find them.

And then Snake shows Finny a photograph of his family and Finny just starts sobBING AND RUNS AWAY AND SNAKE HAS NO IDEA WHY.

The Struggle
  • <p> <b>Friend:</b> So I stayed up binging Teen Wolf this weekend, haha.<p/><b>Other Friend:</b> I read a whole book series called Vampire Academy.<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> I- uh- I rewatched every episode of Miraculous Ladybug and blogged about it...<p/><b>Friends:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Friends:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> LUCKY CHARM! *throws yoyo in the air* Oh- look- an invisible book that says I must go now. Bye. *runs away crying and singing/sobbing the Miraculous Ladybug theme song in French*<p/></p>

Both have tears. Oliver’s eyes even look red.  But what gets me is when he says “Felicity”. He has said her name so many times but this right here…this time, it just means and feels like so much more. 

Okay. I think I am done. *runs away sobbing*

Harry Potter and the half blood prince
  • Dumbledore: severus
  • Me: NO, I WON'T CRY
  • Dumbledore: please
  • Me: *starts sobbing*
  • Snape: avada kedavra!
  • Me: *starts violently sobbing and crying*
  • Dumbledore: *falls epic*
  • Me: *runs out of the room* DUMBLEDORE'S DEEEAAD
  • *Hugs their mother*
  • Mum: whoah, that hurts!
  • Me: *cries even more* HE WAS SO YOUNG, WHY DID HE DIE
  • *Hugs cat*
  • Cat: *jumps away*
  • Me: *sits in a corner and hugst themself*
  • Mum: okay, you've seen this film 10 times now
  • *runs back to the couch to watch the rest*
  • Sis: seriously? You're crying?
  • Me: the 'please' was too much for me!
  • Sis: Dumbledore's live has an end. Like mcr
  • Me: *runs away while sobbing violently*
dragon age: a playthrough summary
  • me, finishing Dragon Age Origins: we saved the world but i am dead. my bard gf is weeping, all friends are sobbing through the eulogy, and the witch runs away.
  • me: What the hell?
  • me, finishing Dragon Age 2: i survived, but my sister is dead, my brother is dead, my mother is dead. my bf just bombed a church and all my friends are screaming.
  • me: What the fuck?
  • me, finishing Dragon Age Inquisition: well, i survived again, but hawke died, and it turns out my lumbersexual bf was lying to me all along and once murdered an entire family. also, my best friend turns out to be a trickster god who wants to destroy the world.
  • me: What the ACTUAL fuck???
  • me: side-eyes Dragon Age 4 SO HARD.

What if Confessions Series - Static (Reader x Steve Rogers)
Word Count: 1403
Warning: Some… smut. Stuff. It’s not v good. Also a joke and confession kind of!

A/N: Goodbye followers, I know you guys will leave me after this one. It’s so badly written, I do apologise. I’ve never done this before. I should… practice. *SOB* Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

*hits post and runs away* GOODBYEEeeeeee.

Steve was upset with you, but he wouldn’t tell you why. His responses were short and curt. For some reason, instead of getting upset, you got mad. You felt like you had had enough. He had hurt you once before, so you wouldn’t let him hurt you again, especially with no valid reason or logic.

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I propose a secret handshake for Hamilton fans–you know, you hear someone blasting “My Shot” too loudly in their headphones, or some stranger at the bus stop subtly drops a Jefferson “whaaaaat” into conversation, and you just know they’re one of us, and you want to say hi. 

so here’s what you do: wide stance, fingergun straight up in the air like the logo

and the proper secret handshake reply, of course, is to yell “WAIT!” and then fingergun-shoot them

(the secret code for “I’m also obsessed with the actual history” is to follow that up by running away sobbing to Louisiana)

The signs dropping food on the floor:
  • Taurus: jumps on it like its going to run away
  • Gemini: of course this would happen
  • Cancer: stares and sobs quietly
  • Leo: just picks it up and gets more food, like fuck it
  • Virgo: cleans floor frantically saying "AAAANTS"
  • Libra: oh my god is this a sign? Is my diet telling me to stop cheating????
  • Sagittarius: well, fuck its gone forever
  • capricorn: sighs the 5 second rule and picks it back up
  • pisces: but... I thought what we had was special...

(hue guess which four nerds im with in the last one. THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCES WERE REAL MAYTE)

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