runningwithpump tribute band

An ode to Pump…

I went and did a second workout of the day at that gym.  I got in 50 mins on the Elliptical and it felt great.

I was dripping down my face the entire time.

I haven’t done the Elliptical in years but back in the day it was my go to machine.  So I recall what my heart rate was at the time.

Its amazing how two solid years of kickboxing, resistance training and running have improved my cardio vascular system.  I think I might weigh more today than I did back when I used to use the Elliptical years ago and yet my heart rate was totally in line the entire time.  Or far less than it used to be like the 120s/130s instead of the 150s/160s at the same level of effort.

And since I will never be able to create a post with Pump like speeds showing on my Garmin - I went for the next best thing and created this Pump like gym workout photo montage.

This two a day is complete!