runs away and sobs

I will take my pain,
every single aching bit of it,
I will take it
and I will create
a new galaxy
from it.

You will not be the death of me.
I am a burning star,
a supernova,
exploding, and then collapsing, 
with the promise
of a new life. 

Thank you
for every single time
you have shattered me.
For every single time
you have made me feel empty.
I’m not pushing it away anymore.

I feel the burning in my chest,
I feel the breaking of my heart,
I feel tears streaming out of my eyes. 
I am screaming, 
I am kicking, 
and I am sobbing. 

But I am not
running away from any of this.
Not anymore.

You have shattered me.
Thank you.
I can now, finally,
rebuild myself.

—  Poetic Moon Child (Supernova)

Aaron’s Facebook Update (20140123)

「勒很緊到不能呼吸的和服初體驗⋯ 下次可以讓我呼吸嗎」

Translation: “First time Kimono experience, fastened so tight that I couldn’t breathe… could you let me breathe next time”

Kawaii! He’s smiling so happily that his dimple is out. (・∀・) Can A Time of Love just air now already? ;~;

Okay but what if one day Snake and Finny are talking

And then Snake starts talking about his old family and how kind they were to him. And then he talks about how Ciel is going to help find them and bring them back.

And Finny gets all excited and really wants to meet Snake’s family and assures Snake that the young master will find them.

And then Snake shows Finny a photograph of his family and Finny just starts sobBING AND RUNS AWAY AND SNAKE HAS NO IDEA WHY.

fanhauser asked:

Crutchie tries to ask Davey out but forgets it's April fools day

"will you go on a date with me"

"crutchie this is the worst joke ever how could you?!"

Davey runs away dramaticly, as he sobs

Crutchie has a look of utter defeat/confusion

Crutchie’s only joke on April Fools is like switching jacks coffee with water


So, tried to put a nail cap on. Banjo scratched a giant chunk out of my chest trying to run away. I instantly started sobbing.

Stupid cat.