runs away and sobs

You’ve been so strong for oh so very long. 
It’s only but a moment more till you’ll lay your head down. 
And miles to go before I sleep.

Everyone is watching your every move.

Aaron’s Facebook Update (20140123)

「勒很緊到不能呼吸的和服初體驗⋯ 下次可以讓我呼吸嗎」

Translation: “First time Kimono experience, fastened so tight that I couldn’t breathe… could you let me breathe next time”

Kawaii! He’s smiling so happily that his dimple is out. (・∀・) Can A Time of Love just air now already? ;~;


(hue guess which four nerds im with in the last one. THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCES WERE REAL MAYTE)

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If we are getting a flashback to post-jail Emma, I think I’m going to be an emotional wreck.

Every single Emma flashback just kills me, but this one would just be heartbreaking. I know there’s a lot of Emma’s past that we haven’t seen, but this has probably got to be the lowest point of her life. In her mind, her parents abandoned her, the man she loved set her up for no reason she can fathom, and she gave up her son because she didn’t think she could be the mother he deserved. It would be incredibly difficult to find hope and any self-belief through all that heartache.

If this flashback is in the era suggested by the filming photos, the most difficult thing for me is that Emma doesn’t know just how much she will come to mean to people. She has no idea that her parents wanted and loved her and she will be reunited with them, no idea that her son will come looking for her and she will build an amazing mother-son relationship, no idea that she will have friends that will stay by her side, and no idea that she will fall in love with a man willing to move heaven and Earth for her (and vice versa).

Potentially seeing the ‘unwanted lost girl’ at her lowest? If this comes to pass, I think I may die.

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What yelling means to each sign
  • Aries:Yelling.
  • Taurus:Muttering angrily
  • Gemini:Fucking destroying your self-confidence in the calmest voice you've ever heard
  • Cancer:Speaking, angrily, in a normal voice (compared to their usual whisper)
  • Leo:Playing on your insecurities in a happy, playful tone
  • Virgo:"Um, excuse me bitch, u wrong bc-" in a normal tone
  • Libra:Hyperventilating
  • Scorpio:Paranoid, hyperventilated, yelling
  • Saggitarius:"What's your problem...?" In the saddest tone you've ever heard.
  • Capricorn:Destroying your self-confidence in an extremely loud and messy, but also somehow confident, perpetual yell.
  • Aquarius:Making a point that no one could disagree with, then getting flustered and running away
  • Pisces:Sobbing louder than usual

Both have tears. Oliver’s eyes even look red.  But what gets me is when he says “Felicity”. He has said her name so many times but this right here…this time, it just means and feels like so much more. 

Okay. I think I am done. *runs away sobbing*